A Beginners Guide To Plant Medicine

by Sara Banta | Oct 23, 2023 | AHP News

Plant medicine, also known as herbal medicine or phytotherapy, involves the use of various plant-based substances, such as herbs, roots, leaves, flowers, and other botanicals for medicinal purposes. Many cultures around the world have utilized plant medicine for centuries to address a wide range of health concerns. As I have been on my healing journey, many issues would arise that only Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese herbal remedies would help.

Potential Health Benefits of Plant Medicine

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Plant-based medicines offer a wide range of therapeutic options that can complement conventional medical treatments or provide alternative solutions for various health concerns. Let’s explore some of the key areas where plant medicine has shown promise, including its role in managing chronic pain, supporting mental health, boosting the immune system, and promoting overall wellness.

Potential health benefits of plant medicine include:

Natural Approach: Plant medicine offers a natural and holistic approach to health and healing. Many people prefer plant-based remedies as they often align with the body’s natural processes.
Rich in Nutrients: Many plants are rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can support overall health and boost the immune system. This is especially important as the foods we eat lack the nutrients they used to have due to depleted soils.
Traditional Knowledge: Traditional systems of medicine, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda, have a long history of using plant-based remedies to treat various ailments. These systems provide a wealth of knowledge on how different plants can be used effectively for specific health concerns. They even go deep into the ratios of each ingredient to work synergistically and create an optimal healing effect.
Less Side Effects: In comparison to synthetic drugs, plant-based remedies often have fewer adverse effects and are generally considered safer for long-term use.

Health Issues Helped by Plant Medicine

In our ever-advancing world of medicine, it’s important not to forget the deep and meaningful impact that plant-based remedies have had on our health. Throughout history, we’ve leaned on the healing properties of plants to ease our ailments, boost our overall health, and make life better. Here are just some of the health issues plant medicine helps.

Mental Health Support: Certain plant medicines, such as adaptogens and herbs like ashwagandha and mushrooms, are believed to help manage stress, anxiety, and depression.
Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Many plants possess anti-inflammatory compounds that can help reduce inflammation in the body, which is often associated with chronic diseases.
Digestive Health: Certain herbs, such as peppermint and ginger, have been used for their digestive benefits, helping to alleviate symptoms like indigestion, bloating, and gas.
Cardiovascular Support: Some plant medicines, like hawthorn and garlic, are believed to have positive effects on cardiovascular health by supporting blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
Immune System Support: Plants like echinacea and elderberry are commonly used to support the immune system, especially during cold and flu seasons.
Pain Relief: Certain herbs, such as turmeric and willow bark, contain compounds with potential pain-relieving properties.
Skin Health: Many plant extracts are used in skincare products due to their soothing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.
Hormonal Balance: Some plants, like black cohosh and chaste tree berry, are used to support hormonal balance in conditions such as menopause or irregular menstrual cycles.
Detoxification: Certain plants are believed to support the body’s detoxification processes by promoting liver health and aiding in the elimination of toxins.
Antimicrobial Properties: Some plants like garlic and oregano contain compounds with antimicrobial properties that can help combat infections.

Importance of Quality of the Herbs

Many herbal remedies are made from poor quality herbs grown in depleted soils which detracts from their healing ability. In addition to being of poor quality, some plant medicine formulas are full of mold and bacteria that may backfire, back up the liver, compromise the immune system, and defeat the purpose of taking the supplement in the first place. Lastly, herbs carry “information” patterns of the purpose of the plant or can carry “negative information” patterns to degrade your health. This is why it is imperative to know the quality of the supplements you are taking.

The quality is the function of the integrity of the “information” pattern of the herb, the instructions, and the amount of life force preserved in the herb to push this uncorrupted information into the body while the herbal instructions determine where the life force is channeled through different meridians and then to the organs and glands that we want to affect based upon the “five elements” according to Chinese medicine.

The more the information of the herb stays intact and the more life force is preserved, the higher the quality of the herb. The quality of the information of the herb is increased by proper soil conditions, natural growing conditions, and proper harvesting time. The integrity of the Chi is determined by when the herb is harvested, how the herb is dried and processed in order to preserve the power of the herb. It is this Stored Chi that pushes the information in the herbs into the body. Just picking up dried, brown, sun scorched leaves have no medicinal value because the integrity of the information has been lost and there is no “charge” or Chi left in these dead herbs.

