sara bantas detox programs

Welcome to Sara Banta’s Detox Programs

I am thrilled to introduce you to Sara Banta’s Detox Programs; at-home, detox programs providing a holistic approach to cleanse your body, revitalize your spirit, and elevate your overall well-being. Each detox program is professionally created and includes supplements and daily group health coaching, recipes and tailored advice. No other professional detox programs are like the Sara Banta Detox Programs available exclusively at Accelerated Health Products.

Why Choose Sara Banta’s Detox Programs?

  • Professional Programs: Tailored detox plans crafted to meet your unique needs and goals.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Sara’s wealth of knowledge and experience in holistic health.
  • Comprehensive Wellness: Beyond physical detox, our programs embrace mental and emotional well-being.

What’s it Like Doing A Sara Banta Detox Program?

Listen to real testimonials from real customers who have experienced incredible, life-changing results from Sara Banta’s Detox Programs. Each person decides to complete a detox program for different reasons. What everyone has in common? The desire to change. You can change too.

Sara Banta’s Detox Programs

All programs are available at Accelerated Health Products. If you are unsure of the right detox program for your needs, you can take the quiz or contact Sara directly.

sara bantas ascent diet cleanse detox program

Sara Banta’s
Ascent Diet Cleanse

The Ultimate 30 Day Detox Program for overall health. Cleanse your organs, rid the body of toxins, lose weight, learn about nutrition and reset your body, mind and spirit.

sara bantas keto detox

Sara Banta’s
Accelerated Keto
Detox Cleanse

Start a keto diet or intermittent fasting the right way, with Sara Banta’s Keto Detox Cleanse. Prepare your body the right way!

sara bantas liver flush detox

Sara Banta’s
Accelerated Liver Flush Detox Cleanse

If your Liver isn’t healthy, neither are you! This is the perfect 14-day cleanse to accelerate optimal liver function and clean a “dirty liver”.

sara bantas candida cleanse

Sara Banta’s
Accelerated Candida Cleanse

Symptoms of Candida can range from itchy skin to thrush, mouth lesions, a coated tongue and much more. If you are on the frustrating candida cycle, this is the cleanse program you need.

sara bantas parasite cleanse

Sara Banta’s
Accelerated Parasite Cleanse

From tapeworm to Guardia, parasites are ingested then make you very ill, in some cases they are life threatening. This is the detox program you need to rid your body of parasites for good.

sara bantas colon cleanse

Sara Banta’s
Accelerated Colon Cleanse

The ONLY 30 Day Colon Cleanse Kit to Reset, Repair & Rebuilt, Sara Banta’s Accelerated Colon Cleanse addresses gut issues, replenishes gut microbiome and nourishes the gut with good bacteria, as it sweeps bad gut bacteria away.

sara bantas anytime reset cleanse

Sara Banta’s
Anytime Reset Cleanse

Feeling sluggish but not sure why? Tired, lack of energy, slow metabolism? The Anytime Reset Detox Cleanse is the perfect gentle cleanse that can be completed anytime for a feel good health reset.

sara bantas radiation and heavy metals detox

Sara Banta’s
Radiation and Heavy Metals Detox Cleanse

A powerful 30-day heavy metals detox cleanse to also helps zero out any radiation and EMFs from the body. Reset your thyroid function and boost your immunity.

sara bantas bladder detox and cleanse program

Sara Banta’s
Accelerated Bladder Cleanse

Bladders can get dirty, causing us all sorts of urinary tract issues including recurrent UTI’s. This program cleanses the bladder eradicating bacteria.

sara banta detox programs

Sara Banta’s
Kidney Stone Cleanse

Your kidneys are the body’s natural cleaners, making sure the blood stays tidy and your body stays healthy! Kidney can become dirty and they need a clean. The Kidney Stone Cleanse helps reset kidney health and boost optimal kidney function.