The Sleep Advantage with Devin Burke

by Sara Banta | Nov 17, 2021 | Podcasts

Sara and Devin Burke, the bestselling author of “The Sleep Advantage,” talk about why sleep is the foundation of health, the keys to amazing sleep, and more.


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Why do most people have issues with their sleep?
  • What is sleep efficiency
  • What should we do in the bedroom
  • Sex and sleep
  • Why is sleep the foundation of health? Why is sleep important?
  • How can we fall asleep faster, rest deeper, and wake refreshed?
  • What are the keys to amazing sleep?
  • What’s the connection between sleep and stress

Devin Burke is an international and TEDx speaker, the bestselling author of “The Sleep Advantage,” the founder of Sleep Science Academy, and one of the top health and sleep coaches in the world. His books, keynotes, programs and videos have inspired thousands of people to improve their sleep, energy, and life.


Devin Burke helps high achievers and exhausted insomniacs get and stay asleep so they can wake up with more peace, power and presence. He was named one of the “Top 25 Health Coaches in America.

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