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by Sara Banta | May 20, 2019 | Articles, Colloidal Silver, Immune Support, Silver Hydrosol

Look for these elements in your silver supplement:



This is the most important challenge silvers face, whether they are colloidal silver, nano silver, or silver hydrosol. When it comes to effectiveness, silver dietary supplement products should not just be judged by silver concentration, particle size, types of particles, or the results of organisms killed in test tubes in laboratories. What is important is how the silver is able to penetrate, or survive through the digestive tract and delivery into body fluids, tissues and structures throughout the body.

Oral doses of colloidal silver products all attempt to bypass the gut on their way to the bloodstream. And similar to prescription oral antibiotics, it appears that the gut intercepts a large amount before it can be delivered to where it is needed by the bloodstream. That is why with an acute infection, a doctor will give you an IV of antibiotics instead of an oral dose.

Accelerated Scalar Silver™ has extremely efficient absorption for a few reasons. Because the silver particles are so small, they interact with the water molecules surrounding them, and so we have created a silver solution product that has an Alkaline pH. This is due to the restructuring of water molecules around our silver particle, thus attracting the OH- or hydroxyl water molecule to form around our silver particle.  Not only does this alkalize the water, but also lowers the surface tension of the water by breaking the water molecules into smaller groups. This creates a “wetter” silver solution whose surface tension is low, thus allowing better penetration. Most water has a surface tension of 72 dynes– very sticky.  Blood plasma has a surface tension of 50 dynes. Accelerated Scalar Silver™ is around 28 Dynes, making it a lot less sticky and therefore able to absorb better and be carried deeper into the body.



Silver Hydrosol is a mixture of positively charged silver ions and silver nanoclusters. Most colloidal silver products have larger particles (more than 5 nanometers), which lead to a visible yellow color because the larger the particle, the more light is absorbed, and is therefore visible.

A darker color is an indication of one or more of the following: Large particles that reflect or absorb visible light, compounds (salts or proteins), reduction of bio-active silver ions, or other impurities. A smaller particle is desirable due to surface area – and if visible color is an indication of larger particles, then visible color is your visual cue to less effective (larger particles) products. So yellow is your warning sign!

Particle Size: Colloidal Silver PPM


Most people have heard of PPM when it comes to silver supplements. PPM stands for “Parts per Million”.

PPM may be considered misleading because of the tendency of people to associate parts per million with particles per million, causing them to think that the higher the PPM, the more particles per million. In fact, a bottle with only one super large particle could easily have a much higher PPM than the same size bottle with billions of small particles. The best-selling silver solutions have particle sizes today that make the typical old technology colloidal silver particles look like boulders. They get away with dosages that have much less total silver content, largely in part because the total silver surface area of the silver in a small particle solution can greatly exceed the total silver surface area in a large particle solution which contains dozens of times more overall silver. Safer and more effective, for sure.

However, smaller particles are easier to be converted from an inactive reservoir of silver metal into positively charged silver during silver’s normal half-life in the body. Additionally, the smaller the size of each individual particle of silver that is suspended in the liquid, the more efficiently absorbed and more surface area it has, which are both factors in being more effective.

For example, imagine your smoothie you make but don’t use a blender. How would you swallow the big ice cubes whole versus when it is smoothly blended in your smoothie? And your chunks of kale, celery and strawberries would choke you as you tried to swallow them whole! However, when it is all blended you get a little of every ingredient in every sip which easily gets swallowed and easily digested. Likewise, silver nanoparticles are much smaller than any of those blended ingredients. Nanometers are really small. In fact, you could lay one million nanometers across the head of a pin.

Only the smallest of the neutral silver metal particles (for example, those less than one nanometer) are converted in the body to bio-active positively charged silver. This means silver hydrosol, a mixture of positively charged silver ions and silver nanoclusters, provides the greatest one-two punch for immune support.

Safe and Non-Toxic


The question, “is colloidal silver toxic to humans?” is usually prompted by a condition called  Argyria. It is caused by excessive exposure to chemical compounds of the element silver, or to silver dust. The most dramatic symptom of argyria is that the skin turns purple or purple-grey. It may take the form of generalized argyria or localized argyria skin.

Is Argyria Deadly?

