“Sara, How Do I Keep my Family from Getting Sick? It seems like Germs are EVERYWHERE!”

It does seem like there are more viruses, bacteria and GERMS in general. Or at least more people are sick more often than ever before. Let’s look at this closer…

If people are more sick because of an increased amount of Germs in the world, then the following would have to be true:

  • The organism or “Germ” must be present in every case that is sick.
  • The Germ must be isolated.
  • The Germ must cause the disease in a healthy Host (or person)- and everyone exposed would be sick.  In other words, EVERYONE at the birthday party would come home with the flu, not just a few kids…

However, the same Germs that are causing illness in some are also found in healthy individuals who don’t come down with symptoms. For example, many suffer from a bacteria called H. Pylori. Yet, over 60 percent of the population have H. Pylori in their system and are healthy with no symptoms.

Therefore, it isn’t true that Germs cause disease; it is a weakened Immune System that allows disease to prevail.

According to the Germ Theory:

The Severity of Disease = (Number of Pathogens Opening Size x Virulence of Pathogen) ÷ Resistance of Host

What does that mean?

The traditional medical world attempts to eliminate the “Number of Pathogens” through Antibiotics and Vaccines. They don’t address the “Resistance of the Host” or the Immune System. But regardless of how many Germs they kill through medication, there will be plenty more to threaten the weakened Immune System, and they have compromised an already weakened immune system with the Medication.

Moreover, traditional Western medicine recommends remedies (i.e. Tylenol, Advil, Cold Medicine) to eliminate the “uncomfortable symptoms” like fever, cough, and aches. The body’s response to induce a fever or a cough is its way to fight off the disease; viruses and bacteria die at higher temperatures. So, by taking those remedies, you are prolonging the illness and further weakening the Immune System. Furthermore, every time you take an antibiotic you increase your risk for Cancer and depress the Immune System.

There will always be exposure to Pathogens or Germs; the greatest tool to stay healthy is to boost the Immune System and Improve the “Resistance of Host” part of the equation.

Natural Ways to Improve Your Immune System Without Using Antibiotics:

  • Vitamin D: Vital to a strong Immune System
  • KETO: Turns on the Immune System, Heals the Gut (where 80 percent of your Immune System resides), reduces free radicals in the body. Turns off the Disease-causing Genes in the body.
  • Oxylent: Provides the necessary Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes and Amino Acids in a easily absorbed formula to boost the Immune System.
  • Latero Flora: devitalizes bad bacteria in the GUT including E. Coli, Salmonella, and 99% of Candida.
  • Flora Max Probiotic: Replenishes the Good Bacteria in the GUT, which Rebuilds the Immune System and helps heal Leaky Gut. Repairs the damage from Antibiotics and other Prescription Medications.
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