The Keto Diet: A Teen’s Perspective

by Sara Banta | Jan 21, 2019 | Articles, Energy & Performance, Keto, Kids, Nutrition, Success Stories

People ask me almost everyday, ‘What is the keto diet?’ The answer is fairly simple, but yet many people are confused when I explain it to them. I like to describe the keto diet as a high fat/low carb lifestyle rather than a diet. The thing about the keto diet that people are normally confused about is most are taught that the only source of energy for the body to utilize is glucose.”

Some of you may already know his story, but for those who don’t, my son Jackson had Leukemia at the age of 9. (If you want to hear his story, I talk about it in my interview with Jason Goodman.) When I personally saw the cancer cells under the microscope it was the lowest point in my life. Nothing that I had experienced with my own personal health “Rock Bottom” compared to the feeling of helplessness I had with my sick child.

At the time I thought I was feeding him right. So I did not know what more I could do.

We’ve had to make changes in his diet and add targeted supplements to get him to where he is today as a healthy 16-year-old sophomore athlete in high school. I started him on the Accelerated Silver throughout the day plus a drink called Ola Loa for electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids, and began to feed him more of a “Clean Eating Meal Plan” rather than processed foods.

Within a year his blood looked clean and perfect! Not only were the sick cells gone, but the anemia, the Candida, and the other “junk” that was in his blood was non-existent! Since that day, seven years ago, Jackson has not missed a day of school, or been on an antibiotic. As he has gotten older and I have gotten more educated and involved in Alternative Medicine and Natural Health, we have added in additional supplements and probiotics.

As the journey continued I was introduced to the Ketogenic Diet and the Exogenous Ketones. The benefits from this way of eating were undeniable and so vast. There was research on keto as it related to Anxiety, Depression, Cancer, Brain Fog, ADHD, Autism, Muscle Gain and Physical Athletic Performance, Fat Loss, Hormonal Balance for women and men — the list goes on! As I was incorporating it into my own way of life, Jackson did so as well. He has noticed a significant difference in the way he is able to think, perform athletically, and his immune system seems stronger than ever.

Jackson describes the Keto Diet here, in his own words:

People ask me almost everyday, “What is the keto diet?” The answer is fairly simple, but yet many people are confused when I explain it to them. I like to describe the keto diet as a high fat/low carb lifestyle rather than a diet. The thing about the keto diet that people are normally confused about is most are taught that the only source of energy for the body to utilize is glucose.

Now, I’m no scientist, but I am an athlete that rows crew, and in order to perform at a high level every day, 3 hours a day including elements of endurance, speed, and weight lifting, I need an optimum source of energy to use while I am on the water. Our practices include a lot of high intensity training for extended periods of time.

Last May, when I was training for Nationals, we had nine practices over a period of four days in Chula Vista at the Olympic compound. With this many practices in such a short period of time, we were either eating, sleeping, or rowing, and by the fourth practice, most of my teammates were complaining about being exhausted. I felt absolutely energized and knew those kids had a long road ahead of them. After all, we still had 5 practices left. At the end of all nine practices, not only did I feel great, I was able to maintain a high level of physical activity without crashing after. This proves two things:

  1. The Keto way of eating is the better choice for athletes who need a sustainable source of energy and
  2. This lifestyle is possible anywhere you go. I was eating at a cafeteria during this time and still managed to find foods that fit the keto diet criteria.

I am the kind of person that gets annoyed when people over-manage their food intake. Yes, what you put into your body is important, but it does not need to be overly complicated. When people ask me “how do you eat a keto diet?” my response is always to choose the best option(s) from what is available to you and 9 times out of 10, there is a keto-friendly option.

So what do I eat? Here is a sample of a typical Keto day for me:


4-5 Eggs cooked in olive oil
Chicken sausage
Chulula sauce

AM Snack:

Macadamia nuts or Pili Nuts


Meat (chicken, steak or salmon)
Cheesy vegetables
Mixed nuts
Perfect Keto Bar


Keto pills or
Protein shake with almond butter
Carnivore Crisps

During workout:

Ola Loa

Post workout:

Berry smoothie with Collagen Protein


Meat (elk, bison, salmon, steak or lamb),
cooked with butter or olive oil.
Roasted veggies with olive oil

A Few Final Notes from Sara:

This journey for Jackson did not happen overnight. So when I talk to parents I tell them to give themselves a break and not to expect things to change overnight.

But how do you get kids to listen?

You have to speak their language. You need to explain why it is going to help their own specific issue that is important to THEM. What is it that is keeping them from being happy? What is it that is keeping them always sick or depressed or anxious? What is their goal that they are trying to reach in athletics or school or with friends? Usually the answer to their problems is in their diet. It is proven that sugar and gluten causes leaky gut and leaky gut causes many of these issues. Through a ketogenic diet and the supplements in the Keto Detox Kit you heal the gut, stabilize the mood, improve physical and mental energy, and stabilize the hormones. Who would not want that? Even if we are talking about kids…

Obviously depending on the child’s activity level and goals for mental and physical performance, you would alter the diet and daily food intake. This is just a sample of one child’s regimen, but it shows that the low carb Keto lifestyle works even for those extremely active athletes trying to gain weight.

If you have children with issues of mental focus, anxiety, depression, weight loss or weight gain, or one with higher athletic and performance goals, please let me know and I can help create a food and supplement plan. As your child improves their health, they will feel better and in control of their own destiny, and that will create a sense of independence and “ownership” that is totally absent in kids today. With that “ownership”, the stress and pressure on both you and your child will diminish. Everyone wins!

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