Gut Pathogens: Triggers, Symptoms & Natural Remedies To Heal Bad Gut Bacteria

by Sara Banta | Jan 17, 2022 | AHP News, Gut Health, Supplements


The health industry focuses on healing Leaky Gut and avoiding gut issues by reducing sugar and processed foods, while increasing foods including vegetables, fats and proteins. But, there isn’t much attention given to the type of protein, fats, and vegetables you eat.  

This can lead to food poison, an overgrowth of the wrong gut bacteria, and a compromised immune system.  

What Causes the Overgrowth of Bad Gut Bacteria?

According to Teri Cochrane, Founder of Beyond Nutrition, there are factors affecting our guts other than just food.  

These factors include:

    • Stress
    • Specific “healthy foods”
    • Pathogens (bacteria and candida)

The above may all lead to an overgrowth of the wrong bacteria in the gut.  

The Standard American Diet based on chicken and conventional beef, processed foods, vegetable oils, and even vegetables in the Sulfur and Oxalate families will trigger a domino effect leading to an overgrowth of the pathogens.  As a result, symptoms such as bloat, diarrhea, constipation, brain fog, and dysbiosis will arise.  

The cycle that occurs is below:

  1. Amyloids from foods like chicken and conventional beef strengthen the protein coat, known as the biofilm, around infectious and “bad” viruses or bacteria, making them stronger. 
  2. Those viruses, bacteria and other gut pathogens grow stronger and more resilient against the immune system.
  3. As a result, biofilm and bacterial overgrowth throw the gut microbiome out of balance and lead to holes in the intestinal lining, also known as Leaky Gut. That Leaky Gut leads to intestinal permeability where particles can pass through the intestines into the bloodstream.
  4. The body then is further stressed as it attempts to address amyloid and pathogens entering the bloodstream through the permeable gut.
  5. The stress further weakens the gut integrity and intestinal barrier, increasing the strength and overabundance of pathogens.
  6. Pathogens produce more amyloid structures.  It becomes a vicious cycle.

The Four Health Foods that Could Lead to Gut Pathogens

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Sulfur
  • Oxalates

Our genetics provide a blueprint of what we are capable of becoming in both a positive and negative way.  

Eighty percent of our genetic expression is determined by our environment and not just our genes.  

Poor absorption of nutrients, along with stress, can result in the activation of “bad” pathogens and negative expressions of our genes, which will further compromise immune function and gut health.  This makes us more vulnerable to the effects of gut disruptors like poor diet and stress.

To properly heal the gut, you must reduce certain foods and exposure to environmental and dietary toxins, while ingesting the proper nutrients to promote gut healing.

Healing The Gut: Factors that Could Stop Gut Pathogen Overgrowth

1. Eliminate Foods Containing Amyloid Proteins

Amyloids are proteins the body cannot break down into usable amino acids but instead are deposited in the brain and other tissues in the body.  A common disease caused by this is Alzheimer’s where excess Amyloid Plaques are found in the brain.  

Furthermore, these Amyloids protect the “bad” pathogens leading to an overgrowth of bad bacteria, candida, and fungus in the gut.  These proteins are found in all chicken, conventional beef, pork, and turkey.

2. Eat Wild Organic Animal Protein

Wild organic animal protein not only doesn’t have the amyloid proteins but is the most nutrient-dense source of food.  The nutrient profile of wild animal protein far outweighs that of any plant food source.  

Some of the best sources of wild animal protein include bison, lamb, deer, elk, cornish game hen, duck, pheasant, and wild fish.  

The amino acids in animal protein are the building blocks for muscle, connective tissue, bones, and every aspect of the human body.  

Additionally, when you eat animal protein, a hormone in the gut called CCK is released that signals to the brain that your appetite is satisfied, and prevents overeating.

3. Eliminate Oxalate Food

Oxalic acid is a naturally occurring molecule that is a toxic and corrosive acid.  When it attaches itself to a mineral, like calcium, magnesium, potassium, or sodium, it becomes an oxalate, i.e. sodium oxalate, potassium oxalate, magnesium oxalate, and calcium oxalate. 

Oxalates are in foods such as almonds, spinach, kale, swiss chard, most nuts, berries, and chocolate.  They can cause thyroid disease, urogenital issues, arthritis, joint pain, kidney stones, gout, and much more. They can also clog detoxification pathways, leading to dysbiosis, bloat, and other gut issues.

4. Eliminate Sulfur Foods

Sulfur is a compound found in many foods, medications, and even health supplements that have to be metabolized by our bodies’ detoxification pathways. 

One paradox is that healthy, sulfur-rich foods such as kale and broccoli may be leading to diseases such as Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, arthritis, and even mental health issues. 

Foods that contain sulfur include:

  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Egg yolks

Even many green juices touted as “healthy” have these sulphuric ingredients in them. 

What’s worse, is our environment and the toxins we are surrounded by may impact sulfur metabolism further. 

Gluten, found in grains of wheat, rye, and barley, is typically sprayed with glyphosate which is also contributing to this disruption in sulfur metabolism. 

Mycotoxins that are found in crops of corn, soy, peanuts, and other legumes can also affect sulfur processing. When this pathway is disrupted, we feel sick, stressed and tired, and are more apt to suffer from gut issues and mental health and autoimmune disorders such as depression and ulcerative colitis. 

