What is Radiation?

by Sara Banta | Jun 9, 2020 | Articles, Detox & Cleanse, Radiation

In this decade, the amount of toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, GMO’s, glyphosate, and endocrine disruptors have increased exponentially; and it is easy to “see” them all because they are visible in our food, air, and products. However, there is another looming threat that we can’t see, and it is doing more damage than anything: RADIATION.

Most people don’t want to face the fact that radiation could be the cause of their “unexplained health issues” because we are so dependent on technology and can’t eliminate it from our daily lives. Me included. With that being said, acknowledgement of what is emitting radiation and taking precautionary steps on how to minimize its effects on the body will help alleviate the damage to your health.

What is Radiation?

Radiation refers to the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves or as moving subatomic particles, especially high-energy particles that cause ionization. This energy can take various forms, and the term “radiation” is often used broadly to encompass different types, including:

    • Electromagnetic Radiation: This type of radiation consists of waves of electric and magnetic fields that travel through space. Examples include:
    • Radio waves: Used for communication.
    • Microwaves: Used in cooking and communication.
    • Infrared radiation: Perceived as heat.
    • Visible light: The range of wavelengths visible to the human eye.
    • Ultraviolet (UV) radiation: Beyond the visible light spectrum, with effects on skin and biological tissues.
    • Particle Radiation: This involves the emission of subatomic particles. Types of particle radiation include:
        • Alpha particles: Consisting of two protons and two neutrons.
        • Beta particles: Electrons or positrons emitted from a nucleus.
        • Neutrons: Subatomic particles found in the nucleus of atoms.
        • Protons: Positively charged subatomic particles.
      • Ionizing Radiation: Radiation with sufficient energy to remove tightly bound electrons from atoms, creating ions. Ionizing radiation includes both electromagnetic radiation (X-rays and gamma rays) and particle radiation (alpha and beta particles, neutrons).
      • Non-Ionizing Radiation: Radiation with lower energy that does not have enough power to ionize atoms. Examples include radio waves, microwaves, and visible light.
      • Nuclear Radiation: Emitted during nuclear reactions and processes, such as those occurring in nuclear power plants or radioactive decay.
      • Natural Background Radiation: Constant low-level radiation originating from natural sources, including cosmic rays, radon gas, and certain minerals in the Earth’s crust.
      • Artificial Sources of Radiation: Generated by human activities, such as medical imaging (X-rays), industrial processes, and nuclear power plants.

The Biggest Radiation Threats

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5G Technology

5G, or fifth-generation wireless technology, is the latest generation of mobile network technology. It represents a significant advancement over its predecessor, 4G (LTE), offering faster data speeds, lower latency, increased network capacity, and the ability to support a massive number of connected devices simultaneously.

Where 4G uses under 6 GHz on the radio frequency spectrum, 5G uses much higher frequency (3 to 300GHz) radio waves, and is using new and untested technology, in terms of safety, to allow for higher data transmission capacity.

Furthermore, due to the way 5G works, it needs antennas to be 100 to 300 meters apart, which is far closer than 2G, 3G, and 4G technology, using lower frequency waves. The signals will be weaker with 5G since the wavelengths cannot penetrate buildings; to work around this, the 5G network will use smaller cell stations that scramble, unscramble and redirect packets of data on a no-interference path back to us. In other words, many more 5G towers will be needed, increasing exposure.

While 5G is not expected to replace 4G entirely, it is anticipated to coexist with 4G in the near and possibly long-term future. Concerns about potential harmful risks are on the rise, extending beyond cancer. Substantial evidence suggests that radiation associated with 5G may contribute to neurological disorders and reproductive harm, likely attributable to oxidative stress.

A significant issue with 5G technology is its reliance on millimeter waves, known to penetrate human tissue up to 2 mm. These waves are absorbed by the corneal surface and conducted by sweat glands within the skin, posing potential health problems. Additionally, millimeter waves are linked to immune system suppression, increased cellular stress, the generation of harmful free radicals, learning deficits, and the development of bacterial antibiotic resistance. Furthermore, this type of radiation has been associated with reproductive harm and neurological disorders, encompassing conditions such as anxiety, depression, autism, and Alzheimer’s.


