Regardless of the time of year, it can be a great time to RESET on your diet and exercise regimen. But, I want to encourage you to take it one step at a time. Let’s first “clean out” the toxins that are built up in our colons – this is where many toxins are reabsorbed and can wreak havoc on our immune system, and even our stress levels and emotions.

Physical detox runs parallel to emotional and mental detox. But the first step in a detox is the colon. You never want to start any type of detox if you aren’t having 2 to 3 bowel movements a day.

What Causes Constipation?


You need 4-5 pounds of microbes in your digestive system to do 90 percent of the digestion to break food down. If you have been on antibiotics in your life, those microbes are compromised. For some people, if you have an overpopulation of the bad bacteria in the gut, too much fermentation from foods like sauerkraut and drinks like kombucha can actually make the problem worse. If you feel bloated when you take probiotics, it might be a sign that your microbiome is out of balance.


Bile is made by the liver and stored in the gallbladder, and is there to help digest fat. If you have a sluggish gallbladder, you may not be able to digest fat very easily.  If you get nauseated or constipated, experience a right shoulder plan, or become bloated after eating fat, you may be low in bile. You can use Beta TCP and Choline Inositol to aid in fat metabolism. If you are trying a Keto diet, you may need to add fat to your diet slowly. You can still be in the state of Ketosis regardless if you stick to a low carb diet and your body “snacks” on its own fat stores.

Stomach Acid

If you have indigestion or heartburn, you may not have enough stomach acid to break down the foods. This could be part of your constipation issue. As we age the stomach acid, or HCL decreases. In fact, Acid Reflux which becomes common as you age, is caused by too little stomach acid, not too much.


This is food for your microbes. This is not needed for bowel movements.  You want to get your fiber from vegetables, not from grains. Grains can cause Leaky Gut, inflammation, and malabsorption of nutrients.

The Wrong Vegetables

To complicate things further, some vegetables can cause constipation, leaky gut, and bloat depending on your genetic makeup. If you find yourself bloated, gassy or constipated, you want to eliminate those vegetables from the diet. The most common groups of vegetables that can cause you issues are vegetables with sulfur, lectins, oxalates, and those in the nightshade family. All of them contain nutrients that are “healthy” for some people, but can be the cause of major health issues including constipation. An easy way to find out if you are sensitive to any of these groups is to try a carnivore diet for a few weeks, watch the inflammation disappear, and reintroduce one vegetable at a time. If you are sensitive to one vegetable in a group, you most likely are sensitive to the entirety of the group.

Lack of Exercise

Movement helps stimulate the bowels to move. As you move and increase blood flow, it stimulates the intestines to strengthen their “muscles” as well.

What Are the Side Effects of Constipation?

When you are constipated, your body actually absorbs the toxins in the intestines it is trying to get rid of. Eighty percent of disease is actually caused by toxic waste reabsorption. It can aggravate diverticulitis and inflammation in the intestines. Over time constipation can cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Irritable Bowel Disease and eventually colon cancer. It is important to have 2-3 bowel movements a day to continual excrete toxins.

How Do You Alleviate Constipation?

Eliminate the Wrong Vegetables

There are four main categories of vegetables to look at: Ones that contain sulfur, oxalates, lectins, and those in the nightshade family. Usually if you are sensitive to one in a category, then most of the others will be detrimental to your gut health as well.

Eliminate GMO foods and Amyloid Protein Sources Like Chicken & Conventional Beef

With conventionally produced meat, the proteins have become truncated and misfolded into structures known as amyloids, which may not be easily assimilated by the body. This change in structure of the proteins may have detrimental effects on the body’s ability to break down and absorb these proteins, which are essential to creating amino acids for the body to build enzymes, antibodies, and hormones. Amyloids, found in most chicken and conventional beef, are linked to chronic diseases including Type 1 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and autoimmune disease. In order to avoid amyloids, focus on wild meats such as wild fish, deer, duck, bison, elk, wild boar and cornish game hen.

Adjust the Amount of Vegetables

If you are eating too many vegetables, you can become bloated, and it can burden your already over-stressed intestines to move too much fiber through. If you aren’t eating enough, you may need to increase the “food” or prebiotics for your gut bacteria.

Digestive Enzymes

These help breakdown food by providing digestive “fire” to the system.

Laxa Comfort

This helps to relieve gassiness associated with undigested food, while alleviating constipation. It generally induces bowel movements within 6-8 hours.

Intestinal Formula

This helps improve digestion and elimination, while strengthening the muscular movement of the colon. As it does so, it cleanses and detoxifies the body of accumulated waste. This does have garlic, so for those of you sensitive to sulfur containing foods, this will aggravate and inflame your intestines, and Laxa Comfort would be a better option.

Latero Flora

This is a unique strain of Bacillus Laterosporus, a naturally occurring bacteria which populates the intestines with beneficial organisms that support digestion and promote a healthy colon. It helps kill candida, e.coli, and salmonella – all things that could be wreaking havoc on your gut.

Accelerated Cellular Detox Powder

These six organic ingredients, not only helps with regularity, but it soaks up poisons, including alcohol and toxic chemicals, supports digestive health, reduces bloat, improves kidney and liver function, helps lower cholesterol and reduces inflammation throughout the digestive tract. It now has Scalar frequencies embedded in the formula to further enhance the detoxification of insecticides and heavy metals.

Take Electrolytes

Potassium is needed to help the smooth muscles in the intestines function. Magnesium can also help with constipation by relaxing the muscles.

Accelerated Ancient Salt

Not only does salt help with constipation, but Accelerated Ancient Salt has all of the minerals and electrolytes to aid in mineral absorption and improve regularity. It is also charged with Scalar frequencies to help detox the body from toxins gently.

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