When I talk to most clients they mention their biggest health issues first, then they off-handedly mention “Brain Fog”, almost as if that is a given and won’t change for the rest of their life. I hear a lot of “Isn’t this just part of aging?” I truly believe one of the reasons people reach for food, alcohol or stimulants is to try to get just a little relief from that Brain Fog.

I have always said, if I was on a deserted island and could only take one item, it would be the Accelerated Silver™ because of the vast array of benefits — from fighting a sore throat, or sterilizing a cut while hiking in the mountains, to increasing energy and cellular turnover, and fighting more severe Auto-Immune conditions. It is a MUST during the Cold/Flu Season.

With that being said, I absolutely LOVE the feeling I get from Accelerated Platinum™. When combined with the KETO shake, I truly feel like I could do 3 times the amount of mental work than normal.  My Mental Clarity, Creativity and Focus improve and my brain is “above the Fog”, not in it!

Turn the lights on in your brain with Accelerated Platinum™.

The reason I describe Accelerated Platinum™ as “turning the lights back on in your brain” is because it wakes up the synapses that have “fallen asleep” as we age. It essentially turns the electricity back on in the cells and “wakes” everything back up.

For the Brain, Accelerated Platinum™ helps with:

  • Mental Clarity
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Memory
“Sara, the Platinum really has helped with my brain fog! I am eating Low Carb and drinking the Keto as well as taking the Accelerated Silver™. The combination has improved my mental energy and clarity so much — And it feels like it is improving more everyday. Thank you.”

Accelerated Platinum™ also has these additional benefits:

  • Facilitates DNA Repair
  • Supports Healthy Tissue Regeneration of the Entire Endocrine System
  • Supports a Healthy Heart and Thymus
  • Stimulates Libido

What Makes the ACCELERATED Versions Different Than “Colloidal” or “Ionic?”

Colloidal and Ionic versions of Silver, Gold or Platinum have large particles of the metal that can’t penetrate the cells. On average the colloidal versions achieve only 6 percent penetration into the cells. Through the use of exclusive technology, the particle size in Accelerated Silver™, Accelerated Gold™ and Accelerated Platinum™ is made almost undetectable. The water molecules memorize the “signature” of the Silver, Gold, or Platinum, and the body recognizes the “highly charge signature” immediately as Silver, Gold or Platinum, without leaving any metal residue in the body. Thus, there are No Known Side Effects.

Additionally, as Accelerated Silver™, Gold, and Platinum achieve 100 percent penetration, they are 20 times more effective in penetrating the cells versus any colloidal version because they turns into a gas in the body and can easily enter the cell.

How Do You Take Them?

Whether you are taking 1, 2 or all three of them, you can mix them all in a dropper bottle together and take them at once! They taste like water so anyone, even small children, will have no problems with wanting to swallow them. And, you cannot overdose! I do recommend taking the Platinum more during the day, as it may give you very vivid dreams if you take it too close to bedtime, whereas the Gold is great to take at bedtime to help relax the mind and body for sleep.

Do You Really Need All Three?

They all work a little differently. Accelerated Silver™ is the ONE supplement that I will always have, as the uses for it, both chronic and acute, are endless for killing infections and speeding up healing, both topically and internally. However, Accelerated Gold™ helps open up and heal all meridians throughout the body, while the Accelerated Platinum™ takes “living in the present” to a whole new level.

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Yours in Health,

Sara Banta
Owner/Founder of Accelerated Health Products

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Sara Banta is a Stanford University Graduate with a Degree in Economics and Psychology, and a certified Natural Supplement Expert & Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Sara is the Founder of Accelerated Health Products and host of the health & wellness podcast, Accelerated Health Radio.