Accelerated Health Products and Plant Medicine

scalar frequency supplements

At my supplement company, Accelerated Health Products, our supplement formulas incorporate cutting-edge novel ingredients with the highest quality of plant medicine. Each product is then layered with scalar frequencies to enhance the efficacy of each formula.

Similarly to how herbs carry information, with Accelerated Health Products, we can generate “Chi” or Life force with a scalar generator to charge up our products. We then use biological “codes” or what are called intrinsic data fields or informational fields in the product as well. In a way, we are able to transfer the highest level of information and life force into a product to then enhance the raw materials already in the product for a variety of benefits including directing the raw materials to specific glands or organs in the body.

Accelerated Cogniblast™

Accelerated Cogniblast™ is a nootropic, smart, brain-enhancing supplement that contains the highest quality ingredients and the most efficacious mushroom blend on the market. Featuring Reishi, Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane, as well as calming ingredients like Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Magnesium and more, this combination has myriad positive effects for the body once frequencies are added. The cutting edge Scalar frequencies optimize the following positive effects:

    • Balanced brain hemispheres
    • Improved cognition and memory
    • Detoxification of halogen toxins
    • Decalcification of the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus
    • Emotional shock clearing from the body

Here’s the breakdown of each individual ingredient and Scalar frequencies benefits:

  • Reishi Mushroom
    Reishi, often hailed as the legendary mushroom, boasts a rich history of over 4000 years of therapeutic use. It’s renowned for its ability to enhance cognitive functions, promote emotional and mental balance, and maintain a strong immune system. Furthermore, it’s been associated with improvements in lung, heart, and liver functions.
  • Lion’s Mane
    Lion’s Mane is considered a modern day cognitive enhancer. This unique mushroom is believed to foster brain flexibility and overall brain well-being. Moreover, research has indicated that Lion’s Mane elevates Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) levels, providing protection against degenerative brain disorders associated with memory decline. While Lion’s Mane is renowned for its memory and concentration-enhancing properties, scientific studies have also highlighted its potential to improve irritability and anxiety, while fortifying the immune system.
  • Cordyceps Sinensis
    Cordyceps mushroom is utilized to strengthen the body and mind at a fundamental level. Cultured Cordyceps are considered to be a “Jing” tonic in Chinese Medicine. Because it contains both “Yin and Yang” it can be used by anyone safely and over a long period of time. It is known as a “life-reinforcing” tonic and is said to build sexual and physical power, mental energy, and support the immune system.
  • Cordyceps Militaris
    Cordyceps Militaris is recognized for its ability to support vitality, and endurance. This is due to the naturally occurring compounds which enhance oxygen availability in the blood and thus increases oxygen to the brain. Cordyceps militaris is perfect for athletes looking for a clean source of energy that makes a positive impact on their performance. It is also known to help improve learning and memory.

Accelerated Thyroid™

Our Accelerated Thyroid™ formula merges cutting-edge glandular therapy with age-old herbal wisdom and Scalar frequencies, presenting a versatile 3-in-1 solution for detoxification, healing, and optimizing thyroid function. A trace amount of Thyroid Glandular is included to provide the thyroid with essential enzymes, proteins, pro-hormones, nutrients, and other vital cofactors like RNA, vital for robust thyroid support. These enzymatic precursors and proteins from the glandular source are strategically designed to enhance the thyroid’s natural hormone production, fortify its resilience, cleanse it, and strengthen its function.

Kanchnara Guggulu, a revered ancient herbal combination, is tailor-made to address various thyroid issues, including thyroid cysts. Regrettably, many Ayurvedic herbal companies have modified the original Kanchnara formula in order to save money. The heart of this formula resides in two key ingredients: Kanchnaar (Bauhinia variegate) and Guggul (Commiphora mukul), which must be precisely balanced to unlock the therapeutic potential envisioned by the Master Herbalist who first devised this formulation.

The traditional Ayurvedic uses of Kanchnara are:

    • Hypothyroidism and also Hyperthyroidism
    • Obesity
    • Thyroid cysts or nodules
    • Cervical lymphadenitis
    • PCOS
    • Lipomas
    • Liver cysts
    • Goiter
    • Polycystic kidney disease
    • Skin diseases
    • Tonsillitis
    • Piles and fistulas
    • Uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis

There are many more traditional uses for Kanchnara in addition to helping draw toxins out of the body by cleansing the lymph system. Furthermore, it is one of the only herbal formulas known to be able to dissolve thyroid nodules.

