How To Reverse Estrogen Dominance

by Sara Banta | Jul 7, 2022 | Weight Loss, Estrogen Dominance, Hormones

What is Estrogen Dominance

So many men and women who complain about “hormonal issues” have estrogen dominance.  Estrogen dominance is the condition of increased estrogen levels relative to progesterone levels in the body.  Estrogen dominance may be the result of overproduction of estrogen by the body, changes in estrogen metabolism and excretion, or an imbalance in the estrogen to progesterone ratio.

Both men and women can suffer from estrogen dominance.  It isn’t necessarily that the body is producing too much estrogen but it could be from the overabundance of toxins that mimic estrogen in the body and the body’s inability to detox fast enough from them.

Estrogen isn’t “all bad”.  It is an important hormone needed for things like cardiovascular health, fertility, cognitive health, and bone health; the problem comes in if the body can not get rid of the toxic estrogen properly.

What are the Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance?

    • Endometriosis and Fibroids
    • Pelvic Pain and Breast Tenderness
    • Weight Gain. Women gain weight around the butt and thighs for women and men usually around the belly.
    • Fat cells can increase estrogen levels by converting androgens into estrogens.  This is known as aromatization.  This becomes a vicious cycle because estrogenic toxins are then stored in the fat cells and extra fat can increase circulating androgens.
    • Man Boobs and Enlarged Prostates in men.
    • Leptin Resistance.
    • Hypothyroid.  Too much estrogen can slow down the conversion of the inactive thyroid hormone (T4) into the active thyroid hormone (T3) in the liver.  Additionally, the excess toxins like to hide in the thyroid receptor sites, slowing down thyroid function.
    • Decreased Libido in men and women
    • Menstrual irregularity, heavy menstrual flow, cramps in women
    • Mood changes
    • Migraines with the menstrual cycle
    • Infertility in men and women
    • Bloat
    • Water Retention in the hands and feet
    • Fatigue
    • Constipation
    • Slow Metabolism.  Estrogen blocks the thyroid hormone receptors and inhibits proper thyroid function.
    • Cancer.  The leading cause for mitochondria failure is iodine deficiency, and Mitochondrial failure leads to cancer.

How Estrogen Dominance Occurs

Estrogen Dominance is not only exposure to increased amounts of estrogen but also a disruption of estrogen detoxification through the liver, the gut, microbiome, bile, and kidneys.  This is also referred to as Phase 1, 2, and 3 detox.

Think about Phase 1 as the “water coming into the bathtub”, Phase 2 is how quickly the “water can drain out of the bathtub”, and Phase 3 is how efficiently the “water can go through the water pipes out of the house.”

Phase 1 is how the liver is able to break down the estrogen.

Phase 2 is how the liver is able to move the estrogens out of the liver.

Phase 3 is how the gut is able to package the estrogen and excrete it out of the body.

It is imperative to focus on the liver and microbiome for clearing estrogens; unhealthy bile from the liver and an unbalanced microbiome in the gut will raise estrogen levels.

The Following Will Increase Estrogen Dominance

Dirty Liver

The liver is responsible for producing the ESTROGEN BINDING PROTEIN.  When the liver is “dirty,” it has a difficult time doing this.  The liver is also where Phase 1, 2 and 3 estrogen detoxification occurs.

Iodine Deficiency

Iodine is used by the endocrine system to regulate estrogen production in both women and men.  Without ample iodine, estrogen dominance can occur. 

A study shows 96% of test subjects in America were found to be extremely iodine deficient. 

Additionally, iodine is used to clean the blood so the liver can do its job in producing the Estrogen Binding Protein.   Iodine also helps break up a fatty liver and without it, the risk of fatty liver will increase.

Tap water

When millions of women consume birth control and hormone replacement therapy, both of which contain estrogen, they urinate this out, it travels to the water treatment plants and the plants do not filter it out.  As a result, tap water has perpetually increasing amounts of estrogen. Ocean waters are now approximately 4% estrogen.


