In this Accelerated Health Radio episode Craig Emmerich and Sara discuss:

  • Healing the body from Lyme through a Ketogenic and Carnivore diet
  • The difference between Keto and Carnivore, and are they for everyone
  • Is there a downside to vegetables, and more

Craig Emmerich has spent the last 15 plus years researching nutrition and working with thousands of clients along side his wife Maria Emmerich. He is an international best selling author of the “Keto: The Complete Guide” and “The Carnivore Cookbook”.

He uses his knowledge of how our bodies work to help clients heal and lose weight, leveraging their biology to make it easy.



Sara Banta
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Founder of Accelerated Health Products, Health Coach, and Host of Accelerated Health TV, Sara Banta is a natural supplement expert, wife, mother of 3 teenagers, and an award-winning health and wellness expert.
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