Like most women, I have spent way too much money on skin products, serums, lotions and potions — the Toxic kind before I knew any better, to now the Organic ones. They all seem to be just OK, but all are missing one or two things. Thus, I feel the need to get more than just one.

Your skin needs to be fed both Internally and Externally. I have worked diligently to create the top supplements for feeding and nurturing your body and skin from the inside. And — between the Liquid Biocell Collagen, the KETO, and the supplements in the Detox Bundle — the nutrients are setting up the internal environment for Anti-Aging, Anti-Inflammatory, and a healthy landscape for the skin.

But, I was determined to create a face treatment that is not only more Affordable, but more Effective than any other on the market.

Accelerated FACE LIFT is an advanced Natural face spray that contains All Natural ingredients, which provide Micro Nutrition to replenish the Skin and stimulate the production of Collagen with Advanced Technology.

These ingredients have been filtered to extract Nano sized nutrients so that they are easily absorbed by the skin. In other words, the same reason Accelerated Silver and Gold work better than their colloidal counterparts, Accelerated FACE LIFT’s nutrients are provided in such small particles, that they are easily absorbed by the skin, whereas most serums and lotions have particles sizes that can not penetrate into the cells.

Accelerated FACE LIFT contains hundreds of Skin Rejuvenating Nutrients including Nano Collagen, Nano Hyaluronic Acid, Nano Plant Based Minerals, Aloe Polysaccarides, and Wild Ginseng Extract.



Distilled water, Nano Collagen (avian), Nano Hyaluronic Acid (avian), 72 Nano Plant Based Ancient Minerals, Organic Aloe Extract (with over 200 Micronutrients), Vitamin C, MSM, TMG, Organic Blue Cornflower Hydrosol, Rose Hydrosol, Organic Silica, Castor Bean Oil, Choline, Wild Ginseng Extract, Silver.

(The cornflower is astringent and will tighten the skin without drying it out like witchhazel.)

Beyond The Ingredients

Accelerated FACE LIFT is Bio-Energetically enhanced using Water Implosion Technology and Bio Encoded Frequencies; this takes the product to a whole new level of efficacy over its competitors.

Nowadays, it is difficult to get nutrition to our skin from our depleted food supply; any little nutrition we do take in, mostly gets absorbed by the more vital internal organs, and never reaches the skin. This is why we need to feed it directly into the skin as “Skin Food.”

SKIN — Your Largest Organ

Not only is it your largest organ, but it is the one that gets placed last on the priority list when being fed nutrition. Your body cares more about nurturing your internal organs, than attending to your wrinkles and zits!

Therefore, for best results, you need to feed your body nutrition from the Inside AND the Outside.

What Else Can Enhances FACE LIFT’s results by Healing the Body Internally?

  • KETO: Reduces Inflammation throughout the body,including the skin, and puts the body into a “healing, Anti-Aging” state.
  • PROBIOTICS: Heals LEAKY GUT- the main cause of Skin Irritations, Eruptions, and Inflammation.
  • LATERO FLORA BALANCE: Cleans out the bad colonies of Bacteria in the GUT, a culprit to Skin issues. This includes Candida, E. Coli, and Salmonella.
  • LIQUID BIOCELL COLLAGEN: Reduces Wrinkles, Inflammation and Builds Collagen throughout the body from the inside out.
  • ACCELERATED CELLULAR DETOX: Soaks up all Toxins in the body that Irritate and Inflame the Skin.
  • ACNE CARE and BLOOD CLEANER: Treat Acute Acne Issues Immediately while the above supplements are healing your Skin and Systemic Issues for the long-term.
  • SKIN BALANCE: Immediately Reduces Itching and Skin Inflammation, and treats conditions like Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, and Hives from the inside out.
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