The following testimonials are actual emails received from customers who have given their permission to publish on the website. For more product review, visit Accelerate Health Products.

“I think everyone needs to have Accelerated Silver at all times … cause it could save a life– you never know…There’s too many uses for it to count including infected cuts on animals. (For example), a stray cat outside of my house that I feed got into a fight and had an infected nose (white bump) and Accelerated silver healed it in 2 days.

Also this stuff clears a sickness in a couple of days that would normally take me a month at least to get over from my weak immune system. It’s a wonderful product for pets too for the amount of uses like keeping the dish water clean or spraying it on them to keep them clean. I’ll always be a returning customer because i know Sara actually does her homework unlike others who do it strictly to make money.”

Jesse G

Hi Sara,
Also, I came down with RSV and had a cough
that wouldn’t go away.
I saw your podcast where you used a nebulizer,
using Iodine and Silver. I took your advice and the cough was gone the next day You are a
life saver!

Michael L.

WOW! I’m one EXCITED customer of Accelerated health products and Sara’s consistent and caring coaching advice! I’m a new customer. I started the ascent diet cleanse products and the leaky gut bundle products only 6 days ago and I’m in ABSOLUTE AWE of how different I feel, in a very good way! To make a long story short I’ve struggled for many years with a lot of different health issues! I’ve spent a lot of money on A LOT of products and advice that was not helpful! In 6 short days my energy increase is AMAZING, I have clearer thinking, my gut is feeling better, joint inflammation in my knees are so much better, it’s easier going up and down steps, my blood sugar levels are coming down, I had some ongoing congestion in my head/sinuses that has cleared up, I can breathe better when I exercise, I have a sense of calm and overall wellbeing, I’m actually excited about getting out of bed and getting started with my day! The results are almost too good to be true!!! There is something VERY different about these products that is resonating with my body….maybe it’s the scaler frequencies I’m not sure but I can’t wait to finish the cleanse and get to the liver flush! I’m thinking I probably have years of stones that are getting their eviction notice!!! Thank you Sara for answering the call of God on your life to create these products with a heart and passion to help others like myself to regain a quality of health and feel like living again! I can only imagine there’s more healing to come for me the longer I’m on these products! I can’t wait! I want to try ALL of the products but I have to control myself!! Lol!!

Connie B.

Hello angel Sara
Share this with the world!
You did it again- you’re a genius… I wasn’t eating enough so I added some extra protein bison and you increased my Accelerated Thyroid and wow. I wanted to lose more weight and guess what I lost 7 more pounds and I feel twenty years younger!
Yes you can turn back time !!!!!!!
God Bless You Sara!

William G.

“I joined Sara’s group about 2 years ago with the Ascent Diet Cleanse and felt so much better and slept better. I didn’t know what good sleep was until I was waking up not tired, with no red eyes, and having energy. Also, it helped with getting right MENTALLY about reaching my goal vs thinking I could reach my goal without change.
The Ascent Cleanse is an eye-opener. If nothing else, start there. But I also recommend Accelerated Salt. I never run out! I carry it in my purse for those times of cravings.
But don’t feel lost, stay around because everyone has individual issues and Sara has all the “knowledge gems” that will educate you about the body, what we put into it, how it reacts/responds, and how we can help ourselves. Especially with the clean products she offers and the products she refers. Oh and check out her podcasts as well

*This is not a paid advertisement LOL, just words from an appreciative fan of Sara’s”

Vicki W.

I take many of Sara’s products! I love she uses scalar frequencies in them! I’ve noticed an over all feeling of well being!

Bev K.

Leaky gut update! I am very grateful and blessed that my whole lower body from the waist down is completely clear of psoriasis as well as both arms and my neck. I still have a little bit on my chest and back. Your accelerated thyroid supplement is amazing just after a few days of taking full strength. My hands are no longer dry my lips are no longer dry great job.
After using MyvitalC my hair is thicker, and not thinning out! You have my permission to share this with the World !
God Bless You !”

William G.

Today I’m done pooping stones…
I’m glad I did this Ascent Diet Cleanse because it cleared the pain in the lower left side of my abdomen which woke me up almost every night.
I believe in mild diverticulitis because I haven’t experienced fever, nausea, or vomiting.
Sara thanks for helping us, it has been a blessing.