To enhance the efficacy of the formula, we layer the Accelerated Thyroid™ with Scalar frequencies to direct the formula to the thyroid and help with the following:

    • Clear emotional and physical shock from the body
    • Improve the overall health of the thyroid
    • Detox halogens
    • Detox heavy metals
    • Detox radiation
    • Balance thyroid with parathyroid.

Accelerated Keto®

Accelerated Keto® is a popular supplement that brings together the latest in exogenous ketones and amino acids with ancient herbal components to create a blend that yields enhanced fat burning, elevated energy levels, increased ketone production, appetite suppression, accelerated metabolism, heightened mental clarity, boosted ATP production, and more. This innovative formulation incorporates unique ingredients not found together in any other fasting supplement, including L-Threonine, PurCaf caffeine, TeaCrine, Dynamine, and B-hydroxy b-methylbutyrate, ensuring a comprehensive approach to ketogenic support.

Herbal ingredients in Accelerated Keto® include :

  • Mukul Cammiphora
    Mukul Cammiphora, an uncommon Ayurvedic herb known as Guggul, boasts exceptional properties. Guggul is renowned for its capacity to break down fats within the body, starting an energetic flame to consume these fats. Additionally, it lends support to joint and muscle health.
    Regular usage of Guggul serves as a “RasaYana,” a holistic body rejuvenator in the realm of Ayurvedic Medicine. Within this formula, Guggul embodies the role of the “match” that ignites the Keto process. We employ an organic, highly concentrated extract, setting ours apart from the rest. While most others exhibit a brown hue, ours is pure white, brimming with extraordinary potency unparalleled in other Guggul variants. No other Ketogenic formula encompasses this incredible herbal combination. Guggul also contributes to the detoxification of the body and liver, potentially balancing the body’s water element, Kalpha, and aiding in the management of water retention.
  • Trikatu
    Trikatu, translating to the “three pungents,” comprises a potent Ayurvedic medicinal blend featuring ginger, black pepper (Kali Mirch), and long pepper (pippali). These herbs stoke the digestive “fire,” facilitating the absorption of Ketones and essential cofactors while bolstering the metabolic rate. Consequently, Trikatu enhances the overall efficacy of the formula.
    Trikatu also harmonizes the three fundamental “doshas” – Pitta, Vata, and Kapha – and particularly excels in mitigating excess water weight. It naturally promotes healthy digestion, absorption, and assimilation, thereby supporting a robust metabolism and preventing undigested food from transforming into “AMA,” which can be stored as fat in the body.
  • Organic Cayenne
    Organic Cayenne stands as a concentrated extract, infusing an added “Heat” dimension to the formula. Collaborating synergistically with Trikatu, it enhances the absorption of the remaining ingredients while promoting improved metabolism and circulation. The secret lies in capsaicin, the active compound in cayenne with its therapeutic attributes. Capsaicin triggers diet-induced thermogenesis, a process that transforms triglycerides (fats) into energy (ketones), consequently elevating metabolic rates. Numerous studies confirm that Organic Cayenne possesses the capability to curb appetite, aiding in appetite suppression. Furthermore, it contributes to blood pressure reduction while supplying essential vitamins and minerals to the comprehensive formula, functioning as a cofactor that fosters synergistic interactions with the other ingredients.
  • Organic Kelp Minerals (Laminaria)
    Within the Accelerated Keto® formula, Laminaria, or Organic Kelp, plays a vital role. It serves not only as a source of iodine for the thyroid but also as a wellspring of essential trace minerals and nutrients crucial for unlocking the full potential of ketones. Enzymes are needed for ketones to function effectively, and these enzymes require the presence of proper trace minerals.
    Our Organic Kelp delivers a substantial 150 mcg of iodine per serving. It undergoes sun drying and daytime processing, ensuring optimal quality. Notably, our kelp surpasses other products with its double the trace mineral content, enriching the formula and promoting its efficacy.

We then layer the Accelerated Keto® with Scalar frequencies to do the following:

    • Clear emotional and physical shock from the body
    • Cleanse the liver
    • Convert saturated fat to unsaturated fat
    • Increase basal metabolic rate

Plant medicine has been used successfully for thousands of years through Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the modern era, the quality of the herbs is something to consider. In a time when over 90% of Americans rely on supplementation as part of their daily health routine, plant medicine is only going to increase in popularity. Learning about plant medicine is a valuable lesson in maintaining your overall health.

Sara Banta

Sara Banta is a Stanford University Graduate with a Degree in Economics and Psychology, and a certified Natural Supplement Expert & Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Sara is the Founder of Accelerated Health Products and host of the health & wellness podcast, Accelerated Health Radio.

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