Topics covered in this episode:

  • The side effects of drug treatment for mental health
  • What is Neurofeedback
  • Causes of addiction
  • How Electrical Brain Stimulation works
  • Nexalin as a drug free treatment

Mark White is an experienced and well-respected international trainer and presenter on the subject of “Brain Based Health” and “Brain Based Recovery”. He is a thought leader in the application of brain stimulation and its ability to address mental health and addiction issues in the United States. Mr. White has also appeared on several prominent news and media shows speaking on Nexalin Technology and electrical brain stimulation as a form of drug free treatment for various psychiatric disorders and addiction treatment. He now leads the outstanding growth and development that Nexalin Technology has experienced over the last 7+ years, and is instrumental in every aspect of the company including the development and understanding of Nexalin’s future in Opiate addiction treatment community.

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