Help! My Thyroid Meds Aren’t Working!

by Sara Banta | Mar 7, 2017 | Articles, Iodine, Natural Remedies, Thyroid Health

“I take Thyroid Medication but I still don’t have Energy and can’t lose weight!? Help!”

I personally have dealt with Thyroid issues for as long as I can remember… And looking back, it wasn’t JUST about my Thyroid, but for sure connected to other things going on, whether it was Hormonal, Diet, or Stress.

There are so many factors that go into Thyroid function that I could never cover it all today. I will go into more detail next week. In short, you could have an Auto-Immune disease like Hashimotos or Graves’ Disease, too much Estrogen in the body from Pesticides or Birth Control, too much Fluoride, Chlorine or other Neurotoxins blocking Thyroid receptors, a clogged Liver which disrupts the T4 conversion into T3…or one of many other issues. There are so many possible causes, and it is unreasonable to think one medication will fix all of them. However, doctors see thyroid numbers off (usually the TSH), and prescribe one of only a few medications.

Drugs for Hypothyroidism are the 7th most popular drug in the U.S.

Many Americans are put on a Thyroid medication, like Synthroid (the first thyroid medication available) without really looking at the root cause of the Thyroid Disfunction. Synthroid has long been discounted as a remedy for weight loss, but it’s still being used improperly by millions of people. It’s competitor, Armour Thyroid, which comes from Pigs, also fails to create lean body mass, as shown by numerous clinical trials. Plus, both medications have some unfortunate side effects.

Side Effects of Synthroid and Armour Thyroid:

  • Calcium Depletion
  • Bone Weakening and Decreased Bone Density
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Hand Tremors
  • Leg Cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Vomiting
  • Nervousness and Irritability
  • Heart Palpitations

How Do You Get Your Thyroid Back in Balance Naturally?

In addition to reducing stress and making sure you aren’t suffering from Adrenal Fatigue, you can use the below supplements to bring the Thyroid back into balance:

Accelerated Thyroid® : This advanced formula is the only thyroid supplement available to combine two different thyroid supplementary formulas into one, and then enhances it with Scalar Frequencies for advanced healing.

These two natural thyroid formulas synergize their effectiveness, as well as to save customers money from having to purchase two separate formulations. We then added additional ingredients to enhance not just thyroid health but overall physical and mental health.

Scalar Enhanced
Accelerated Thyroid® has been Bio Energetically Enhanced with our proprietary Scalar Field technology to imbed specific healing pattens into it.

The Scalar frequencies include:

• Enhancing the general health of the thyroid
• Neutralizing toxins found in the thyroid such as chlorine, fluorine, mercury, and other metals
• Neutralizing radiation and nuclear fallout

Acceleradine®: A vibrational frequency charged 2% tincture of 100% bioactive, true ionic iodine. The body can absorb and use this form of iodine easily to not only support Thyroid Function, but also detoxify the Thyroid Gland as well.

Accelerated Scalar Copper™: Copper plays an important role in ensuring that the thyroid gland functions properly. It works with other trace minerals like selenium and zinc that are needed to balance thyroid activity. When the thyroid gland does not work properly, the production of hormones may cause unwarranted effects on the overall body’s metabolic processes as well as heart and digestive function, muscle control, brain development, and bone maintenance. Copper and zinc work in conjunction with each other; these two elements should be balanced for everything to function properly. It may be essential, but just like all other vitamins and minerals, copper should be taken in moderation.

Accelerated Keto®. Gives the body and brain real cellular Energy, reducing Brain Fog and Fatigue by putting you into Ketosis within 30 minutes. Combined with a Low Carb diet, it will Upregulate the Metabolism.

Accelerated Silver®. Accelerated Health Products respectfully uses customized distillation technology as it clearly produces a more effective Silver Solution. Our incorporation of ozonation, ozone being an established and acknowledged penetrant, along with our custom distillation product, is intended to improve the efficacy of our Accelerated Silver product compared to its competition.

Gentle Detox Bundle. Helps Detox the Body and Heal Leaky Gut, which is the cause of many Auto-Immune diseases, including Hashimotos and Grave’s Disease.

Liver Flush. T4 is converted into T3 in the Liver. If the Liver is clogged with Toxins, it won’t be able to do its job very well.

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