After learning about the endless functions of the liver, I protect mine as much as I can.  

The liver is about 3 and a half pounds on the right side of your upper abdomen.  It is your main detoxification organ, cleansing your body of heavy metals and environmental toxins, and where hundreds of enzymes are produced, and your thyroid hormones are converted into active hormones.  It has over 500 functions. The liver even holds your emotions, such as frustration and anger. 

Fatty liver used to be a disease only associated with heavy alcohol use.  Now, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is the fastest growing disease that one out of every four Americans has. 

What is Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease?

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is a term used to describe a wide range of liver conditions not related to alcohol.

How Does Non-Fatty Liver Disease Occur?

NAFLD develops when an excess buildup of fat in the liver occurs, known as Steatosis.  

Once fat exceeds 5-10 percent of the liver’s weight, the liver is considered to be “fatty liver.” 
This occurs when the rate of de novo fatty acid synthesis, or the process of converting carbohydrates into fat, and hepatic fatty acid uptake from plasma is greater than the rate of fatty acid oxidation and export.  In other words, too much fat is being created from excess carb and sugar consumption and not enough is being metabolized. 
Why is this bad?  This will eventually lead to scarring and inhibit the functions of the liver, including detoxification of the body, making necessary enzymes for the body, and converting thyroid hormones from the inactive to active form.  It also loses its ability to buffer cortisol, the stress hormone, which can lead to adrenal fatigue.  

In addition to this, the liver loses its ability to buffer estrogen, which can lead to excessive estrogen in men and women, which can manifest into man boobs in men and estrogen dominance in women.  You will also get less bile production, leading to the inability to break down toxic wastes, fats, or absorb vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids.

Liver inflammation is nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, one of the more advanced forms of the disease; this can eventually lead to scarring.  As the disease progresses, it will lead to cirrhosis and eventually liver cancer.

What Causes Fatty Liver Disease?

Fatty liver isn’t caused by eating an excess of fat; in actuality it is caused by high consumption of glucose, fructose and hydrogenated oils. 
Fatty Liver Disease is most common among those with metabolic syndrome, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.  

What Are The Risk Factors Of Fatty Liver Disease

The risk factors of fatty liver disease include:

  • Midsection fat accumulation
  • High triglyceride level 
  • Low HDL cholesterol level
  • High blood pressure
  • High fasting blood sugar levels

What are Signs You Have Fatty Liver?

Signs of Fatty Liver Disease include:

  • Right Shoulder pain and right trapezius pain
  • Protruding belly
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea

How Can You Reverse Fatty Liver?

Cut Out Alcohol

Every time you consume alcohol, your body prioritizes the alcohol to get rid of it.  Everything else including glucose metabolism and fat metabolism take a backseat.  That means that excess fat and carbohydrates will be stored as fat in the liver.

Cut out Fruit and All Fructose

If you don’t have a fatty liver, you can eat fruit in moderation.  However, everyone should eliminate high fructose corn syrup and fruit juice from their diet.  

Fructose is metabolized differently than anything else; it is absorbed directly through the portal vein and delivered to the liver in much higher concentrations compared to other tissues.  

Fructose also heightens de-novo lipogenesis, increasing the rate of fructose turning into fat tissue.  

Fruit is designed to “fatten” us up for survival.  Also, fruit doesn’t need insulin, so it immediately converts into triglycerides.

Eliminate Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oils lead to inflammation in the liver and can cause a back-up in the liver and gallbladder, leading to fatty liver and toxicity in the body. 
This includes any vegetable oil that has been heated and processed, including soybean oil, canola oil, corn oil.


Cut out Processed Sugar

If you consume too much sugar it will cause inflammation throughout the body; this will contribute to obesity, insulin resistance, heart disease and other metabolic diseases.


Intermittent Fasting

When you are intermittent fasting, your body triggers Amp-Activated Kinase (AMPK), a system that recognizes that you don’t have food coming in, so your body switches into ketosis, where it uses its own fat stores for energy.  

The body is trying to create energy from your fat stores.  When this happens, it stops the formation of fat in the liver immediately.  Furthermore, the liver fat is mobilized and begins to be utilized. AMPK starts moving the fat from the liver to be burned elsewhere in the body.


Focus on Wild animal protein, healthy fats, and green vegetables

Choline and methionine are nutrients that help reverse fatty liver and are found in animal proteins and eggs.  Methionine is the precursor to glutathione which helps detoxify the liver, and choline dissolves fat in the body and strips fat off the liver.

Supplements To Help Reverse Fatty Liver Disease


Accelerated Keto

Accelerated Keto includes additional fat-burning ingredients that de-fat the liver specifically; no other keto supplement incorporates these ingredients. It is lipotropic, meaning it breaks down saturated fats into unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats are easier for the body to utilize and easier for the body to convert to ketones. 

Imagine a wax candle that is solid, and when we light the candle, the solid wax (fat) turns into a liquid, which is then taken up by the wick to burn easily. Because of this property, it is able to de-fat the liver as well. It is well known that the liver is responsible for converting stored fat into ketones. It is the liver that produces the ketones from fats. 

The more a person’s liver is defatted and unclogged, the easier it is for the liver to function in all areas including producing ketones. The liver is also where the thyroid hormone converts from T4 to T3, and as the liver function becomes better, the thyroid works better as well, increasing metabolism further.  This mechanism leads to diminishing liver fat, visceral fat, and subcutaneous fat.  

Accelerated Keto also contains HMB which is directly related to preventing muscle loss while losing body fat.


Ascent Diet Cleanse

The Ascent Diet Cleanse includes the Accelerated Keto, Acceleradine, Accelerated Silver, and additional supplements to reset the body and reverse fatty liver significantly over 30 days.  

This revolutionary program is not just for weight loss, it is helping support participants to lower insulin and blood sugar,

increase energy, increase fat-burning, curb cravings for carbs and processed foods, and cleanse all of the organs.  All of these factors synergistically lead to an expedited loss of liver, visceral, and subcutaneous fat.  Furthermore, it increases the conversion of white fat into brown fat which is the “healthy” fat.


Liver Flush

This is the most effective, yet easy liver flush protocol, as it includes a clean diet of real food (not liquids only) and a flush at the end resulting in gallstones released out of the body. It is included in the Ascent Diet Cleanse above.  

Cleansing the liver increases the conversion of thyroid hormones from the inactive to the active form, increases metabolic rate and efficient fat-burning, and mobilizes fat in the liver to be used for energy.


Glutathione Patch

Glutathione is needed in order to recover from a fatty liver.  It helps detox the liver and is the master antioxidant.  It makes it easier to reverse fatty liver when your levels are higher.  

By wearing the Glutathione Lifewave patch, you increase your glutathione level by over 300 percent within a day.  Most glutathione supplements increase glutathione by 14% over 30 days.  It has been shown to also reduce symptoms from autoimmune disease, arthritis, autism, MS and Parkinson’s.


X39 Stem Cell Patch

The Lifewave X39 Stem Cell Patch activates your own stem cell production by elevating GHK-cu peptide for regeneration and repair throughout the body, including the liver.  

The patch resets over 4,000 genes to a younger state, helps repair collagen in all tissues, activates stem cell prosecution, encourages apoptosis of cancer and diseased cells.  Furthermore, it reduces inflammation, expedites wound healing, improves sleep, and reverses cellular aging.


Berberine HCL

Berberine HCL helps lower blood sugar, improve digestion, and support normal glucose and lipid metabolism.  


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