Eating refined sugar not only robs you of important minerals, but it also produces excess estrogen in the body. When white sugar is consumed minerals are taken from the body in order to digest it such as sodium, calcium, chromium, manganese, cobalt, copper, zinc, and magnesium.  This disrupts the mineral ratios in the body.

Conventional Meat, Poultry, and Dairy

90% of the livestock animals in the U.S. have estrogen implants placed behind their ears by the “assembly-line factory farmers” in order to make their livestock fatter faster for decreased time to market and increased profit.  Eating estrogen-laden foods increases estrogen in the body.

Pesticides, Herbicides and Fungicides

One good reason to eat organic produce versus non-organic fruits and vegetables is that conventional produce is sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that contain xeno-estrogens, molecular look-alikes to the estrogen hormone, which can steal human receptor sites designed to attach only to real estrogen or real progesterone, leading to estrogen dominance in men and women.

Improperly Combined Foods

When foods are improperly combined, the body is unable to digest the meal, and it goes into acute metabolic acidosis, leading to an increase in estrogen in the body.

The rule of thumb on combining foods the right way is:

eat fruit by itself; proteins with vegetables, or starches with vegetables are fine. Never combine proteins with starches like steak with potatoes, turkey with bread, fish with rice, or chicken with pasta. This will result in the foods not digesting and will result in increased estrogen.


Too much food in the stomach strangulates the internal lining of the stomach preventing gastrin, hydrochloric acid, and pepsin from being properly secreted, and hence, acute metabolic acidosis can ensue, once again creating more estrogen.


Plastic bottles, containers, bags, and other items contain phthalate and bisphenol A, or BPA, known as xenoestrogens, which can leak. 

Unfortunately, many plastics claim to be BPA-free but have switched BPA to other similar bisphenol xeno-estrogens, including BPS and BPF.


Methylparabens, propylparabens, butyl parabens, and any other parabens are xeno-estrogens which lead to Estrogen Dominance.  Parabens are typically found in hair care and skin care products.

Lack of Progesterone

Excess estrogen can also come from extremely low levels of progesterone since they both attach to the exact same receptor site in the body. 

Progesterone is a hormone that requires saturated fat for the body to manufacture.  Whereas estrogen has been shown to cause cellular mutation, progesterone, much like iodine and oxygen, induces apoptosis, halting cellular mutation and causing new, healthy cells to be regenerated!

Birth Control Pills and Hormone Replacement Therapy Medication

Inflammation and Oxidative Stress

Inflammation and Oxidative Stress of any sort slow down Phase 3 estrogen detox.

Consumption of Soy

Soy is estrogenic; all soy is GMO and mimics estrogen in the body, leading to estrogen dominance.

Consumption of GMO foods and All Grains

GMO foods and grains are highly inflammatory, cause microbiome imbalances, cause Leaky Gut and inhibit Phase 2 estrogen detox.

Aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen, which heightens estrogen dominance.  Aromatase is worsened with excess belly fat, and fat cells hold the bad estrogens, increasing Estrogen Dominance further; it is a vicious cycle.


Stress in the body creates oxidation and inflammation, disruption of Phase 1, 2, and 3 detox pathways in addition to causing Leaky Gut and Microbiome imbalances.

Phase 3 Compromised Transporters

Phase 3 transporters move many things in and out of the cell.  As we age, the cell walls become “rigid” and toxins have a harder time getting out of the cell. 

Those toxins include medications, chemicals, and hormones, including estrogen.  Once they are out of the cell, they move into the kidneys, urine and bile and intestines. 

What slows down these transporters are inflammation, oxidative stress, toxic overload, and medication.

Leaky Gut and Compromised Estrobolome

Estrobolome is the estrogen detoxifying microbiome; in other words, it is the aggregate of enteric bacterial genes whose products are capable of metabolizing estrogens.  Its job is to help excrete and circulate estrogens out of the body.  It can be affected by antibiotics, drugs, and diet. 

What happens when this is compromised, the estrogen that is meant to pass through the gut and out with the feces, “escapes” and gets reabsorbed into the body.  Beta-Glucuronidase is what allows the estrogen to escape.

