I look at my children’s faces as they are 9, 11, and 13, and the gorgeous smooth baby skin is still there on my 9 year old; my 11 year old thinks she has zits, and my 13 year old has a few. I cringe thinking, “Who got my skin — cystic acne throughout high school, oily patches. And who got dad’s skin — eczema patches all over, itchy and dryness, prone to early wrinkles.

Dry skin with eczema means no zits, and oily skin with acne means less wrinkles later — you cannot win. And, if you are really lucky like I was, you get both! I remember thinking at the age of 30, WHY do I have acne still as I am starting to get wrinkles!!!?? That is not the way things are suppose to happen.

Regardless of your age, you are probably dealing with some sort of skin issue.

Beyond that, I see all of these kids with warts, or rashes, or “I-can’t-identify-this-thing-on-their-skin” eruption.

What is our skin telling us?

SKIN — Your Largest Organ

There is something called SKIN-MAPPING — where depending on where the breakout on your face is, it is telling you what is out of balance in your body. I won’t go into detail, but this shows you that your skin is a window into what’s going on on the inside of your body. For instance, if it is hormonal, you will breakout in a different area than if it is related to your GUT. And, when a person is detoxing they may breakout a little more than before, followed by much clearer skin when the detox is finished. And back to that GUT…


Yes, I LOVE talking about the GUT and if it is clean, healed or populated with probiotics. The gut is where a lot of SKIN eruptions come from. Think about any kind of skin issue… Usually they are red and “Inflamed” — whether it is a rash or a zit or a cystic pimple. To heal any of those issues, you need to reduce Inflammation and rid the body of any infection that is causing it.

What Causes Inflammation?

Inflammation comes from Stress, Sugar, Gluten, Dairy, LEAKY GUT. When you eat the foods that tear open your intestinal lining, your body reacts with an AUTO-IMMUNE response which is INFLAMMATORY. That can lead to INFLAMMATION in the skin — somewhere, somehow. The body is trying to get rid of it. Through where? The largest Organ it has — the SKIN.

What Reduces Inflammation, Kills Infections and Heals Skin Issues?

  • KETO: Reduces Inflammation throughout the body and puts the body into a “healing” state.
  • PROBIOTICS: Heals LEAKY GUT and Improves the Immune system.
  • LATERO FLORA BALANCE: Cleans out the bad colonies of Bacteria in the GUT.
  • LIQUID BIOCELL COLLAGEN: Reduces Wrinkles, Inflammation and Builds Collagen throughout the body, including the SKIN.
  • ACCELERATED SKIN FLEX: Topically applied, kills infection and helps with Cellular Turnover to Diminish Scars and Age Spots, in addition to encouraging Collagen Production.
  • ACCELERATED CELLULAR DETOX:  Detoxes the System of all Toxins that Irritate and Inflame the Skin.
  • ACNE CARE and BLOOD CLEANER: For Immediate results while the above supplements are healing your System to take care of the SKIN and Systemic Issues long-term.
  • SKIN BALANCE: For immediate results — Reduces Itching and Skin Inflammation, and treats conditions like Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, and Hives.
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