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by Tracey | Jul 5, 2024 | AHP News, Energy & Performance

A new study suggests that exposure to toxic heavy metals could lead to more health problems for middle-aged women as they age. The study links this exposure to a decrease in the number of eggs in their ovaries as they near menopause, a condition known as diminished ovarian reserve. This can result in worsened health issues during menopause and beyond.

“Widespread exposure to heavy metal toxins may significantly impact health problems related to early ovarian aging in middle-aged women, such as hot flashes, bone weakening and osteoporosis, increased risk of heart disease, and cognitive decline,” said Sung Kyun Park, an associate professor of epidemiology and environmental health sciences at the University of Michigan.

The study, published on January 25, 2024, in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, found that women with higher levels of heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, mercury, or lead in their urine tended to have lower levels of Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) in their blood. AMH levels indicate the number of eggs in a woman’s ovaries, with higher levels signifying more eggs and lower levels indicating fewer.

“AMH acts as a biological clock for the ovaries, giving us an idea of how many eggs are left and hinting at potential health risks in middle age and later in life,” Park explained in a news release.

These findings align with previous research linking heavy metals to reproductive aging and diminished ovarian reserve in women. Heavy metals, common contaminants in drinking water, food, and polluted air, are considered endocrine-disrupting chemicals that can affect human reproduction.

For this study, researchers analyzed urine samples and blood tests from nearly 550 middle-aged women, tracking AMH levels up to 10 years before menopause.

“Metals like arsenic and cadmium have endocrine-disrupting properties and may be toxic to the ovaries,” Park noted. “Further research is needed in younger populations to fully understand the role of these chemicals in diminished ovarian reserve and infertility.”

These toxins aren’t just affecting middle-aged women; menopausal women are experiencing worsened menopausal symptoms, men are experiencing lower testosterone and estrogen dominance, and young women are experiencing worsened PMS symptoms.  

Our ancestors didn’t struggle with detoxing from the environmental toxins they encountered. Today, however, our bodies are bombarded with heavy metals, radiation, and dietary toxins. This overload is further compounded by processed foods and GMO-laden diets, which clog our detox pathways and make it even harder for our bodies to manage the increased toxic load.

The Liver and Gut for Detoxification

Everything we consume is processed by the liver and kidneys, which act as our body’s filters. Imagine detoxification in three phases: Phase 1 is like the water filling a bathtub, Phase 2 is how quickly the water can drain out, and Phase 3 is how efficiently the water can flow through the pipes and out of the house.

    • Phase 1 involves the liver breaking down toxins.
    • Phase 2 is the liver’s ability to move these broken-down toxins out.
    • Phase 3 is the gut packaging and excreting the toxins from the body.

Focusing on liver health and a balanced microbiome is crucial for clearing out toxins, especially estrogens. Unhealthy bile and an imbalanced gut microbiome can lead to elevated estrogen levels.

The liver handles detoxification through Phase 1 and Phase 2 pathways. When overwhelmed with toxins, the liver’s survival mechanism wraps these toxins in fat molecules to protect the body, often leading to unexplained weight gain, increased estrogen, and hormonal imbalances.

Water-soluble toxins are processed through a conjugation pathway, where antioxidants like glutathione attach to the toxin, allowing it to pass through urine. However, poor diets rich in processed foods, vegetable oils, and GMOs suppress our body’s ability to produce essential antioxidants such as glutathione, superoxide dismutase (SOD), and hydrogen. This suppression increases the demand for these antioxidants, making detoxification more challenging.

How To Detox From Radiation, Heavy Metals, and New Age Toxins

There are a number of supplements and lifestyle changes to help you detox from radiation, heavy metals and new age toxins. Let’s start with supplements.

Acceleradine® Iodine

High doses of iodine are essential for “pushing out” these toxic metals and other toxins from the body due to a chemical principle called “Halogen Displacement.”

Displacement: In chemistry, elements from the same group (column in the periodic table) with a lower atomic weight, like fluorine, naturally displace elements with a higher atomic weight, such as iodine. This happens because elements in the same group have the same number of electrons in their outer shell, allowing them to occupy the same receptor sites. Fluorine, chlorine, and bromine (or compounds containing these elements) naturally displace iodine in Group 7 (VII in Roman numerals on the classical Periodic Table).

Competitive Inhibition: This principle is the opposite of displacement. It occurs when heavier elements in the same group, like iodine, can forcefully displace lighter elements, such as fluoride, through high dosing.

Due to widespread iodine deficiency, heavy metals are more likely to embed in the body, leading to chronic disease. Supplementing with iodine helps fill receptor sites, preventing these toxins from taking hold and expelling existing toxins. Additionally, iodine supports overall hormonal balance, thyroid health, metabolism, fat oxidation, mitochondrial health, cellular energy, detoxification, and cognition.

Acceleradine® Iodine is the most effective iodine, featuring a single atom of iodine for optimal delivery and absorption. While most iodine supplements achieve only 10-20% absorption, The form of iodine (I-) in Acceleradine® can achieve close to 100%. It’s enhanced with scalar frequencies programmed to boost detoxification and absorption.

Sara Banta’s Radiation and Heavy Metals Detox Cleanse

This cleanse aims to eliminate radiation and toxins, boost your immune system, regulate optimal hormonal balance, and provide your body with Acceleradine®, the only radiation-free monatomic iodine. This ensures your thyroid and metabolism function optimally, leaving no room for further absorption of radiation, toxins, or heavy metals. In addition to Acceleradine® iodine, the cleanse includes the following supplements that work synergistically together:

Accelerated Colloidal Silver™

Radiation and toxins weaken the immune system and create an acidic, inflammatory environment where diseases can thrive. Silver helps reduce inflammation, devitalize foreign pathogens, and support the immune system. Accelerated Colloidal Silver™ features the smallest possible silver particles combined with Scalar technology, infusing the solution with silver’s frequency and restorative codes. This results in a highly “charged” silver with greater energy potential, providing both physical and energetic benefits.

Accelerated NucNoMore®

Radiation is an increasing threat to health, contributing to numerous diseases, including accelerated aging, hormonal issues, and cancer. NucNoMore® is the only known remedy with Scalar frequencies that help neutralize both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in the body.

Accelerated Ancient Salt®

Electrolyte and mineral deficiencies lead to poor intracellular hydration. Accelerated Ancient Salt® helps restore proper body fluid levels and supports detox symptoms. This unique salt contains over 62 minerals, is free of microplastics, and is enhanced with Scalar frequencies to help detoxify the body from radiation and heavy metals. It helps increase blood volume, effectively expelling toxins.

Accelerated Cellular Detox® Powder

Detoxing can lead to “detox flu” symptoms as your body releases toxins. Accelerated Cellular Detox® Powder absorbs these toxins, preventing those flu-like symptoms. It combines six powerful organic ingredients to help your body eliminate toxins effectively, reducing the burden on your liver and kidneys. Enhanced with Scalar frequencies, this detox powder is designed to absorb heavy metals, insecticides, and radiation, offering comprehensive detox support. It now includes Chitosan, which is known to expel cholesterol and dietary fat from the body.

Sara Banta’s Radiation and Heavy Metals Detox Cleanse is designed to help regulate hormones, prevent accelerated aging, and increase cellular energy by significantly reducing your toxic load. Unlike many detox trends that fail to address root causes and can even be harmful, these products provide a holistic approach to detoxification, promoting overall wellness and vitality.

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