Estrogen Supplements that Could Backfire

estrogen suplements that could backfire

There are a few popular supplements for Estrogen Detoxification that could actually back up the liver due to your genetic predisposition.

The estrogen supplements below require optimal detoxification of sulfur because they contain sulfur-rich ingredients.

DIM(Di-Indole Methane)

Vegetables including broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, cabbage and kale are anti-estrogenic, meaning they help lower the “bad” estrogen.  You can find them in a concentrated form called DIM (Di-Indole Methane), as you would have to eat a very large amount to do any good.

However, many people have issues with these sulfur-containing vegetables, and the sulfur detoxification pathways become disrupted.  Consuming them may backfire and back up the liver.

Furthermore, these vegetables are known to slow down thyroid function and worsen symptoms of hypothyroidism.


Glutathione is known to be the master antioxidant and helps with liver detoxification.  Some glutathione supplements that are meant to support detoxification will actually make matters worse because of the sulfur component.


This comes from broccoli sprouts and is known to help with Estrogen detoxification.  Once again, because of sulfur, can back up the liver and worsen the detoxification process.


Mushrooms are used for estrogen detoxification, but if someone is sensitive to mold, mushrooms could backfire, causing inflammation, liver back up, and allergies.

How to Reverse Estrogen Dominance

Acceleradine® regulates Estrogen production and cleans the blood so the liver can detox the estrogen properly.  Iodine decreases estrogen in the receptor cells which helps reverse Estrogen Dominance.

It also helps with fibroids, PCOS, and other issues related to hormonal imbalances.  Acceleradine® is also anti-inflammatory and a powerful antioxidant, which helps neutralize the inflammation and oxidative stress that leads to Estrogen Dominance.  

Acceleradine® also triggers healthy apoptosis (natural death of traumatized and unhealthy cells), which helps reverse Estrogen Dominance.  Acceleradine is the only iodine that is enhanced with Scalar energy, radiation free, 100 percent absorbable, and can reverse damage done to the DNA.

Accelerated Ancient Salt™ “plumps up the volume of fluid inside and outside the cells which help clean the liver, supports apoptosis, induces DNA repair, and cleans the body of excess estrogen.  It also helps with bile production, breaking down fats in the liver, and encourages improved digestive health.

Accelerated Keto®™ is now the top-selling Keto supplement in the US, and with good reason. Accelerated Keto®™ puts your body into ketosis and fat-burning mode within 30 minutes. 

It helps to control appetite and increases physical and mental energy, as it teaches your body to utilize its own fat stores for energy. As your energy increases and your cravings for sugar decrease, you are able to intermittent fast, reduce Insulin Resistance, cleanse the liver, clean up the excess estrogen, reduce inflammation and reduce oxidative stress. 

Where Accelerated Keto®™ is different from any other exogenous ketone supplement is it has multiple herbal cofactors in the formula to increase ATP production in the cells (which is your true ENERGY), to “De-Fat” the liver where fat burning occurs, hormones are regulated, and sugars are processed.  The liver is where the body can detox the xeno-estrogens that lead to Estrogen Dominance.

Gut infections slow down and inhibit detoxification of excess estrogen. 
Three supplements : Megaspore, MegaPre and MegaMucosahelp heal the gut, improve nutrient absorption, and optimize Phase 3 estrogen detoxification by repairing the Estrobolome (Estrogen Microbiome). 

Berberine HCL helps reduce inflammation, oxidative stress and toxicity while lowering glucose levels and increasing nutrient absorption; all of these factors help reverse Estrogen Dominance.

Calcium D Glutarate

Ca D-Glucarate is a specific form of calcium that assists the liver glucuronidation pathway by inhibiting the enzyme glucuronidase. Glucuronidation is one of the body’s many detoxification systems. 

Calcium D Glucarate has been shown to support the body’s ability to excrete lipid-soluble toxins and steroids, including estrogen.  It supports glucuronidation by turning estrogen into its inactive form in Phase 2 of the liver. It doesn’t lower beta-glucuronidase in the gut, but it does help facilitate estrogen metabolism to be eliminated in the gut.  Furthermore, it has been shown to inhibit aromatization and the conversion from testosterone into estrogen.