Patricia N.

“HI Sara, I started in June with the Ascent Diet Cleanse and then prepped the two weeks for the liver flush. I got out a lot of stones, some green, some yellow, and now I can sleep much more deeply and my digestion is better. I am going to do these flushes each month until I do not have stones. I used to do the Hulda Clark Liver/gallbladder flush and even though I followed the directions exactly, I did not always get results. Your products make it possible to do WHILE also feeling good so thank you for all the fine-tuning you have done to make this accessible to anyone!!”


Glad I found the Liver Flush!
I heard Sara mention this protocol on a podcast. I have a thyroid autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s and knew the liver and gallbladder are very intertwined with the thyroid, but I had not done any direct work on them, namely the gallbladder. I also knew I had trouble digesting fats, so I was ready to take a try at this.
I followed her protocol as she laid out and all went very well. I made sure to do the actual drink on a slow, down day when I didn’t have to be anywhere. I feel that helped best prepare my body to optimally respond because I was not distracted or rushed.
I released 30+ green stones the size of a grape over the course of 2 days, but it wasn’t painful or uncomfortable. I didn’t even know I had these, but I knew something was off. This was years of accumulation and build-up I didn’t have in me (and I have a very streamlined diet already!)
I also dropped 5 pounds from holding some inflammation and water weight. I then followed it up with a colonic the next day as she suggested and that really helped to get way more out than I even knew was possible!
I plan to do this as a 3-month maintenance venture around the full moon, to also rid myself of any parasites that may be hiding behind the stones. It’s so empowering to find a protocol that works and so I’ve shared my results with many others.
I’m heading into my 50s soon and feel this is one tool in my toolbox that will allow me to live in my healthiest and fittest body. I’m so thankful I found this!

Mindy I.

I joined Sara’s group about 2 yrs ago with the Ascent Diet Cleanse and felt so much better and slept better. I didn’t know what good sleep was until I was waking up not tired, with no red eyes, and having energy. Also, it helped with getting right MENTALLY about reaching my goal vs. thinking I could reach my goal without change.
The Ascent Diet Cleanse is an eye-opener. If nothing else, start there. But I also recommend Accelerated Salt. I never run out! I carry it in my purse for those times of cravings.
But don’t feel lost, stay around because everyone and everybody has individual issues and Sara has all the “knowledge gems” that will educate you about the body, what we put into it, how it reacts/responds, and how we can help ourselves. Especially with the clean products she offers and the products she refers. Oh and check out her podcasts as well
*This is not a paid advertisement LOL, just words from an appreciative fan of Sara’s


I really love all of Sarah’s products that I have tried but my new fav is the accelerated thyroid and I love the iodine and salts
Don’t like to be without😁😁the keto has helped with my food cravings
I have now lost about 15. -16 over time without being perfect. Progress, not perfection💕💕

Joanna S.

My body loves your iodine so much! I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks, usually twice a day. I’m up to 9 drops. Usually, I spend half my cycle feeling fibrocystic breast pain. But this month — nothing! There was one day when I could feel one cystic spot if I really pressed into it. Also — no cramps!! Amazing!

Another praise is that I have learned so much from listening to your podcasts. I love how you test everything on yourself and only sell what really works. I’ve started a LifeWave subscription under your name and Aeon is my current favorite. It helps me stay more balanced when I switch in the evenings from teaching middle school (the easy stuff) to parenting my three kids (more patience is needed for this part of the day!).

I found the oxalate discussion recently with the nutritionist to be interesting because so many of the symptoms she described matched the progression of what happened to my father-in-law who declined quickly from Parkinson’s and Lewy Body Dementia. When I read your article about oxalates, I saw Parkinson’s was one of the related diseases you mentioned. It all makes me wonder how large or small a role oxalates are playing in diseases.

Katherine D.

Do you know how much I LOVE ANS APPRECIATE YOU!!!

I have been so stressed about being out of my Sara products that have made such an improvement in my overall LIFE!!! Whatever I can do to help your company grow let me know!!!
I love you so much!!!! Have a beautiful DAY!!!