A tsunami damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant and has released radioactive wastewater into the sea. The plant began the first wastewater release in August 2023 and will continue for years. About 1.33 million tons of radioactive wastewater is stored in about 1,000 tanks at the plant. It has accumulated since the plant was crippled by the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck northeastern Japan in 2011. 

Fukushima contamination is across the world. Seafood and other sea-based foods like kelp are distributed globally, meaning that we are eating the contaminated food regardless of where we live. Furthermore, many iodine supplement companies source their iodine from radioactive contaminated areas. The radiation is also carried through the jet stream across the world.


The Chernobyl accident in 1986 resulted in steam explosion and fires that released 5% of the radioactive reactor core into the environment, with radioactive materials spread across many parts of Europe.  

Increased Advanced Technology

The amount of smart devices, cell phones, computers, smart meters, and other technologies that emit radiation and EMFs have exponentially increased in just the last 5 years, to the point where our bodies are struggling to process it.


The hot radioisotopes from Fukushima and other nuclear leaks rise up into the jet stream, which in turn distributes these radioisotopes as “black rain”, or radioactive rain, throughout the planet indiscriminately across all seven continents within six days. As pilots deliberately fly in the jet stream to save energy they are being exposed even more to this radiation.

What are the Physical Symptoms of Radiation Poisoning?

hair loss after weight loss

The side effects of radiation exposure can vary depending on factors such as the type of radiation, the dose received, the duration of exposure, and the part of the body exposed. Here are common physical effects associated with radiation exposure:

    1. Skin Changes: Radiation can cause skin reactions, ranging from redness and irritation to dryness and peeling. In more severe cases, it may lead to blistering or ulceration.
    2. Fatigue: Radiation therapy, especially in cancer treatment, often causes fatigue. The extent of fatigue can vary and may persist for some time after treatment ends.
    3. Nausea and Vomiting: Some individuals may experience nausea and vomiting, particularly if radiation is directed at the abdomen or upper body.
    4. Hair Loss: Radiation targeting areas with hair follicles can lead to temporary or permanent hair loss. The severity depends on the dose and location of radiation.
    5. Changes in Blood Cell Count: Radiation can affect the bone marrow, leading to a decrease in red and white blood cell counts and platelets. This may result in anemia, increased susceptibility to infections, and a higher risk of bleeding.
    6. Digestive Issues: Radiation directed at the abdomen may cause digestive problems such as diarrhea, cramping, or changes in bowel habits.
    7. Cognitive Changes: Radiation to the brain may cause cognitive changes, including memory loss, difficulty concentrating, or other neurological symptoms.
    8. Reduced Fertility: Radiation exposure to the reproductive organs may affect fertility in both men and women. This effect can be temporary or permanent. Furthermore, Radiation causes lower sex hormones, lower libido, and increased levels of spontaneous abortion.
    9. Increased Risk of Secondary Cancers: Radiation exposure, especially in high doses, can increase the risk of developing secondary cancers later in life.
    10. Damage to Organs and Tissues: Depending on the location of radiation treatment, damage to nearby organs or tissues may occur, leading to long-term complications.
    11. Radiation Pneumonitis: Radiation therapy to the chest may cause inflammation of the lungs, known as radiation pneumonitis, resulting in cough, shortness of breath, and chest pain.
    12. Increased Oxidative Stress.  Radiation increases oxidative stress and free radical damage which lead to all chronic disease and accelerated aging.
    13. Attacks DNA. Radiation attacks the DNA of our cells, which in turn, produces cancers and mutations in germ-line cells which then produce mutations in generations to come.
    14. Excess Calcium Production. Radiation produces excessive intracellular calcium and excessive calcium signaling.
    15. Autism and ADHD. While in utero and shortly after birth, it may cause ADHD and autism.

