How to Become a Conscious Parent

by Sara Banta | Apr 7, 2021 | Articles, Kids

As I sit down to write this, I am in no way claiming that I have all the answers. I’m a parent of three teenagers. I have made my fair share of mistakes, and my children will tell you all about them! I constantly ask them how I can be better, do better, or be more for them. We have an ongoing conversation to make sure our relationship is strong.

Parenting in Changing Times

As Gabriel Cousens talks about in our interview on Accelerated Health Radio and TV about conscious parenting, he brings up some very important tips on navigating the parenting role in this changing and very chaotic time of 2021, and helps us to understand how to become a conscious parent. I came away from the interview thinking to myself, “I’m doing some of these, but I could be better.” This has been a time where we have all had to navigate the changes in homeschooling, working from home, financial stressors, increased anxiety for both parents and children, not to mention uncharted territories with children not having access to their friends or their physical sports as outlets.

All of these things build on one another to create a level of anxiety and insecurities we have never experienced before. This has led to teenage suicide increasing 10-fold just over the last year. So how do we gain that back? How do we take back control of our roles as parents, giving our children the tools they need to survive in this ever-changing world?

How to Become a Conscious Parent

Improve Your Child’s Diet

You hear me talk about the importance of diet. I know many parents who focus on their diet, but think to themselves, kids can eat whatever they want because they’re “not fat” or they don’t have aging issues yet. The reality is children need proper nutrition more than any age group because of their growing bodies and brains.

The toxins from processed foods, sugar, carbs, vegetable oils, and not organic food sources lead to ADHD, anxiety, depression, stunted growth, stunted mental and emotional capacities, and even a lack of ability to create intimate relationships, as Gabriel sites. By eating processed foods and food covered with GMOs, children will suffer from leaky gut, which is where the microbiome and the immune system reside. This is also where most autoimmune issues stem from including ADHD, acne, hormonal imbalances, and anxiety.

The connection to the brain and the gut is strong, and the gut is where serotonin, dopamine, gaba, and all other hormones are made. Not only is it imperative to take the toxic foods out of the diet, but also to supplement with proper nutrients for the brain, growing muscles, and growing bones. Our food supply no longer has the nutrients it did even 50 years ago.

Exercise With Your Children

We all understand the importance of exercise. We take it for granted that our children will be exercising through their sports and school activities when things are “normal.” However, during the pandemic, sports have been pushed aside, and children and parents have to be proactive about making exercise a routine. Not only is it important to stimulate growth hormone and proper hormonal balance for girls and boys to exercise daily, but to exercise with a parent is a great way to create a bond outside of the disciplinary relationship between parent and child.

Children see what you do and do as they see… They don’t just do what they’re told. As they see you exercising along their side, it creates this unbroken bond that goes way beyond a parent-child relationship. This is in addition to the importance of exercising on their own, and learning the importance of self discipline and a healthy body for a healthy mind. Exercise has been shown to relieve anxiety, depression and help with study habits and the ability to focus in school.

Limit Phone Use & Detox From Radiation

This is easier said than done, I understand. Now that children are doing school at home on their computer and they’re limited to their time with their friends, social media and their phones become a constant influence day in and day out. Not only is social media creating anxiety, but EMF exposure and radiation is scrambling their DNA. Their brains are not able to “sync” with the frequencies emitted from the devices and feel grounded or stable in their environment. EMF exposure has been linked to higher rates of infertility, cancer, ADHD, dementia, and so much more.

Meditate As a Family

The Importance of being the “anchor” to your children is imperative. One way to become that anchor and to help them feel grounded and safe is to find time for 10 minutes a day to meditate as a family. The calm, safe environment that you provide doing this will give them a place to resort to when things seem out of their control.

Encourage Their Socialization

The biggest detriment to this pandemic is the lack of socialization due to fear that has infiltrated the globe. The reality is most children are not going to have complications if they contracted the virus. The risk of anxiety or depression due to not seeing their friends and strengthening their social muscle is far bigger than the health risk from they contract the virus. There is already so much anxiety over not fitting in and being left out socially during normal times. The lack of in-person school, sports, activities and sense of community has dramatically made those statistics far worse. Over the last year, the rate of suicides is now one in four teenagers. It’s becoming an option for far too many teens.

Recommended Supplements for Children & Teenagers

Accelerated Silver®

Not only will this increase your child’s immune system, but it has been shown to help devitalize the current threat. The NIH has studied Silver’s effect on covid-19 with success.

Accelerated Gold®

Gold has been known for thousands of years to not only help with anxiety, sleep, inflammation, and depression but has also been shown to increase IQ and connect all ages to their higher self and purpose in life.  It can also be used topically combined with Accelerated Silver® for teenage acne.


Iodine is known to be the most important mineral supplement for babies, moms, and children of all ages. It not only boosts the immune system, increases metabolism and thyroid health, but also helps clear the radiation and toxins from diet and environment out of the body and the brain. It has been shown to improve mood in those with depression and lift brain fog and help with concentration. Furthermore, it has been linked to a reduced risk of ADHD and mental retardation in children.

Ion Gut Health

This formula tightens the junctions in the intestinal tract and helps heal leaky gut. It helps protect the gut and the microbiome from the toxins children may be consuming on a daily basis. As a result, many autoimmune issues, neurological issues, symptoms of depression and anxiety, learning disabilities and much more improve.

Ola Loa

This is a great tasting vitamin, mineral, amino acid and electrolyte drink that supports healthy nutrition and energy. It is a great way to cover your bases nutritionally when there are so many holes in a child’s diet today.

Genius Insight App

This application on your smart device or phone will scan your body and brain for imbalances including hormonal issues, dietary holes, mood, and neurotransmitter levels, and allow you to correct those imbalances through its diagnostic programs.  You can detect if a mood issue is caused by neurotransmitters or a gut issue or something you would never suspect.  It truly gives you power over your family’s health.

Nirvana Patches

As you wear the Nirvana patch during the day, you are able to naturally boost the mood and elevate your level of Beta endorphins naturally.

Accelerated Cellular Detox Powder®

This will help soak up the toxins from the environment, including heavy metals, fluoride, bromide, and chlorine.  It will also help support liver and kidney function, improve skin, and help with gut issues caused by processed foods and GMOs. 


With one or two bottles, you can zero out all non-ionizing and ionizing radiation that is held in the body. This is essential with the amount of EMF, heavy metals, and radiation our children are exposed to.

Accelerated CBD

This not only helps with anxiety and depression, but it also helps with calm focus and has been enhanced with scalar frequencies to increase the efficacy of the formula beyond any other CBD formula.

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