Laxa Comfort is a combination of natural herbs that helps to balance the vitiated Vata (Air), Dosha (Humour) & helps in daily and comfortable bowel movements. Daily Bowel movements are essential to keep the body from recycling estrogens.

Magnesium helps with Phase 2 Liver detoxification of estrogen, in addition to performing over 600 other biochemical reactions in the body.

In addition to helping with Phase 2 liver detox, methylation of estrogen, and cell membrane support for Phase 3 detox, choline may help facilitate the burning of stored fat and has been shown to prevent abnormal or excessive liver accumulation of cholesterol and triglycerides. It also may help support insulin sensitivity and overall hormonal balance.

This helps increase healthy testosterone in women which helps improve motivation, build lean muscle, burn fat, and improve mood.

Stem Cell Activation Patches For Estrogen Dominance Detox

Glutathione may help detox the liver of excess estrogen in addition to being a powerful antioxidant, detoxifier, immune booster and neuroprotector. 

The Glutathione Stem Cell patch triggers your OWN production of glutathione, versus taking a glutathione supplement with sulfur, to increase Glutathione by 300% in 24 hours. 

This is key when you are someone with a compromised sulfur detox pathway because of glutathione itself contains sulfur.  

X39 Stem Cell Patches increase your own stem cell production and reset over 4,000 genes to a younger state, including the genes responsible for cell membrane support which allows the toxins out of the cells and the nutrients in, while healing the Gut. As a result, it helps repair collagen in all tissues, heals Leaky Gut, activates stem cell production, encourages apoptosis of cancer and diseased cells, and discourages metastatic cancer cells.

It may improve all Estrogen detoxification pathways, and reduce the inflammation associated with Endometriosis. It may improve overall energy of the body, organ balance, and symmetry distribution of energy.  

Read more about how stem cell patches can help to increase your frequency.

Lifewave Energy Enhancer patches help increase cellular health to improve detoxification and allow the toxins to pass through the cell walls easily.  

When the cell walls become rigid, toxins cannot leave easily.  The Energy Enhancer patches also increase energy at the cellular level, supporting digestion, circulation and optimal detoxification.  

Lifestyle Changes to Naturally Detox from Estrogen

naturally detox from estrogen

Eat Organic Food

By eating organic food, you will minimize the GMO’s, Glyphosate, and toxins that mimic estrogen in the body, leading to higher estrogen dominance.

Eliminate Alcohol

Alcohol increases estrogen in two ways: 

1. Alcohol increases Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth which will increase the recycling of estrogen, leading to estrogen dominance. 

2. Alcohol increases estrogen on its own.

3. Alcohol will increase aromatase conversion of testosterone into estrogen in men and women.  

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting lowers the blood glucose levels which in turn helps: 

  • reduce inflammation
  • reducing Estrogen Dominance
  • reducing belly fat
  • Improving the overall balance of hormones.  

By reducing belly fat, a reduction in aromatase occurs which causes testosterone to convert into estrogen.  Furthermore, during an intermittent fasting window, the body is engaged in autophagy, where the body “cleans up” the useless and damaged tissues, decreases the inflammation that causes pain, and helps heal the gut and improve nutrition absorption.  All of these factors lead to healed tissues and reverse estrogen dominance.

Focus On Wild Fish and Wild Animal Protein

Omega 3 fats and proteins provide the needed anti-inflammatory nutrients for hormonal balance in those with endometriosis, without causing inflammation in the body.  

It also helps stabilize blood sugar and encourage insulin sensitivity and improves bile production for liver detox.  Furthermore, they help suppress the cravings for carbs and sugar that dysregulate insulin and lead to estrogen dominance.

Eliminate Processed Foods and Sugar

Processed foods and sugar increase beta-glucuronidase, cause Leaky Gut, increase inflammation, and increase the recycling of estrogen.

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