This is a topic close to my heart. I suffered from cystic acne growing up, and now that I’m in my forties, I’m fighting wrinkles and still acne! On top of that, I have a husband who jokingly has never had a zit in his life, but suffers from dry skin and eczema, and three teenagers who suffer from hormonal and teenage acne. It is the gift that keeps on giving!

Saying that, I have found solutions! And the beauty of the solutions are they help the acne, wrinkles and the eczema. Some of you have asked what my skin routine is, so here you go!

My Topical Skin Routine:

Step 1: Wash my face with natural cleanser like Derma E
Step 2: Spray with Accelerated Face Lift Spray and 2-3 sprays of Glutathione Spray
Step 3: Wait a few minutes and apply Accelerated Skin and Soul Serum on my face and neck
Step 4: Apply Accelerated Face Lift Cream

But healthy skin isn’t just a result of a topical regimen…

Your skin is your largest organ, and when you have an infection or toxins on the inside of your body, it will try to detox from those toxins through your skin, resulting in acne, eczema, skin rashes, psoriasis and rosacea. Your skin is a window into your overall health. That is why I have created the NEW Inside and Out Skin Bundle!

The NEW Inside and Out Skin Bundle includes the following:

Accelerated Face Lift Spray: This product contains hundreds of skin rejuvenating nutrients including nano collagen, nano hyaluronic acid, nano plant-based minerals, aloe polysaccharides, and wild ginseng extract. It is bio energetically enhanced using water implosion technology and bio encoded frequencies. I spray 2-3 sprays on my face and let them dry.

Accelerated Skin And Soul Serum: I dab it in about 5 spots on my face and rub in generously. I recommend taking the “plug” out of the bottle so it can come out easier.

Accelerated Face Lift Cream: Accelerated FACE LIFT Cream was created to compliment the FACE LIFT Spray. It is a concentrated healing skin cream made in small batches by a master herbalist using rare wildcrafted/organic herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Huge amounts of nutrients are packed into each ounce, creating results not seen with other products that just use a sprinkling of expensive nutrients, or what I call “Fairy Dusting,” so they can claim it on their label. I apply it all over my neck and face liberally.

Accelerated Scalar Silver: This alkaline silver solution, that is enhanced with Scalar technology to enhance its efficacy, helps fight the bacteria and other foreign pathogens that can cause skin breakouts.

ION* Gut Health: Your Gut is where your hormones are produced, your nutrients are absorbed, your immune system resides, and so much more.  Most people suffer from Leaky Gut which is the number one cause for all skin related issues.

bWell Immunity Builder Glutathione Spray (optional): This patent-pending glutathione spray delivers a highly-absorbable form of reduced L-glutathione through the skin. This is achieved through revolutionary sub-nanotechnology that works with naturally occurring enzymes on the skin.  It is known to help with wrinkles and clear up acne.

How to Get Beautiful Skin from the Inside:

You might notice that if you eat certain foods like dairy, gluten, or processed foods, your skin reacts. Even if you are in a high stressed state, you might have a breakout.  Here are more tips to clear up your skin:

Low Carb Ketogenic Diet: When you eliminate the refined sugars, gluten, grains and processed foods, you are eliminating extremely inflammatory foods that “inflame” the skin. Redness that is seen in acne and rashes are “heat” signs or signs of inflammation. By sticking to a low carb ketogenic diet you are eating anti-inflammatory foods, healthy fats that soothe the skin and contain nutrients needed for healthy glowing skin. You focus on organic green veggies, organic animal protein, fish, and healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, and avocados. Some people may need to eliminate dairy as well.

Accelerated Keto: This supplement not only helps put your body into fat burning mode within 30 minutes, it suppresses your cravings for the sugars and carbs, gives you the energy to exercise, reduces inflammation (including on the skin) and starts detoxing the liver which is imperative for clear skin.  

Accelerated Cellular Detox Powder: This combination of 6 organic ingredients soak up toxins, heavy metals, and waste that could be causing skin outbreaks. It also improves bowel movements, essential to clear skin.

Exercise: As you exercise, you are increasing circulation, sweating out the toxins that clog your pores, and naturally detoxing the body on a daily basis.

Blood Cleaner: Blood Cleaner provides detoxification and support for healthy blood by helping to remove excess toxins and impurities present in the blood. It helps to keep the colon clean and supports healthy liver and kidney functions. It also helps to maintain lustrous skin.

Acnil: This helps to eliminate harmful waste, the basic cause of acne, and is a blood purifier that helps to promote radiant, healthy skin.

Skin Balance: Reduces itching and skin inflammation; treats conditions existing in psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, hives, and other inflammatory skin conditions; removes toxins in blood which cause skin inflammation, facilitates recovery of skin tissues once the itching and inflammation are under control, moistens and nourishes the skin.

Sauna Therapy: Far Infrared sauna is known to improve the immune system, sweat out toxins and heal skin breakouts.

Lower Your Stress: Easier said than done, but stress causes inflammation in the body, and inflammation expresses itself through redness, rashes and breakouts on the skin. I recommend meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises to lower your cortisol levels.

Sleep: Proper amount of sleep is essential for the body to repair and clean up the bad cells and toxins in the body.  Without it, your body will stay in a stressed and inflamed state regardless of everything else you are doing right.

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