What Is Colloidal Gold?

Colloidal Gold, similar to colloidal silver, consists of small, microscopic Gold particles suspended in distilled water or any other liquid. Our 30 ppm Accelerated Gold® appears as a light lavender liquid, and can be safely used both internally as well as externally. The tiny Gold particles from the colloid penetrate through the cell membranes easily and work effectively towards providing relief from the symptoms of several health issues.

What Are the Top Colloidal Gold Benefits?

In this article we explore the health benefits and uses of colloidal gold; including:

1. Colloidal Gold for Skin

Whether you are ingesting Colloidal Gold or applying it topically, it helps with cellular activation and rejuvenation. The most optimal use of Gold is to both take it orally and use it topically; you are then feeding the cells gold from the inside and out. In particular Colloidal Gold is known for its ability to heal micro-damage, making it an ideal skincare ingredient for those with Sensitive, Sun Damaged and Acne Scarred skin.

Due to its ability to regenerate cells and restore their normal elastic properties, Colloidal Gold solution is used topically as an ointment to treat various skin problems such as Eczema, Fungal Infections, Skin Rash, Wounds, Skin Burns and many more. It is also used as an ingredient in Anti-Aging skin care products.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects. Whether you are ingesting Gold or applying it topically, it may have anti-inflammatory properties. Skin issues such as acne, rashes and burns are inflammatory or “heat” related responses according to Chinese medicine. Therefore, the cure is to alleviate the inflammation. And, unlike medications for the above skin issues, there are no side effects to using colloidal gold for your skin.

Anti-Aging Effects. You can apply it topically by itself or in a combination with silver and copper for enhanced results including the possible improvement of elasticity, antibacterial effects, and reduction of the age spots. Colloidal Gold has been known to re-texture the skin, repair damage from age, and giving a renewed glowing complexion. You can find gold in beauty products that regrow hair and eyelashes as well. Knowing that hair is the first to go when your body is just a bit malnourished and gold can help regrow that lost hair, shows that gold is doing so much more in healing the body in addition to just bringing that lost hair back.

Glowing Effects. Due to Gold’s light-reflecting color, it is also know for its ability to brighten the skin, making it appear more radiant.

Increases Cellular Rejuvenation. Because gold may increase the communication between the synapsis within the body when taken orally or topically, it can increase cellular turnover and rejuvenation.

2. Colloidal Gold for Rejuvenating Properties

Colloidal Gold reportedly has a soothing and harmonizing effect on the Body, Mind, and Spirit. It is also known to promote a feeling of increased Energy, Will Power, Mental Focus and Libido. In cases of Chills, Hot Flashes, and Night Sweats, the body’s temperature stabilizing mechanism may be restored to balance by Colloidal Gold.

3. Colloidal Gold to Enhance Your Mood

One of the reported health benefits of colloidal gold is that it may help improve Mental and Emotional well being of people suffering from Anxiety, Depression, Frustration, and Sadness.

4. Colloidal Gold for Improved Cognitive Function

Studies reveal that Colloidal Gold acts as a natural stimulant for the cells of our body. This property improves the transmission of electrical signals between the nerve cells in the brain and increases Mental Alertness and Boosts Concentration. It has been used in the purification and balancing of the heart chakra in order to amplify higher forms of thoughts used at a later time.

5. Colloidal Gold for Addiction

It has been used to treat Alcoholism in the 19th Century and in modern day it is used for treating Nicotine, Drugs and Caffeine Addiction.

6. Swarna Bhasma

Swarna Bhasma is a compound prepared by using pure Gold and used in Ayurveda with several health benefits such as boosting immunity, intelligence, memory and concentration.

It is used in the treatment of premature graying of hair, lung diseases, bones and joint diseases, digestive system diseases, tumors, cysts, anemia & more. It helps in irritable bowel syndrome and is very useful in nervous disorders and heart diseases due to high cholesterol and artery blockage.

Several chyawanprash products which are popularly consumed as health supplements and organic face masks are enriched with Swarna Bhasma.

7. Colloidal Gold for Spiritual Benefits

Gold has been known for thousands of years for many of its healing properties. The sacred power of gold has been established in ancient China, Persia and India. Additionally, it was one of the gifts given to Baby Jesus by the Wisemen.

Not only is Gold said to attract wealth and happiness, to calm the mind and stabilize your emotions, but it is also know to increase mood and alleviate stress. As you are calm and more connected to your “higher self”, you are more in tune with nature and your spirituality. Gold symbolizes the purity of “All That Is”.

It only makes sense that something that brings calmness to your mind and relieves anxiety will allow you to focus, meditate and reach a higher spiritual state. As you are not experiencing stress or anxiety, your ability to learn and get in touch with your true authentic self increases. Gold has also been known to balance the energy fields, break down the walls of ego, alleviate feelings of depression and inferiority. It can clear negativity from the chakras and the energy fields of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Colloidal Gold Dangers

No colloidal gold side effects have been reported. Unlike medications that have side effects, gold and silver haven’t shown any dangers or side effects.

Colloidal Gold Dosage

Typically it is recommended to take 1-3 teaspoons 2 to 7 times a day depending on the purpose.

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