Supplements to Help Eliminate Physical Effects of Radiation Exposure

Sara Banta’s Radiation and Heavy Metals Detox Cleanse

The supplements in my Radiation & Heavy Metals Detox Cleanse aid in neutralizing radiation, enhancing your immune system, and saturating your body with the sole radiation-free monatomic iodine, ensuring your thyroid and metabolism function at their peak, leaving no space for further radiation absorption.

The individual supplements below are available in the Radiation and Heavy Metals Detox Cleanse.

Accelerated Colloidal Silver™

This formula is extremely alkaline unlike any other silver; when the body is alkaline, foreign pathogens are unable to survive and the body is in a healing and anti-inflammatory state. When the body is acidic from the exposure to radiation and toxins, disease thrives and inflammation is rampant. Accelerated Colloidal Silver™ not only helps devitalize foreign pathogens, but is also enhanced with scalar frequencies to restore the body to homeostasis as it suffers from the negative side effects of damaging frequencies.

Acceleradine® Iodine

Acceleradine® iodine is a crucial supplement in addressing iodine deficiency. Iodine deficiency leads to reduced mitochondrial ATP production, resulting in impaired metabolism and is a primary cause of mitochondrial dysfunction.

Insufficient iodine intake compromises thyroid function, a problem exacerbated by the inadequacy of iodine in modern diets. Even iodized salt offers minimal iodine content and is depleted of minerals while contaminated with microplastics. Iodine is essential for synthesizing thyroid hormones T2, T3, and T4.

Acceleradine® iodine emerges as an optimal supplement for enhancing metabolism and promoting weight loss due to several pivotal factors:

Single Atom Iodine: Providing a singular atom of iodine easily absorbed by all cells ensures sufficient iodine levels for proper metabolism and fat burning. Unlike most iodine supplements with only 10 to 20 percent absorption, Acceleradine® achieves full absorption.

ATP Enhancement: Acceleradine® boosts mitochondrial ATP production by 18 times, from 2 ATP to 36 ATP, the fundamental energy source for metabolism.

Cellular Detoxification: Facilitating cellular detoxification from heavy metals, toxins, and radiation, Acceleradine® supports a healthy metabolism and weight loss.

Halogen Displacement: By displacing harmful substances like fluoride, chlorine, and bromide from cells, Acceleradine® counters hypothyroidism, sluggish metabolism, and other chronic diseases.

Preventing Toxic Overload: Through high-dose administration, Acceleradine® displaces toxins and prevents new toxins from attaching to cellular receptor sites, providing additional protection against harmful effects.

Alleviating Spike Protein Side Effects: Acceleradine® may mitigate damage caused by spike protein, which is associated with exacerbated chronic disease, slow metabolism and weight gain.

Blood Cleansing: Assisting in blood cleansing, Acceleradine® supports liver detoxification and effectively eliminates toxins linked to oxidative stress, accelerated aging, and weight gain.

Alleviating Estrogen Dominance: By regulating estrogen production and cleansing the body of excess estrogen, Acceleradine® aids in achieving hormonal balance.

Accelerated NucNoMore®

Accelerated NucNoMore® is an oral radiation detox formula to help negate the radiation in the body. It is a scalar charged ORMES formula that supports the removal of harmful internal radio contamination from nuclear fallout, smog, ionizing X-rays and commercial flying as well as non-ionizing radiation from Smart Meters, Smart Phones, and other electropollution.  

In cases of re-exposure to elevated radiation levels, such as during air travel or visiting regions near nuclear contamination like Japan, Hawaii, or Chernobyl, Ukraine, it becomes necessary to resume a daily dose. Given the rising concerns over smart meters and 5G technology, this daily dose is crucial in mitigating the adverse effects of heightened global radiation levels.

Accelerated Thyroid®

A 3-in-1 comprehensive natural thyroid supplement, Accelerated Thyroid® is formulated to optimize thyroid function. It blends grass-fed thyroid glandular with essential peptides, amino acids, and vital nutrients crucial for thyroid health. Additionally, it incorporates the ancient herbal Ayurvedic formula Kanchanara, renowned for its detoxifying and thyroid-supporting properties, along with supplemental amino acids essential for optimizing thyroid function.

