Topics discussed in this video:

  • How detox pathways are impaired by our food supply and cause Leaky Gut
  • Impacted methylation, sulfation, and oxalate metabolism by a shifted microbiome
  • Thoughts carry energetic waves and how we affect immunity by shifting the way that we think and feel

Teri Cochrane is an international thought leader in longevity, sustainable health, and maximizing human potential. Through her 20 years of clinical experience, Teri has developed The Cochrane Method®, a future-facing, multisystem wellness model that examines the intersection of genetic tendencies, energy, and her clients’ current state of health. Teri specializes in solutions to complex health conditions and serves world class athletes. A pioneer of high-frequency and intentional living, Teri is the author of the Amazon best-selling new release book, The Wildatarian Diet: Living As Nature Intended.

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