5. Too Much Dietary Fat

Proper fat metabolism and absorption are critical to the brain and cognitive function. However, consuming a diet high in fat can cause genetically vulnerable people to become fat malabsorbed which creates a state of not being able to properly metabolize fat.  As a result, the liver becomes clogged and intoxicates the whole system. 

To compound the issue, if someone is in a constant state of stress, a chronic secretion of epinephrine occurs, which is a fat-based hormone that can slow the processing of fats. 

It does this by wreaking havoc on the integrity of our digestive system, and immune system and the fat malabsorption issue gets worse. As a result of this chain reaction, gut permeability, clogged liver, impaired hormone metabolism, and acne will arise. If these symptoms sound familiar, focus on wild lean animal proteins and minimize fat intake until the gut is healed.

6. Reduce Exposure to Toxins

Radiation, heavy metals, household products, and GMO’s from our foods all contribute to gut permeability. We won’t be able to completely avoid these toxins, but focusing on eating organic whole food, limiting time on your smart devices and computers, drinking clean filtered water, utilizing organic cleaning products, and avoiding other radiation sources will mitigate the negative effects.

7. Reduce Chronic Stress and Lifestyle

Chronic stress triggers a cascade of aging and detrimental effects in the body including increased systemic inflammation, increased blood sugar, increased Leaky Gut, increased auto-immune symptoms, and increased Gut Permeability.  

Using tools such as meditation, yoga, breathing, exercise, and reading can help alleviate chronic stress.

Supplements to Help Heal and Fight Gut Pathogens


From ordinary activity and exercise to illness and overtaxed adrenals, electrolyte balance is a key player in our body’s ability to perform. 

Wild-Lytes goes beyond the scope of a simple electrolyte formula to target the effects of daily stress, inflammation, adrenal fatigue and immune disruption at a cellular level, providing a foundation for whole-body health.  

The formula takes into account commonly overlooked genetic sensitivities and is free of oxalates and sulfur-containing compounds – common additives in standard supplements that have been shown to contribute to inflammation and poor microbial health which encourage the growth of pathogens and sparking weakened immunity. 
Unlike many electrolyte supplements, nothing in this formulation weakens liver detoxification or blocks sulfation pathways for oxalate metabolism.

Accelerated Leaky Gut Bundle

The Accelerated Leaky Gut Bundle contains powerful products to help recondition, reinforce and rebuild a healthy gut.

The bundle contains:


MegaSporeBiotic is a probiotic blend of 5 Bacillus spores that have been shown to maintain a healthy gut barrier and immune function. 

The bi-phasic life cycle of the Bacillus spores allows them to remain dormant in harsh environments until they reach more favorable environments like the human gastrointestinal tract. 

Once inside the large intestine, these dormant spores can change into their active, vegetative forms and begin colonizing in the gut. 

This unique probiotic blend aims to RECONDITION the gut instead of reseeding with probiotic strains that cannot survive digestion or colonize the gut. MegaSporeBiotic has quickly become a household favorite among health practitioners and consumers alike.


MegaPre™ is a cutting-edge Precision Prebiotic™ supplement made up of clinically-tested, non-digestible oligosaccharides.  It can increase microbial diversity and selectively feed beneficial bacteria like Akkermansia muciniphila, Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, and Bifidobacteria.  It reinforces the beneficial microbial changes created by MegaSporeBiotic™.


MegaMucosa is the first complete mucosal support supplement of its kind, formulated to support a healthy mucosal barrier. MegaMucosa also contains dairy-free immunoglobulins clinically shown to support a healthy immune system in the mucosa and a state-of-the-art flavobiotic shown to support microbial diversity and short-chain fatty acid production.

Accelerated Cellular Detox Powder

This organic formula coats the stomach and intestinal lining, reduces inflammation, helps with bloat and regularity, and alleviates issues like Crohn’s disease and Colitis. It also soaks up all of the toxins throughout the day that can cause Leaky Gut. As inflammation is decreased, absorption of nutrients is improved.

Berberine HCL

Berberine supports normal glucose and lipid metabolism, keeping insulin and blood glucose in a healthy range.  The HCL helps digestion which in turn, inhibits gut pathogens to become out of control.

X39 Stem Cell Activation Patch

This patch activates the body’s stem cell production by elevating GHK-cu peptide for regeneration and repair. It resets 4000 genes to a younger state, helps repair collagen in all tissues, activates stem cell production, encourages apoptosis of cancer cells, and discourages metastatic cancer cells. It also helps strengthen the immune system and heal the gut.  People using X39 notice mental clarity, pain and inflammation reduction, wound healing, better sleep, more joy, youthful energy, soft skin, wrinkle reduction, hair growth, enhanced sports performance, faster recovery and reversed cellular aging.  

Energy Enhancer Patch

It helps to increase energy and endurance and reduce fatigue and muscle soreness. But it also helps with nausea, reflux, and improved digestion by strengthening and tonifying organs, draining dampness and phlegm, and increasing Qi Bioenergy in organs.  The patch signals the body to increase beta oxidation in the mitochondria for fat burning causing the body to use about 300 calories more per day in fat burning.  It turns fat into energy.

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