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by Sara Banta | Mar 31, 2021 | Articles, Fasting

The goal of fasting is to rest and heal. The healing comes from the body’s break from digesting food and focusing on cleaning up the diseased cells and reducing inflammation throughout the body.

By fasting, you will also see an improvement in dopamine levels, which improves mood, and you will see healing of leaky gut, which is the cause of most auto-immune disease, IBS, constipation, skin breakouts and rashes, hormonal imbalances, and a compromised immune system. An increase in muscle retention, fat loss, energy for workouts, growth hormone and testosterone, and improved blood sugar and insulin sensitivity are also results from fasting. Fasting has also been linked to many anti-aging factors.


What Are the Different Fasting Protocols?


16-8 or Intermittent Fasting

This is a basic fasting regimen where you eat within an 8  hour period. It is not difficult for most, and it still has great benefits. The purpose of Intermittent Fasting is to teach the body to find its fat stores for energy and trigger a surge of growth hormone. It can begin the decline of Insulin Resistance, stabilizing blood sugar and mood swings.

As you squeeze your eating within that period your body starts to use its own fat stores for energy; this is where you get to become metabolically flexible. You are rebooting the cells to accept insulin in a healthy way. As a result, inflammation reduces and you start entering into a state of autophagy, which is defined as the clean up of diseased and toxic cells.


OMAD (One Meal A Day)

When you shorten your eating window to 2-4 hours, you are becoming more dependent on your fat stores and entering a state of ketosis. Typically you are eating one large meal. If you stick to a low carb diet, the insulin resistance quickly corrects, and all of your metabolic disease markers start to reverse. It is advantageous to do this at least once a week. This is for those who want a deeper result from fasting, autophagy, and quicker reset of insulin sensitivity.


36-48 Hour Fast

This is where you see the quickest reversal of insulin resistance and high blood sugar. You don’t want to do this too often as this can be too much of a stressor on the body, especially for women in the last week of their cycle. Doing this during the first 10 days of a woman’s cycle can really boost insulin sensitivity, reach a peak of autophagy, heal leaky gut, eliminate inflammation, and increase dopamine. Doing this once a month is ideal. Typically the hunger signals disappear after 48 hours and you will see a large increase in dopamine in addition to a deeper level of autophagy and insulin sensitivity.


5 Day Water Fast

This is for those who are severely ill, or people looking for stem cell production or prevention of chronic diseases.


What is Important to Do Before Fasting?


Use Accelerated Keto®™

This quickly kickstarts the fat burning and switches you into ketosis. The cravings for carbs disappear and you begin to go for longer periods of time without thinking about food. This will set you up nicely so that fasting is easy, and you have steady mental and physical energy to function without refueling with food. Instead, your body taps into its own fat stores for all of its fuel.


Eliminate Refined Carbs and Sugar

Switch to a Low Carb, High Protein and Fat diet. By cutting carbs, including breads, rice, potatoes, and processed foods, your appetite the next day will be suppressed and you will be able to fast for longer periods of time with ease. If you are “fat malabsorbed” or have a hard time digesting fats, then focus on higher protein and less fat.  You can also use Beta TCP and Choline and Inositol to metabolism fats more efficiently.


Remove Toxins

Detox with Acceleradine®, Nucnomore® and Accelerated Cellular Detox Powder®. These supplements, all included in the Radiation and Thyroid Detox Bundle, help detox and quickly remove the existing heavy metals, radiation and other toxins in your body. As you do this, you will bypass the detox flu symptoms normally felt when engaging in fasting practices.


Drink Coffee

Have a cup of organic black coffee (sweetened with stevia is optional) in the morning. Not only will this help cleanse the liver and suppress your appetite, but it also can double your ketones. As a result, Ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and CCK, the satiety hormone, decrease and your appetite becomes suppressed.


Start with Intermittent Fasting

Eat dinner a little earlier before 6pm, and have a cup of coffee in the morning. By sleeping 8 hours, you are already intermittent fasting for 14-15 hours easily. When you use the Accelerated Keto®™ combined with a cup of black coffee, you not only are suppressing your appetite, but you are doubling your ketones and already on your way to fasting. Your mental and physical boost keeps you energized to be more productive and forget about food. You easily can focus on two meals a day squeezed in between a 4-8 hour period. The idea is not to be “Hangry,” but to truly clue into your own hunger cues. By taking Accelerated Keto®™, you will experience ketosis and your appetite will be controlled.