I have had increased water retention every day on my work days from being in front of my computer!!! Ever since taking Accelerdine NucNoMorE Silver and Detox Powder (2X/day) religiously, I have not had water retention for a full 2 weeks!!! So happy 😁

C. K.

“Here is my testimonial. I participated in the Ascent Diet Cleanse one year ago. I lost a total of 20 pounds and have kept it off. I went from 136 pounds to 116 pounds I lost 8 pounds in the first month. I have continued intermittent fasting with the help of Accelerated Keto®. My body has become a fat-burning machine! I start my day with 25 drops of Acceledrine iodine, 3 Accelerated Keto®, MyVitalC, and Accelerated Silver. Thank you Sara for helping me make this life change.” 🥰🙏😘

Jill N.

Do you know how much I LOVE ANS APPRECIATE YOU!!!

I have been so stressed about being out of my Sara products that have made such an improvement in my overall LIFE!!! Whatever I can do to help your company grow let me know!!!
I love you so much!!!! Have a beautiful DAY!!!

Crisa K

You are the BEST!!! I am sharing you with the world 🌎 you are AMAZING 🤩
I wish you did podcasts every day not just Mondays & Tuesdays!! I have the best workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings listening to you and then sending to my friends/family to share your newest findings/research & knowledge 😘
Thank you again Sara😘


HOLY MOLY!!!! I’m literally DYING!!!!! This is my 2nd Liver Flush and the 1st time I did the Liver Flush(last month) I DID NOT experience this…(this liver flush I did the new way you explained in the video- much much easier)
Anyway, I have been pooping stones ALL NIGHT LONG….I slept like complete 💩 but it was worth it. I haven’t get this cleaned out ummmm Freaking EVER!!!!
The stones I saw release- WOW!!
So my 1st Liver Flush was last month. I am going to continue today taking the Livrol and the Malic for 2 weeks and so another Liver Flush and the 2 weeks after do one more Liver flush! I will then continue them monthly! I have it in my schedules to do the last week of every month!
I have a slight headache(started at bedtime last night) and lack of sleep are about the only negative I can report.
How I did my Liver Flush:
11:30am 15 OxyClear
12:30pm 6oz olive oil, 12oz juiced(grapefruit, oranges & lemons) 15 open capsules OxyClear
Rested on right side, right arm above head with head relaxed on bicep for an hour.
3:30pm 5 OxyClear & 3 Laxa(still felt really bloated and not really pooping yet)
7:30pm 5 OxyClear & 1 Laxa
8:30pm 1tbsp Accelerated Detox Powder(because I take this every night without fail and can’t be without it!!!!!))
9pm Sleep Powder(it’s my life line lol 😂)
I didn’t really start to have diarrhea & get things really moving until about 6pm. So it was like 6-12 hours after initially beginning that things really were moving along!!!! It was freaking amazing!!!!
My suggestions or at least what worked for me is peppermint tea and I would put almost 1tsp of accelerated salt ( I get from YOU ITS THE ONLY THING I USE)!!! And I was putting it on my tongue a lot too. I wasn’t nauseous but salt really really gets things moving too!
Anyway, I am going to take 5 OxyClear & 1-2 Laxa this morning. Continue with my other morning “Sara” supplement bc you are my Angel 😇 Girl sent from God to my life!!!! As well as do a light weight workout, red light sauna maybe rebounder a little and try to work and rest ass much as I can today!
Please please please share this with our wonderful group!!! I love you so much Sara and am so grateful for you 🙏🙏🙏 I know I tell u this all the damn time but PLEASE 🙏 DONT STOP YOUR MESSAGE AND DOING WHAT YOU DO for our wonderful community!!! Let grow it big!!!

Crisa K.

I was a supplement queen but never had the amazing results so many people would talk about when trying supplements…I believed in them but they were not working for me…I have an entire cabinet (2 cabinets honestly) dedicated to supplements that I would try and finally when I tried anything Sara has I finally felt that amazing feeling.
I found Sara because of the patches, I was turned onto the patches by a very dear friend of mine and I mentioned to her I stopped taking a particular brand of supplements that we met each other through because I found out I have a snip in my MTHFR gene and cannot process folic acid (the synthetic version of folate), she then forwarded me Sara’s article on MTHFR and literally I have not stopped reading and watching everything Sara has available…I just cannot get enough. I started on the Acceleradine as well as a few other supplements towards the end of February and did the Ascent Diet cleanse & Liver Flush in April and will continue doing liver flushes for a bit.

