Already two weeks into the new year, and you told yourself you were going to “Make a Change” in 2018. But since you haven’t yet, you think, “Oh well. Another New Year’s come and gone, and so did my resolutions!”

In reality, who would try to start a new regimen the morning after New Year’s Eve — the biggest party night of the year!? And, really, doesn’t it seem like every week of the year there is someone’s birthday to celebrate, a friends get-together, or some occasion that pulls you away from “Staying On Course”?

I like to give myself until Mid-January to really dig into my resolutions and goals. (A major reason is because my birthday is in the first week of January!) This year it hit me from a different angle. On Saturday I was in Hawaii when the Missile threat was announced. (In case you somehow missed this news story, just Google “Ballistic Missile Hawaii”.)

My phone buzzes loudly, as do all of the other phones around me:


For that brief 38 minutes of my life (which felt like hours), flashes of what really meant the most to me flooded every cell and nerve in my body… God, my children, my family. I couldn’t care less about what my goals were, if I felt “centered”, or if I was being productive, etc. I called my daughter to hear her voice but could hardly press the numbers on my phone as my fingers were shaking. I prayed… I prayed… I prayed… I prayed to God that if He had a bigger plan for me to help others and to raise my three children, then to help us out of this safely and for Him to use me to my full potential.

When we were notified we were safe, I felt the adrenaline, that was previously numbing me during the 38 minutes, now pumping through every inch of my body, my legs were shaking as if I was going to fall down. I was exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically.

What happened next isn’t what I expected.

I expected myself to think, “Throw out all of your regimens— dietary, exercise, yoga, meditation, work, strict parenting, and just “ENJOY” life. But it was actually the opposite. I felt more of an obligation and passionate drive to help others reach their goals, to raise my children as the best possible versions of themselves, and to live with TRUE Intentional Purpose. Because through those things, I WILL be living a more fulfilling life with more Energy and Positivity. And that kind of decision doesn’t have to start on New Year’s Day. It starts right here, right now. Today.

My point is: It’s never too late.

You can start today. Or tomorrow. But it’s time to change. The sooner you do, the sooner you will be living a more fulfilled, energetic life. It is a journey and let that journey move in the right direction.

Because of my personal health challenges and struggles, my research in the field, and my passion for finding the most practical, affordable and effective supplements to help people heal their minds and bodies, and give their bodies the tools to function the way they are meant to, I have hand-picked the supplements and tools to help most people reach their goals. Because without a healthy physical body, it is almost impossible to have a healthy mental and emotional state.

The most popular and successful bundle of supplements to quickly transform your health and get you moving in the right direction is the NEW Keto Detox Kit. It will help most everyone reach their health potential with ease. After following this regimen, you may need to add to it depending on the severity of your specific situation.

The Keto Detox Kit, along with a Low Carb, High Fat Diet will help:

  • Detoxes the body
  • Helps with Fat Loss
  • Helps build and maintain Lean Muscle Mass
  • Heals Auto-Immune diseases
  • Boosts the Immune System
  • Prevents Infections from all Known Foreign Pathogens
  • Reverses Type II Diabetes
  • Helps Reverse High Blood Pressure
  • Helps Fight Cancer
  • Helps Reverse Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  • Helps Reduce Brain Fog
  • Normalizes Hormonal Balance
  • Helps with Bloat and Constipation or Diarrhea
  • Helps normalize Thyroid function, Hypothyroidism, Hashimotos
  • Helps with Anxiety, Depression and other Mood Disorders

The beauty of my kit and protocol is it’s gentle, quick and helps minimize the yucky feeling you get from most detoxification programs; in other words, DAY ONE you feel better.


Here’s What’s included in the Keto Detox Kit:

  • Accelerated Scalar Silver™: Helps supports the Immune System. Accelerated Health Products respectfully uses customized distillation technology as it produces a more effective Silver Solution than its competitors.
  • Latero Flora Balance: Cleans out the bad bugs in the GUT, including Candida, E. Coli, Salmonella, etc.
  • Advanced Naturals FloraMax Probiotics: Repopulates the good GUT Bacteria to boost the Immune System and improve the Digestive System. If you suffer from IBS, IBD or other more serious GUT issues, you can opt for the 80 Billion Critical Colon Probiotic or the 90 Billion Total Woman Care Probiotic.
  • Accelerated Cellular Detox Powder: Soaks up the Toxins released by the Accelerated Silver™, and carries them gently through the intestinal tract, easing the burden on the liver and kidneys, while also helping with Bloat, and Regularity.
  • Ola Loa: Replenishes the needed Electrolytes, Minerals, Vitamins and Amino Acids.
  • Accelerated KETO: Kicks you into “Fat-Burning” within 30 minutes and switches you out of burning carbs for fuel. This is the key to bypassing negative DETOX symptoms with no feelings of nausea or “detox flu”. It gives you immediate Mental and Physical Energy.  Unlike any other keto supplement, Accelerated Keto has additional fat burning ingredients that futher give you steady physical and mental energy.
  • Dietary Guidelines: Along with the Bundle, you incorporate the Keto Dietary Guidelines for most, or the Auto-Immune Dietary Guidelines for those with more sever situations to reach optimal results.

(Retail Value of $237.89)

Optional Supplements (not included in the Kit but good to incorporate in protocol, depending on your individual needs):

  • Acceleradine.  This is the only Monoatomic Iodine Supplement with bonus extras. A 100% bioactive, true ionic iodine, and super-charged with Scalar Frequency, there is no other iodine supplement to help optimally support thyroid function, detox from heavy metals and radiation, Increase Your Frequency® and help boost your overall health.
  • Laxa Comfort: For Constipation. If you are not having 2-3 bowel movements a day, you are considered constipated. 80 PERCENT OF DISEASE IS CAUSED BY CONSTIPATION.
  • Thyroid GF: For Thyroid conditions including Hypothyroidism and Hashimotos.
  • Digestive Enzymes: For bloating when eating; supports optimal Digestion.

Yours in Health,

Sara Banta
Owner/Founder of Accelerated Health Products

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Founder of Accelerated Health Products, Health Coach, and Host of Accelerated Health TV, Sara Banta is a natural supplement expert, wife, mother of 3 teenagers, and an award-winning health and wellness expert.
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