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A Head-to-Head Comparison of our Accelerated FACE LIFT Cream vs FACE LIFT Spray

Benefits of the FACE LIFT Cream:

  • It Improves Circulation.
  • With Rare and precious Herbal Extracts and Oils, it provides necessary nutrients so that the body has the raw materials to build healthy glowing skin. This is really the first time in history, that we have access to the rare herbs from across the globe and the know how to put it all together in an all natural cream.
  • It Gives a concentrated dose of MSM and its cofactors which are needed in large amounts to feed the skin.
  • The Pearl powder in the Cream contains Macro Minerals as well as Amino Acids. It is truly one of the best nutrients for the skin and that is why it has long been used in the far east as a beauty product. In the past, only Royalty could afford to use these ingredients in their beauty products.

You can search the internet and maybe get a few of the items that are in this cream, but they will not be the highest quality or contain the amounts needed for true skin repair. They are also likely to be in a base of synthetic chemicals. The reason so many companies use Dimethicone in their formulas is that it instantly makes the skin feel smooth. But we should never be putting any kind of silicone or parabens on or in our skin.

Benefits of the FACE LIFT Spray:

  • It contains Nano Trace Minerals, Nano Hyaluronic Acid and Nano Collagen to penetrate into the skin.
  •  The FACE LIFT Spray is also an Astringent and Tonifyer. I like to spray it on my skin and also on an organic cotton pad, then really scrub my skin to remove all the old dead cells. The more you use it, the more the cell turn over.

Why use both FACE LIFT products?

The Spray contains nano trace minerals, while the Cream contains more MSM, more herbal extracts and macro minerals from the pearl powder. Most people don’t realize that in order for the body and skin to be healthy we need both trace minerals and macro minerals.

Think of the FACE LIFT Spray as directly providing Trace Minerals and the all-important Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, while the Cream is providing Herbal Nutrition that is telling the cells what to do with the nutrition, such as make more Collagen, Elastin, and HA. Additionally, the Cream brings youthfulness back to aging skin using Eastern Medicinal methods.

The first couple weeks of using the FACE LIFT Spray, you should see a lot of old skin coming off onto the cotton pad. Once all the old skin has been removed using the spray, and the skin has absorbed the nano nutrients, then we want to use the cream to replenish the skin and provide a protective barrier to keep those nutrients in the skin. Although the FACE LIFT Spray is amazing unto itself, it can be looked upon as a facial cleanser and toner (even though we know it is much more than that) while the Cream is true skin food.

Each product does contain some similar ingredients, but in different amounts, while there are other ingredients which are vastly different and perform completely different functions.

So, we created these two products to perfectly compliment each other.

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