What is PEMF Therapy?

by Sara Banta | Jul 20, 2020 | Articles, Mood


I have been using PEMF machines and all types of biofeedback devices for the last 15 years. Obviously, technology has improved significantly since I began my search for the most cutting-edge technologies, supplements, and biohack modalities. I love testing devices, dietary theories and different supplements to see how they affect me so that I can help you with the most cutting-edge and effective resources. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on things that don’t work so that you don’t have to do so! 



My favorite “biohack” technology that I have been using and sharing with my clients since 2018 is the AmpCoil system. It truly gives you the power back over your health, cuts down on your medical costs and your doctor visits. With one machine you’re able to take control of the health of your whole family and put your mind at ease that you are back in control in a society where things are becoming less in our control.


What is the AmpCoil System?


It is an all-in-one system including biofeedback, bioresonance, sound and PEMF. It creates a pulsed electromagnetic field by sending tones or frequencies through an amplifier into a magnetic coil that sends a penetrating PEMF into the body. It is a safe, non evasive, PEMF delivery system that incorporates customized biofeedback to bring the body back into balance.


How Does It Work?


You can either choose to do a personalized voice print where you speak into the tablet and according to the frequencies in your voice, the tablet is able to give you feedback of the imbalances you may have. It will support your body’s nutritional imbalances, provide organ tune up and rejuvenation, and cleanse out of the body foregn pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and more. With that biofeedback information you receive from the voice print, you are then able to choose an appropriate journey to balance the frequencies that are needing attention within your body. Without a voice print you are able to do a general Restorative, Wellness, or Relaxation program.  These pre-programmed Journeys are set up to benefit most all people.


How Does It Compare to Other Devices?


I have been using the SCIO machine through a practitioner’s office for over 15 years. This machine is upwards of $20,000 and takes in-depth training to utilize. It is very specific at diagnosing what is going on in the body but it is not as strong as the ampcoil in bringing the body back into balance.  I have also utilized the Rife machine which is a powerful machine that can fight all foreign pathogens and bring the body back in balance. Although it is very effective, I found it complicated to use with lots of wires and a bit overwhelming. On the other hand, the ampcoil is extremely simple for even the elderly and children to use, and you can actually use Rife frequencies within the Ampcoil so you are getting two machines in one.  This is a machine that even my youngest child of 13 is able to set herself up to use the Better Guide for biofeedback and set up a journey all on her own. It is something you can do while taking a nap, laying on the couch, watching TV or reading a book. I look forward to this time of day as I become relaxed, feel a sense of relief and improved well-being in the comfort of my own home.


As technology has improved over the years Ampcoil has incorporated The cutting edge technologies and the old standards that were way beyond their years long ago. It incorporates Scalar technology from Nikola Tesla, voice analysis biofeedback to personalize experience, and an amplified powerful delivery system which goes intracellular and crosses the blood-brain barrier. 



What Preset Programs Does the Ampcoil Offer?


Some of the Restorative Programs are:


  • Deep Sleep.  This addresses the circadian rhythm balance, delta waves, nervous system, and general hormones.
  • Full Moon (addresses any issues that are associated with a New Moon or Full Moon such as water retention, parasites or hormonal balance)
  • Higher Self. This addresses the full vibrational harmonics of the mind and body.
  • Brain Reboot.  This addresses the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, peripheral nervous system, frontal, temporal, parietal, occipital, cerebellum, medulla,amygdala, hippocampus, basal ganglia hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, and spinal.  I find this journey helpful when I am mentally exhausted or preparing for an important intellectual event.
  • Demo-Harmonizer.  This addresses horizontal and vertical vibrational alignment, eart grounding, spinal health, nutrition, chakras, nervous system, emotions, and brain health.


Some of the Wellness Programs are:


  • Headache Help.  This addresses stress, spinal alignment, muscular tension, circulation, and hormones that may cause headaches.
  • Hormone Harmony.  This balances the hypothalamus, pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thyms, adrenals, and reproductive glands.
  • Pain Release.  This alleviates issues with muscles, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, circulation, and general pain infection. 
  • Cold Chest.  It addresses the common cold infection, immune system, antiseptic, mucous membranes, lungs and bronchial.
  • Cold Head.  This addresses the common cold infection, immune system, antiseptic, mucous membranes, ear, throat, and sinus.
  • Cleanse.  This tones microbes, metals and toxins to neutralize interference for complete organ and system harmony.  You can discover what infedtions or microbes your body is needing to address through the voice print and then personalize the cleanse according to the biofeedback.
  • General Detox.  This a 30 steph detoxification of common microbes associated with each organ and system in the body.  It is enhanced with the supplements in the Detox bundles.
  • Nutrition.  This tunes the overall body with nutritional essentials for nourishment and strength.  It addresses items such as amino acids, enzymes, fatty acids, hydration, minerals, neurotransmitters, normal flora acidophilus, vitamins, electrosmog, electrical sensitivity, and chemical sensitivity.
  • Organs.  This tunes the organs and body systems for balance and optimal function.
  • Immune Boost.  This addresses earth grounding, white blood cells, red blood cells, hemoglobin, thymus, bone marrow, and interleukin.


Some of the Relaxation Support are:


  • Positivity. This provides depression relief nutritionals, neurotransmitters, emotions and earth grounding.
  • Balance the Mind.  This helps with mental clarity, motivation, and positive outlook.
  • Relax All.  This addresses emotions and nervous system to help the body enter the parasympathetic state.


What Do People Say?


Personally I have seen an amazing transformation with my sleep cycle, being able to get out of a chronic stressed state and move into a more relaxed parasympathetic state within the Relax All journey. I have also recovered from a parasitic infection, been able to escape the cold or flu as I was seeing symptoms begin to surface. My three children, husband and I all use it three to four times a week and enjoy the experience! Some of my favorite journeys are the Full Moon, Relax All, and the General Detox programs.


According to the Wellness for Humanity Lyme to Wellness Program, users report a 84-93% reduction of their symptoms with the ampcoil.  In general, many people report a healing of their health issues beyond what diet and lifestyle can provide.  From the simplest thing like an improvement of sleep or a deep state of relaxation to overcoming a parasitic infection and recovering from the flu or cold bug with ease.


How Can You Enhance Your Ampcoil Experience?


There is not one “magic pill.”  With that i recommend you incorporate the following biohacks to optimize your health and your results from the ampcoil:


  • SleepFocus on prioritizing attaining 7-9 hours of sleep a night.
  • Move.  Ideally, try to Lift Heavy weights 2-3 days a week, sprint once a week, and incorporate a few days of endurance training or walking.
  • Limit your CarbsIf you are able to limit your carb intake to less than 20 grams a day, your blood sugar will lower, your body will naturally detox, your inflammation will decrease, and the programs from the ampcoil will have a more impactful effect on optimizing your health.  
  • Utilize the Keto Detox supplements to increase autophagy and healing throughout the body.  These supplements put the body into Ketosis (fat-burning mode,) reduce inflammation, increase nutrient absorption, stabilize blood sugar, and increase your physical and mental energy.  They also provide nutrients to rebuild the gut microbiome, heal Leaky Gut, improve hormones and to give the body the proper electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Intermittent Fast.  It has been shown that by squeezing your meals within a 2-6 hour window you can increase longevity, help the body detox more effectively, increase fat burning, and improve insulin sensitivity.


More Information?


You can listen to Freddie Kimmel on my radio show Accelerated Health Radio where we discuss the benefits of the Ampcoil!  


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