No.  The risks and toxicity associated with silver have always been attributed to extreme quantities of silver arising from silver salts or silver compounds and inhaled silver powder, none from oligodynamic silver. Oligodynamic means the toxic effect of metal ions on living cells, algae, molds, spores, fungi, viruses, prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganisms, even in relatively low concentrations. By definition, it would be functionally impossible for oligodynamic silver to achieve toxicity levels, as determined by the Environmental Protection Agency (data last accessed 09/27/17).

Accelerated Scalar Silver™ has never been reported to cause a single case of Argyria or toxicity.

Formulated with Distilled Water


You have to start with the water. Everybody uses reverse osmosis (RO) water now. Everybody. But reverse osmosis water creates dead water. It’s dead, and it’s been corrupted. Water needs to live, to structure, to hold memory. Reverse osmosis is just water torture, where the water is literally smashed through impossibly small membrane spaces where it comes out mangled and corrupted. And did I mention dead?

Ozone can catch things that reverse osmosis, in the real world, can miss. But more importantly, ozonation is what brings the water back to life, back to zest, back to what you want to drink. Kind of similar to the way that rain water has to pass through the ultraviolet light of the upper atmosphere, which is one of the ways ozone can be made.

Furthermore, what you really want is distillation. Distillation is the natural way, the safe way, the way that leaves you with the best, purest water that comes out beautifully. Combine that with the introduction of ozonation and special water handling and processing during manufacturing, and it may be possible to produce water with unique properties.

Accelerated Scalar Silver™ consists of solely Distilled Water and Silver. Our process utilizes an incubator in which the silver is produced through a completely closed looped system. This means that no oxygen from the air can interact with the silver solution during the making of the nano silver colloids. Free Oxygen is also purged from the water being used. When oxygen interacts with silver while being produced, it is very likely that Silver Oxides will form. Your silver should only contain pure water and silver. No additives like salt, or by products like Nitrates or proteins that keep large silver particles in suspension should be in your silver solution. You would be surprised at the many products on the market that contain these other additives or contaminants.

Scalar Silver Technology


Scalar Technology uses a proprietary electromagnetic process to help devitalize specific foreign pathogens including viruses and bacteria.

We ALL have our own Frequency. Every animal, plant, and even every tissue, cell, organ, allergens, viruses, bacteria and fungi that reside inside of us have their own unique frequency. We use Scalar and Water Implosion Technologies in Accelerated Scalar Silver™ to help cancel out the negative frequencies, enhance absorption, and help improve the healthy frequencies in the body.

What is a Scalar Wave And Why Have We Not Heard of it Before?

Scalar electromagnetic fields are Non-Hertzian longitudinal waves, also known as Maxwellian waves or also Teslawellen waves, as Nikola Tesla was fascinated by this type of wave and patented Scalar field coils and antennas.  It is specifically these Tesla Scalar coils that are used in conjunction with advanced bio encodement technology to program very specific informational fields into this silver solution. The scalar coils are basically antennas that allow us to propagate the biofields into our silver solution in order to program, imprint, or record the bio information.

All living things have a biological finger print as well as  each cell of the body.  

Without giving away too much of our advanced technology, we are able to use Tesla Scalar field technology to send specific information into the silver to be “recorded”.  Accelerated Scalar Silver™ is programmed with the latest and most advanced systems to date.

Nikola Tesla

 Why Have Most People and Physicists Never Heard of Scalar Waves?

 Dr. James Clerk Maxwell’s classic electromagnetic wave equations do not include Longitudinal waves. Maxwell’s original electric wave equations, published in 1865, were written in a form of mathematics known as “quaternions” which predict both transverse and longitudinal (scalar) waves. The longitudinal waves were arbitrarily discarded when other researchers converted the original equations to the vector form commonly taught in universities today. To learn more about Scalar waves, you can go to and read up on the work of Professor Konstantin Meyl and Nikola Tesla.

After years of interest and study, Accelerated Health Products has identified what we believe are the most effective and beneficial technologies and processes, and we now use these to apply Scalar technology to our Accelerated Scalar Silver™.

Please note this important point: we are allowed to claim that we apply Vibrational Frequencies, but we are not allowed to claim what they do or how they improve our product.

How To Take Colloidal Silver Orally?


It is typically to take colloidal silver sublingually. Depending on the formulation of a silver solution, the dosage may be different. With respect to Accelerated Scalar Silver™, I recommend taking 1-2 Teaspoons 2 to7 times a day, leaving it in your mouth for at least 1 minute and then swallow.

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