I have my son and step daughter as well as my husband on a few products as well and will be incorporating more into our lives as well as completely changing how we eat. I made some changes as best as I could with the cleanse and noticed amazing results and am now making those changes for my husband. I am teaching my son and step daughter about the importance of the wildatarian diet as well, they are both living on their own so i don’t have the ability to implement the changes for them but the nice thing about them doing it for themselves is that they will become empowered to take control of their own health.

Jay H.

“I am 5 days into starting Accelerated Thyroid and Iodine, after 10 years of Hashimotos. I have tried SO MANY things for energy and am amazed at the instant effect of your supplements. Tuesdays are nonstop for me and yet I just got all the dishes done — this is huge for me! I rarely have the energy to do dishes after dinner! I am finding myself less fatigued when my alarm goes off, pooping better, and feeling a clean kind of energy (though some early evenings I have still felt pretty tired this week). I might circle back later with a question about thyroid support, but for now, I just wanted you to know how effective the supplements feel already. Thank you!


“Last November, my thyroid labs came back very low, but in the “normal” range. I felt super tired, brain-foggy and swollen. I listened to a podcast on Accelerated Thyroid and decided to give it and the Acceleradine iodine drops a try. Almost instantly, I noticed an amazing surge of energy. 8 weeks later, my labs were checked again and my thyroid levels had gone up. My endocrinologist said keep up whatever I was doing ;)”

Amy D

“I watch every video as soon as you release! I guess you could call me a “Sara Banta Junki” lol 😂 I forward to all my friends and family. I even have my mom trying some of your products!!! Trying to get my 74 yr old parents now trying Cogniblast! I wanted to try it first and have been on it for over a month and it took like 2 weeks and then all of a sudden it kicked in and honestly I have almost given up my need for coffee! I only drink it for the taste but it is almost now making me nauseous. I never in my life thought that would happen!
It’s amazing!

Now I was still eating organic chicken thinking bc it’s organic and I was eating more the chicken thighs for the fat it was better, but I just listened to one of you videos and something hit me that I feel like shit on days I eat chicken vs days I eat strictly grass fed beef or bison or ribeyes! I wake up feeling no tummy pain, gas, nauseous, bloated!!! So starting today it’s strictly bison, lamb, duck, Cornish hens, wild salmon!!!

I am going to do Liver flushes every month for the next few months. I have had some water retention in my feet on days I work- I get very stressed at my job. And my Alt/AST liver enzymes have been very high for the past 3 years. I think the regular monthly flushes will help.
I also just ordered the Adrenosen supplement.

Love you so much Sara- can’t say enough wonderful things about you, your products & what you stand for!!! You were out on this earth to definitely help people and make out lives better!!!



Crisa K

“I found Sara in August last year. I was about to turn 52, at the tail end of menopause, and didn’t even recognize myself in the mirror. I knew hormones were the culprit and that my adrenals were a factor but, it wasn’t until Sara posted her article on The Adrenal Body that all the pieces finally came together for me. That article described my body 100%.

I got so excited reading it because I finally knew what was happening with my body. I emailed Sara after reading it and told her that fit me to a tee. I listed every single supplement I was taking and every other healing modality I was using and asked her what I needed to take and to do to fill in the gaps. She put together a supplement regimen for me, with a few lifestyle tweaks (the biggest one being in bed before 10:30pm every night) which I started immediately.

It’s only been two weeks, but the difference in the shape of my body and in how I feel is incredible. And, this is without any workouts.

I do everything holistically without medication or shortcuts. I state this because even though I’m very in tune with my body and in alternative healing modalities, it’s taken years of commitment to discover the exact issue going on with my body. I’m so grateful for Sara… not just for her amazing products, but that she opens her heart to all of us and is there for us…to answer questions, to guide, to support. From the bottom of my heart, Sara , thank you.💕”

Lisa M

“Great news: Day 14 of the Ascent Diet Cleanse and I am holding strong!

