4 Metabolic Myths Debunked

by Sara Banta | Jan 17, 2017 | Articles, Keto, Nutrition, Weight Loss

Does this sound familiar?

“I eat 6 small meals a day to keep my metabolism high and I count my calories. It was working great for about 6 months. Then I plateaued. I don’t eat anymore than I was, and the weight is creeping back up! I then tried to workout more and have plateaued again. I feel like my metabolism has slowed way down, and I want to give up. Not only that, but my energy is down and I am moody because I am always HANGRY!”


Calories In and Calories out. That is what we have been told for years.

Want to lose a pound? Then eat 3,500 less calories than you burn.

We are machines, right? Wrong.

A study by the Women’s Health Initiative had women reduce their caloric intake by 350 calories a day for 7 years. If the above theory worked, then the women should lose 30 pounds a year. They should have lost 210 pounds. Obviously that didn’t happen. In fact, the women lost NO WEIGHT over the 7 years…

This theory assumes that our bodies store a huge vat of calories — all calories being equal. That isn’t true.

Think of it as a Two-Compartment Model: A “Fridge” and a “Freezer”.

The “Freezer” is where the Fat is stored. It is a bigger storage space, like the double wide freezer in your basement, where you put your frozen meat and foods you can access long term. The higher your Insulin Resistance is and the more dependent on Sugar or Glucose for energy, the more locks and barriers that are on the “Freezer”, so it is impossible to access that Fat in the “Freezer” to use for energy. So, even as you reduce calories in, you won’t be able to access that stored fat.

So what will your body do as you reduce your calories in?

It’s smart! It’ll create Strong cravings for Sugar for quick energy, and if those aren’t met, it will reduce the calories out — It wants to survive! As a result, your Metabolic Rate decreases, and you won’t expend as much energy. When you restrict Caloric intake, while eating 6 small meals a day, your body will SLOW DOWN ITS BASAL METABOLIC RATE.


The OPPOSITE is true. When a diet is High in FAT, Low in CARBS and SUGAR, Insulin Stays low. When Insulin is low, The Fat stored in the “FREEZER” is easy to access. To reset your Insulin Level and increase Insulin Sensitivity, you need to adopt a Ketogenic Diet, incorporating Intermittent Fasting or Long Term Fasting for more serious conditions.

To make this easy, you can take KETO to switch you into FAT BURNING mode within 30 minutes; this quickly breaks the Chains & Locks on that “Freezer”.


The body is built to burn carbs up first. The body stores about 2,000 calories of Carbs in the form of glycogen in the “Fridge” for easy access. And it stores Fat as long term energy in the Freezer.

Protein isn’t meant to be an energy source. That would be like chopping up wood for the winter, and then burning your couch for the campfire. Your body wants to maintain muscle mass and protein for survival. The caveman needed to maintain his muscle mass to have strength to survive during periods without food.


The Opposite is true. When you incorporate the KETO supplement, Intermittent Fasting, and the KETOGENIC Diet, you reset your Insulin levels, and Up-Regulate your Metabolism.

If the cave man slowed down, and rested when he hadn’t hunted for his food, he would have rested and died. He needed MORE energy to respond to Fasting, to go capture his next meal. In addition, VO2 increases as well so you have more capacity to exercise and “chase your food”. Norepinephrine and epinephrine go up to give your body a “kick in the pants” so you can survive. Thus, your Metabolic Rate actually increases while on KETO and during states of Ketosis.

How Do I Reset My Metabolism?

  • KETO Shake. This Supplement switches your body into Fat-Burning mode within 30 minutes, bypassing the long process of going from a Sugar-Burner to a Fat-Burner that can painstakingly take 2-8 weeks for some depending on their Insulin Resistance. It quickly helps the body create New Fat Burning Metabolic Pathways so that your body learns to burn fat easily, while giving you an Endless supply of Mental and Physical Energy. It helps bring hormones into balance, resets the Metabolism, Reduces Anxiety and Stress, and kills the Sugar Cravings.
  • Gentle Detox Bundle. These five supplements work synergistically with the KETO O/S to cleanse the body of toxins that may be slowing down the metabolism, clogging the Thyroid, causing Leaky Gut and Inflammation throughout the body.
  • Follow a modified Low Carb Food Plan and Schedule like this one.
  • Start Incorporating Intermittent Fasting. Depending on the severity of your goals, i.e. Cancer, Diabetes or just general health, you can do longer or shorter Fasting periods.
  • Address Thyroid and Adrenal Issues with Natural supplements if you need to.
  • Address possible Hormonal Issues Naturally.
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