Where to take it from here?

If you are experiencing manageable stress, you can then explore 24 hour or longer fasts for deeper detoxification and healing. For women, a good time to do this is in the first 10 days of your cycle when you are most insulin resistant.

If you are experiencing high levels of stress, you want to stick with intermittent fasting of 13-18 hours with just a gentle amount of hormetic stress. You also don’t want to over exercise or engage in any extreme hormetic stressors.

Lastly, it is important to vary your fast. Dr. Mindy Pelz recommends the 5-1-1 variation:  5 days a week of intermittent fasting while eating a Low carb, ketogenic diet, 1 day of a 22-24 hours OMAD fast, and 1 day of healthy feasting with no fasting. That last day is not a cheat day! It is a day of healthy eating. When you do eat carbs, focus on starches and squashes.


What Can You Use to Increase Fasting Benefits?


Accelerated Keto®™

This supplement flips you into fat burning and curbs your appetite and cravings for carbs within 30 minutes, making fasting seamless. It gives you long lasting mental and physical energy, boosts the metabolism, and increases your ketone production. Unlike any other keto supplement, it has additional cofactors in the formula to de-fat the liver, and aid in detoxing the body, making the fasting protocol more effective.


Accelerated Silver®

This will devitalize foreign pathogens including viruses and bacteria in the body, and is enhanced with healing SCALAR  frequencies to improve its efficacy. As fasting improves the immune system and cellular turnover, Accelerated Silver will increase those effects.



This not only kills foreign pathogens, but also detoxes heavy metals and radiation out of the body and improves thyroid health and metabolism. Without sufficient iodine in the body, the the iodine receptors will be clogged with heavy metals and toxins including chlorine, fluoride, and bromide. Detoxing is one of the main objectives of fasting, and Acceleradine will expedite that process significantly by kicking the toxins and radiation out of the cells during autophagy.



This is a SCALAR frequency enhanced ORMES formula that supports the removal of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation, including EMFs. This works synergistically with the Acceleradine Iodine to zero out any radiation and heavy metals in the cells.


Accelerated Cellular Detox Powder®

As your body is expelling the toxins through autophagy and the supplements, the Accelerated Cellular Detox Powder soaks the waste up, alleviating the burden on the kidneys and liver from filtering them out.  This helps you bypass any Detox “flu-like” symptoms seen with fasting.



As fasting starts to increase growth hormone and anti-aging, MyVitalC reverses age-related damage to the tissues and cells. This is not vitamin C, but rather a Carbon 60, which is 172 times more powerful than vitamin C. It is known to almost double lifespan and reverse tumor growth. It helps reverse damage to the cartilage, nerves, and most other systems of the body.


X39 Lifewave Patches

By wearing a patch during the day, you elevate the peptide known to enhance stem cell production. It relieves pain, reduces inflammation, improves wound healing, increases energy and mental clarity, and improves skin appearance. This is enhancing the anti-aging effects of fasting.



Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and is powerful in detoxing the liver. As the body is cleansing the diseased cells, glutathione is flushing them out of the body naturally.


Accelerated Ancient Salt™

This is SCALAR charged ancient sea salts for enhanced detox and optimal rehydration. When fasting, it is imperative that you are hydrating properly and supplementing with salt and electrolytes. Accelerated Ancient Salt not only rehydrates you, but enhances detoxification with its Scalar frequencies.


Wild Lytes or Ola Loa

Both of these provide the necessary electrolytes that are essential for proper hydration during a Fast without the calories or carbs that will break the fast. They are also great for suppressing the appetite.


What Detox Cleanses Can Enhance Your Results?


Ascent Diet Cleanse

This is the most comprehensive and effective cleanse available, providing the fasting and most extensive results in detox with no detox flu symptoms, increased energy, brain clarity, weight loss, liver cleanse, anti-aging, gut healing and more. Watch here to learn more!


Colon Cleanse

The most important first step to any detox protocol is to cleanse the colon and have regular bowel movements.


Radiation Detox

Detox your body properly from radiation, heavy metals and toxins.

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