Bladder issues kinda come in and out, so I think I may have to face the music and see a doctor, but the rest of me is world’s better. Aside from the physical improvements (my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore), here are some random ones:
1. I had no idea that my previous state was so tired and sluggish. I thought that was normal, over worked mom syndrome who would doze off ALL the time. Oh my gosh… no longer. I am wide awake. It is life changing,
2. I used to be addicted to chewing ice. I have randomly no desire to do this anymore.
3. I can accomplish tasks faster and do not get distracted.
4. I wake up easily when my alarm goes off.
5. Nothing seems that difficult or annoying and people don’t bug me as much as they used to.

I guess it’s so different this time because the pain was so terrible. I do not get sad to avoid forbidden foods l. I am happy to NOT eat sugar, sweetener, cheese, bread, chips… pretty much my entire diet two weeks ago… because they equal pain. Pain is and was terrible… and AVOIDABLE. By the grace of God and Sara!

“Sometimes the only way the good Lord can get into some hearts is to break them.” -Blessed Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Mine was broken because I felt so terrible and now is healing.❤️


Frandy L

“I am blown away by Sara’s willingness to help and give guidance for how to use her products! This is my second immunity bundle the first was gifted to me by my mom and it showed up in the mail the same day my whole family got sick! We started taking the bundle immediately and my husband who is usually miserable when he’s sick was only immobile that first day after that he began to heal immediately!!! I lost my smell but it came back within 4 to 5 days !!! Some of the symptoms we were experiencing I couldn’t tell if were from detoxing or from being sick, But everyone around us that got it had a much harder go than us. We also used a nebulizer with either the silver or Hydroxygen or L-glutathione and that helped a lot. It was super easy to get my kids to take all the things in the bundle even my one year old I could give the silver and the vitamin so grateful for having this on hand when we got hit . I have two more bundles now which is nice cause we ran out of the other one (family of 5) before we were all done having symptoms. Usually we are all pretty exhausted and cranky when we’re sick but I almost felt like I had MORE ENERGY while being sick and I know it was from this!!!”

Tatum P

“I suffered from yo-yo dieting since I was 15 yrs. old.. that’s 47 years! I followed many protocols from ND, DO, Functional medicine doctors but nothing helped until I signed up for Sara’s Group Cleanse in April.
Sara guided me on what products to take for my sever digestive problems and after my second liver cleanse my blood work indicating my Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Disease was now in the normal range after 35 years. I’ve also lost 30lbs and have energy galore… I really feel like a new human. 😉
The biggest gift I received from Sara is a sense of “I got this!” She helped change my mindset from a dieting mindset to honoring my health. I’m not willing to compromise my health anymore because of situations. For the first time in my life I feel in control of my food and my health… Thank you Sara!!! You are truly a wonderful coach and gift from above!!!”

Brenda P

“So I wanted to tell you about my own personal experience with your Accelerated Silver product. I got a flu shot for the fourth time in my life and I had the craziest reaction. After more Advil and Tylenol than I ever had with three c-sections the pain and muscle spams never stopped. I had antibiotics, a steroid shot in the bum, the pill form, muscle relaxer 1/2 (because I can’t handle more than half) I hate taking anything like this. You could see a small hole where they inserted the flu shot 5 weeks later. The -rat tech told me that he had seen this reaction before. I also had an MRI with IV contrast to show a small tear in my ligament from the shot. I had the flu shot on September 28th. I was not able to have full flexibly since. I had to have three massages just to unfreeze my shoulder. In saying all of this I started accelerator silver. My shoulder felt better almost instantly. I started your product to try and put better things in my body along with my detox tea and I can’t believe the difference in my pain. I had a cortisone shot as of last week and missed one day of the silver. The pain came back ever so slightly on the Fay missed. Am I crazy or is this product helping me with all of this? By the way, I started my daughter on this today. She is going to try what her pediatrician told her for the migraines. Fingers crossed things will get better for her.”

Jenny M

“I did not need anyone to convince me that a liver cleanse would be a good idea. All I needed was someone to guide me through the process, you know, basically, give me the proper tools and tell me how to use them.

When I saw Sara on YouTube a few months ago, she talked about her own liver cleanse and it caught my ear. This summer when I was ready to cleanse, I reached out via e-mail and she really came through for me. Everything you need to complete a successful Liver Cleanse is outlined in a protocol sheet that she emails you. She also tells you where to get all the supplements you will use.

