Sugar Cravings and Keto

by Sara Banta | Mar 29, 2016 | Articles, Nutrition


How excited would you be if you went to a restaurant and they served you a glass of wine and a Basket full of Snickers instead of fresh bread? Actually some of you may say you would rather have the bread!  And there’s a reason…

First, quiz time:

Rank the following in what would raise your blood sugar the highest to the lowest:

  • Banana
  • Snickers
  • Table sugar
  • Whole Wheat bread

The answer?

  • Whole Wheat bread (worst)
  • Banana
  • Table Sugar
  • Snickers Bar (Best)

Am I encouraging you to eat snickers?

No. Am I saying if you had to choose between a snickers and bread, pick snickers? Yes. And yes, a banana raises your blood sugar level higher than a snickers too.

When your blood is flooded with glucose, insulin is released to transport the glucose into the cells. When insulin is present, your body is in “fat storing mode” and won’t burn fat for fuel. Therefore, your blood sugar is a roller coaster — trying to find the balance of stabilization. Why does bread taste so good?  It raises your serotonin and dopamine hormones (Your “FEEL GOOD” hormones — but ONLY TEMPORARILY).  It calms you down, makes you feel “comfortable, energetic and happy” — for the brief moment…

Sugar is Addictive!

Did you know Sugar is four times more addictive than Cocaine? So don’t feel guilty when your Will Power gives into the cravings… It feels soooo good to eat carbs and sugar when your body is dependent on it. And when you try to stop, you literally have to go through a detox period. There should be halfway houses for sugar addiction.

The Good News?

KETO flips you into Fat burning mode within 30 minutes, bypassing the painful detox stage, where you “Bonk” and become “HANGRY”. Cravings disappear, your intentions to eat “healthy” and stick to a program actually are easy to achieve. And, whether it is a Snickers Basket or a Bread Basket, you won’t want either; you will instead actually focus on the people you are with, enjoying their company — Isn’t that really why you are out to dinner in the first place?

From Fat-Storing Mode, to Fat-Burning Mode

When you are on a Ketogenic or low carb diet, little insulin is needed, sustained energy is achieved, inflammation in the body is reduced, anti-aging mechanisms start to occur in the body, and the body switches to “fat-burning mode.”

The other variable to consider:

What is the sugar feeding in your body? It’s the fungus, candida, cancer, bacteria — all the little critters that are happily making a home inside of you as you continue to feed them their fuel — sugar.

Lastly, What happens to your GUT when you eat sugar and refined carbs?

Sugar, Gluten, refined carbs tear open your Gut Lining, allowing large food particles to get into the blood stream.  those particles are seen as a “threat” to the immune system, and the body will utilize inflammation to respond to it… Eventually the body will identify organs and tissues, like your thyroid, as similar to the foreign food particles — which then leads to an auto-immune response….Thus, the birth of Auto- Immune Disease! You wonder why would the body ever attack itself??? Well, it feels like its being threatened by these foreign particles and it starts “shooting” anything that looks like them!

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