Enriched with scalar frequencies, Accelerated Thyroid® offers supplementary benefits:

Emotional and Physical Well-being: It aids in clearing emotional and physical shock from the body, promoting overall well-being.

Thyroid Health: Scalar frequencies enhance the overall health of the thyroid, ensuring its optimal function.

Detoxification: Advanced Thyroid® assists in detoxifying the body from halogens, heavy metals, and radiation, further supporting thyroid health.

Balance: Scalar frequencies contribute to balancing the thyroid and parathyroid glands, fostering overall hormonal equilibrium.

Accelerated Cellular Detox® Powder

This blend of 6 organic detoxification ingredients help soak up toxins including radiation, heavy metals, alcohol, and food poisoning, while also devitalizing parasites and fungus.  It alleviates the detox burden on the already stressed liver and kidneys. Furthermore it cleans the whole digestive tract, helps with regularity, and reduces intestinal inflammation. 

Accelerated Cellular Detox® Powder now contains Chitosan which is known to help with fat loss, lowering cholesterol, and further detoxification. It is enhanced with scalar frequencies to help enhance detoxification of radiation and heavy metals.

Accelerated Ancient Salt®

Accelerated Ancient Salt® offers numerous benefits to mitochondrial health and weight management by augmenting fluid volume both within and outside cells, thereby supporting various bodily functions. It stands as the sole salt rich in 62 minerals and meticulously hand-mined without resorting to explosives. Here are some of its key advantages:

  • Liver Support: Accelerated Ancient Salt® aids in liver cleansing, fostering optimal liver function. It promotes bile production and facilitates fat breakdown, enhancing liver health and detoxification processes.
  • Apoptosis Support: This specialized salt promotes apoptosis, the programmed cell death crucial for maintaining cellular equilibrium and eliminating damaged or unhealthy cells.
  • DNA Repair: Accelerated Ancient Salt® contributes to inducing DNA repair mechanisms, aiding in preserving genomic integrity and reducing the risk of DNA damage.
  • Excess Estrogen Detoxification: It assists in eliminating surplus estrogen from the body, fostering hormone balance and overall well-being.
  • Intracellular Hydration: By supplying essential sodium and potassium, Accelerated Ancient Salt® optimizes the sodium-potassium pump, facilitating nutrient uptake into cells and toxin removal from cells.
  • Digestive Health Enhancement: By stimulating improved bile production and aiding in fat breakdown, Accelerated Ancient Salt® promotes digestive health and facilitates nutrient absorption.

The inclusion of scalar frequencies imbues it with a negative charge, aiding in the extraction of positively charged parasites, undigested fats, and toxins.

Sara Banta’s Liver Flush Detox Cleanse

To optimize the detoxification of Radiation and Heavy Metals add Sara Banta’s Liver Flush Cleanse.

When the liver is not functioning optimally, mitochondrial health and metabolism may be compromised. The liver serves as the crucial site where the inactive thyroid hormone T4 converts into the active thyroid hormone T3, forming the foundation of a healthy metabolism. Apart from enhancing thyroid health and metabolism, the Liver Flush Detox Cleanse may aid in:


      • Decreasing insulin resistance and uric acid levels.
      • Optimizing protein and fat metabolism.
      • Alleviating inflammation.
      • Enhancing thyroid hormone balance.
      • Detoxifying the body from radiation, toxins, and excess estrogens that impede mitochondrial health.
      • Reducing fatty liver conditions.
      • Mitigating the adverse effects associated with the Spike Protein.

EMF Devices To Help Limit Physical Effects of Radiation Exposure

Harmonic Shield Cell Phone EMF Harmonizer

The Harmonic Shield Cell Phone EMF Harmonizer is a powerful EMF shielding device that you can put on any smartphone, computer, or any device to help balance the body from the effects of harmful electromagnetic fields. Testing has shown that there is a 97% drop in radiofrequency absorption with the Harmonic Shield.

Heawea MicroGen

HeaWea MicroGen is a portable frequency product that uses precise pulsing currents for various conditions. It is extremely convenient, and you can use it almost anywhere, anytime, including sitting in the office, walking on the street, and working out at the gym. HeaWea offers free software with more than 60,000 frequency programs including those to negate the effects from radiation and toxicity. 