I followed her directions carefully and the results were truly amazing. Sara’s method is well thought out and avoids the typical apple juice regimen that leaves a person hungry and crashing from a glucose high every day. Instead, I took malic acid and herb pills which worked perfectly. I kept a pill log on a sheet of paper and referred to Sarah’s outline daily so I never got lost or off track. In the end, I chose to use Mag 07 powder, as it seemed simpler than taking more pills. This was a great choice for me. I found it not bad tasting and it went down the hatch with ease.

My results were spectacular as I passed literally hundreds of gallstones over 24 hours and reset my baseline weight down over two pounds. I feel better, look better, and I am confident my liver is ready to produce lots of healthy ketones. As a senior citizen who just finished my first liver cleanse, I plan on repeating the process soon.”

Doug G

“I started the Keto Detox Kit and I will say it has made such a positive change in my body and my well being! I have struggled with low energy and lack of ambition for years. I also was diagnosed with low thyroid 20 years ago. Over the years I been told that these were just side effects of the low thyroid and I would just have to deal with it on top of the weight gain. That comes with it. Real positive feedback from the doctors!! This has changed my life, and I encourage anyone who has suffered from low energy, lack of ambition and low thyroid to try it……. YOU DESERVE TO LIFE A BETTER LIFE and this will get you there. :)”

Rick P

“I just wanted to thank you for your products and helping us through this transition. I’m feeling so good today – clear minded and free of pain — I feel so good that this morning I lifted the colander and put it on the top shelf with my left hand without thinking. It wasn’t until I closed the cabinet that it dawned on me that I’d done it. Sara, this may not sound significant but I’ve not been able to straighten my left arm in years. To do this simple act without pain is SOOOOOO HUGE for me!”


“I incorporated the Keto Detox Cleanse into my weight loss journey about 6 months after starting a Ketogenic diet. I have been using the products religiously ever since (about a year) and absolutely love them!

Therapeutic ketones helped me take my diet and health to the next level. I was able to start Intermittent fasting without feeling hungry or experiencing strong cravings. I continue to take it daily because it helps with my energy levels and mental clarity. I love starting my day with this drink knowing I am giving my ketosis levels a kickstart and will be better able to maintain them with diet the rest of the day.

Making sure my vitamins, minerals and electrolytes are maintained at strong, healthy levels is a big factor in what has allowed me to be so successful with a ketogenic lifestyle, in my opinion. I have never experienced “Keto flu” and have always had great energy and focus.

I gave up gluten as part of my diet change, but I still felt bloated and sluggish a lot. I also suffered from cystic acne almost my entire adult life. Once incorporating the pre and probiotics in the detox bundle, all those problems went away! Healing my gut has helped me sleep better as well as eradicated much of the anxiety and depression I would regularly feel when eating a sugar and wheat heavy diet. I now use the Ion Gut Health – and I have noticed I am able to eat a small amount of gluten without the horrible side effects. I still choose to steer clear of it most of the time however! But it’s nice knowing, if I accidentally ingest it (in a salad dressing at a restaurant or in an appetizer at a party) I won’t spend the rest of the evening in pain.

The Accelerated Cellular Detox powder is truly a miracle worker! I mix it with water and ACV right before bed, and I can physically feel a difference when I don’t drink it. It keeps me regular and bloat free. As well, if I have had a day where I didn’t make the cleanest food/drink choices, it helps me get right back on track without the usual day or two of recovery I used to have to do.

Finally, SILVER. I can’t say enough about the benefits of this product. Since starting taking it daily, I have not been sick. Not even a head cold. That’s 18 months of health! I use it for everything…cuts & sunburns as well as a topical toner on my face after I workout. If my husband or kids are sick, it’s the first thing I reccomned. They make fun of me because my answer to every ailment is, “put silver on it,” or “drink silver.”

I have lost almost 100lbs since beginning my weight loss journey. I met my goal weight a full year ago and have been able to maintain it by continting to follow a ketogenic WOE and using the Detox Bundle! Now it’s about having the health and energy to life the long, full life I still have ahead of me, and feeling GREAT along the way.”

Erin B