Best Adrenal Cocktail Recipes From A Certified Supplement Expert

by Sara Banta | Apr 25, 2019 | Articles, Energy & Performance, Keto, Natural Remedies, Nutrition, Supplements, Weight Loss

What Is An Adrenal Cocktail?

The old age Adrenal Cocktail combines Orange Juice for the Vitamin C, Cream of Tartar for the Potassium and Sea Salt for the Sodium. The goal with this combination of ingredients is to increase the vitamins and electrolytes, which are depleted when you have Adrenal Burnout. Furthermore, when you are stressed, your blood becomes “acidic” and elements like potassium, Calcium and sodium are leached out of the bones and other parts of the body’s reserves to balance that acidity.

The problem with this Adrenal Cocktail Recipe is two-fold. Firstly, there is a ton of sugar in orange juice, which is inflammatory and is known to make adrenal health worse. Secondly, I can’t think of a worse tasting combination! What if there was a better way?

Below are my favorite Adrenal Cocktail Recipes that taste great without the sugar.

My Top 5 Healthy Adrenal Cocktail Recipes

1. The Ola Loa Refresher

  • One serving of Ola Loa. Not only does this provide potassium, but it contains an ample amount of all electrolytes, minerals and vitamins as you are depleted of these when you have Adrenal Fatigue.
  • One tsp of Accelerated Ancient Salt™: This is not just any salt, Accelerated Ancient Salt is a scalar technology enhanced mixture of five precious ancient seabed and sea salts from the Andes Mountains, Himalayas and the U.S that is rich in minerals, without excipients, stabilizers, conditioners, chemicals or preservatives.  Furthermore, Accelerated Ancient Salt™ holds a strong negative charge with scalar Technology used to enhance its frequency and ability to help “pull out” positively charged toxins, parasites and undigested fats. Through the use of basic quantum mechanics combined with high purity of raw materials, a scalar field is developed. This process optimizes Detox and rehydration.
  • Slice of Lemon: This helps hydrate the cells, add more vitamin C and enhances the taste of the Adrenal Cocktail!

2. The Sparkling Berry Cocktail

  • 1 serving of Ola Loa
  • 1 tsp NuNaturals stevia (optional for those with a sweet tooth)
  • Ice
  • 6-8 ounces of Lime, Coconut or Pineapple La Croix
  • Combine ingredients  and enjoy!

3. Keto Iced Coffee

  • 1 tbsp of MCT oil
  • 1-3 tsp of NuNaturals Chocolate or Vanilla stevia syrup
  • Ice
  • 8 ounces of coffee
  • Drink blended or “on the rocks”

4. Ultimate Keto Cocktail

  • 1 tbsp organic Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 Nunaturals Stevia
  • 1 serving of Ola Loa
  • 1 tsp of Tumeric
  • 1 tsp of ginger
  • Ice
  • 6-8 ounces of water
  • Enjoy!

5. Calming Adrenal Night time Tea

  • 1 serving of Mandarin Ola Loa
  • Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea
  • Hot water
  • Sliced lemon
  • NuNaturals Stevia (optional)

In Addition to Adrenal Cocktails, What Supplements Can Help with Adrenal Burnout?

Here are my top recommended supplements to help Adrenal Burnout:

Accelerated Keto for increased Mental and Physical Energy. This not only kicks you into a state where your body is burning its own fat for fuel, but it starts cleansing the liver and increasing cellular energy. It has additional fat burning ingredients that no other ketone supplement has to enhance your results. You will feel a boost in physical energy, mental energy and your spiritual health will improve as a result. The brain fog lifts as you “Increase Your Frequency,” or what they refer to in Chinese medicine as “Qi ” or Life Force. Because you are burning your own fat for fuel, your appetite is suppressed and you are able to engage in Intermittent fasting. During the extended time you aren’t eating, your body reduces inflammation, cleans up the diseased cells, and increases the mitochondria or energy within the healthy cells.

Acceleradine® for energy.  Iodine deficiency is the top predictor of depression, mental retardation and thyroid issues. When you’re deficient in iodine, you will experience low energy, weight gain, brain fog, depression, lower IQ, and a suppressed immune system. Acceleradine is the only iodine supplement with 100% absorption (most have only 10-20% absorption) and the ability to fully saturate the cells with iodine, but is also charged with SCALAR frequency to further detox the cells from toxins, heavy metals and radiation. Those toxins can be the cause of weight gain, depression and anxiety. As you clear the toxins out of your Pineal Gland, also known as your “third eye”, brain fog lifts and you experience a higher level of spirituality. Additionally, your metabolism and physical and mental energy will improve.

Net Acid for Acid Reflux: As your body is stressed you produce too much stomach acid. With Net Acid and a low carb Ketogenic diet (link to keto diet), you can control the Acid Reflux as you get your stress back under control.

Vitamin D with K2: Over time, as the adrenals get burnt out, vitamin D becomes depleted and it becomes difficult to hold this vitamin in the body. Many cases of adrenal burnout show low vitamin D in the blood. This is a unique formula of vitamin D3 plus vitamin E, beta glucan, turmeric, L-carnitine, calcium, magnesium, and includes liver and kidney support. Including the necessary Vitamin K2 which should always accompany Vitamin D supplementation, this activates vitamin D receptors associated with optimal health.

True Calm: Provides support for coping with stress & fatigue; Helps fight daily stress and supports a healthy nervous system; Enhances physical and mental ability to fight stress, a natural strong adaptogenic in action; Supports calmness and relaxation.

Curcuma Flow.  They are beyond just any Tumeric Pills.  The patented delivery system protects curcumins from breakdown by water and uses PC (phosphatidylcholine) to carry curcumins across the intestinal lining, making this a highly bioavailable turmeric supplement.


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