BioCharger NG®

The BioCharger NG® serves as a platform that concurrently delivers four distinct natural energies, revitalizing both your body and mind while enhancing overall health, wellness, and athletic capabilities. This non-invasive system has demonstrated efficacy in restoring strength, stamina, energy, and mental clarity. It helps cancel out the negative radiation frequencies from the body among many other health conditions.


AmpCoil is an all-in-one system: Biofeedback + Bioresonance + Sound + PEMF.  The AmpCoil is a modern, comprehensive all-in-one technology that incorporates voice analysis biofeedback to personalize the experience and a powerful delivery system, which goes intra-cellular and crosses the blood-brain barrier.  It is able to address the imbalances in the body caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites and other foreign pathogens in addition to mitigating the harmful effects of radiation and toxins.  At a time when you want to take your health into your own hands, this gives you control.

Scalar Energy Rest Shield

The Scalar Energy Rests Shield claims to  reduce harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution from electrical and electronic technologies such as cell phones, computers and wireless networks, television and radio, building wiring and lighting, airport and military radar, power generation and the electric grid, satellite transmissions, and more. It puts you in a 15-to-20 foot radius protective energy bubble that mimics being on the Earth before any man-made electromagnetic pollution existed. (Human cells communicate via radio frequencies that are interfered with by EMF emissions. It encourages cellular regeneration, so users rebound faster from injury, exertion, stress, athletic performance, etc. Furthermore, it prevents or reduces the effects of jet lag and driving fatigue. By getting more restful sleep the body is better able to fend off the effects from travel, especially when crossing the earth’s magnetic field lines quickly.

Lifestyle Factors To Help Minimize Radiation Exposure

Prioritize Eating Wild Animal Protein

Below I lay out a plan for how to incorporate carbohydrates back into the diet. Throughout every step, It is important to prioritize wild animal protein like bison, elk, deer, lamb, and wild fish because it:

    • Provides the most nutrients out of any food available in the modern world where the soils are depleted of nutrients
    • Supports lean muscle growth, and muscle contains more mitochondria and ATP than any other tissue in the body to support a healthy and fast metabolism
    • Helps stabilize blood sugar and improve insulin resistance
    • Provides constant stable energy when paired with the appropriate amount of carbs
    • Doesn’t contain sulfur, oxalates, lectins, or histamines which all disrupt detoxification pathways, and inhibit metabolism
    • Increases the thermic effect where the body increases its metabolism to break down protein
    • Helps regulate a healthy appetite and curb cravings for the wrong sugars and processed foods

Exclude Sulfur Vegetables

Consuming sulfur-containing foods can overload the body’s sulfur detoxification pathways and heighten histamine responses. Foods like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, onions, garlic, and egg yolks fall into this category. It’s crucial to remain vigilant about hidden sulfur in certain medications and supplements.

Avoid Amyloid Proteins

Eliminate foods rich in amyloid proteins, such as chicken, pork, turkey, and conventionally raised beef. Amyloids contribute to histamine intolerance and oxalate formation, and enhance the growth of spike protein in the body, intensifying inflammation, gut issues, pathogenic load, and insulin dysregulation.

Eliminate Oxalate Foods 

Remove foods high in oxalates, including spinach, almonds, berries, kale, and most nuts from the diet. This step helps alleviate the burden on the system, reduces the histamine response, and improves sulfur detoxification.

Avoid High Histamine Foods

By excluding the aforementioned foods, the histamine burden on the body is diminished. This allows the digestive system to heal, promotes insulin regulation, and helps alleviate symptoms associated with histamine intolerance and sulfur buildup in the body.

Lower Fat Intake

It is essential to eliminate the PUFAs from the diet as much as you can as they will only lower the metabolism, wreak havoc on the gut, increase endotoxins, and derail your progress.  Additionally, you need to lower your overall fat intake to less than 30%; taking in more fat will trigger your body to store the carbs as fat.

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