Fat Storing Hormones You Should Know About

by Sara Banta | Sep 30, 2019 | Articles, Hormones, Keto, Weight Loss

Fat storing hormones? fact or fiction?

Most of us work so hard at maintaining our weight or losing weight by increasing our exercise and decreasing our calories; it seems logical that you want to burn more than you eat and you will lose weight.

What if it is not “just calories in and calories out” like we have been told?

Some of you may be at the point where you are eating what you used to eat and achieved the results you were looking for, but it isn’t working now. You may be blaming it on age or slow metabolism.

You could be partially right; weight loss is a hormone issue and not a caloric issue. And, as we age, our hormones get more out of whack, which in turn affects our weight loss.

The good news is it’s reversible. If you fix your hormones, then you fix your health, you slow down aging, and this will fix your weight problems. It is an amazing positive chain reaction!

The Three Fat Storing Hormones

1. Insulin

Insulin’s main job is to keep your blood sugar low. We only have 1 tsp or 5 grams of sugar in the blood at any one time.

So when you eat more than that, it is insulin’s job to take that glucose and put it in the cells and get it out of the blood. In other words, it is taking glucose and storing it as fat into the cells.

As you release insulin, the insulin immediately cancels out the 6 fat-burning hormones—it is working on storing the glucose as fat.

If you are not eating food, or you are eating only fat, you won’t be releasing insulin, which then allows the fat burning hormones to continue to do their job. 

This is the fat-storing hormone that low carb ketogenic diets minimize.

Think of it this way…

All of your fat stores are like the good quality, nutritious food in the basement freezer with a lock on it.

All of the sugar and carbs you eat are like the food in your pantry—quick and easy to get.

If your body is releasing insulin, it locks the freezer of fat stores in your body and blocks those nutritious fuel sources down in the basement, and the only fuel source it knows how to access is the food in the pantry—the quick sugar and carbs your cravings are making you want.

When you are in a ketogenic state on a ketogenic diet or fasting, your body learns how to unlock that freezer in the basement, and has an unlimited source of fuel to start burning.

How do you know if you are fat burning?

Well, if you have cravings, they are signaling you are running on sugar for energy and your body is in fat-storing mode.

If you are able to go long periods of time without being hungry, this is a sign that your body is able to tap into its own fat stores for energy and for fuel.

If you get hungry in between meals, this is a sign your body is searching for sugar and does not know how to unlock those fat stores in the body.

Everybody has thousands and thousands of calories of fat stored in their body, even if they’re an elite athlete with a low body fat percentage.

However, if your body does not know how to access those fat stores due to being dependent on sugar and glucose, then you will be hungry in between meals.

Then as you eat, you release insulin and shut off all 6 fat-burning hormones.

This mechanism triggers storing any glucose or fat into the fat cells. Our bodies can make new fat cells, but can’t ever get rid of them. 

Once you have them, you can only shrink them, and they will have a propensity to want to fill up again. Some call this a “set point.”

Insulin makes you gain weight all over the body, versus Estrogen, making you store fat in the hips and waist, and Cortisol, causing you to store fat in the belly.

How Do You Reduce Insulin?

Intermittent Fasting. When you squeeze your eating within a shorter period of time and not eat for an extended period of time, you are giving your body a break of releasing insulin.

When the body is in a fasted state, not only is it burning fat for fuel, but it is also turning on many healing genes and mechanisms like autophagy, which allows the body to clean up diseased cells, recycle proteins and amino acids, reduce inflammation, and turn on other anti-aging mechanisms.

A low carb, high fat ketogenic diet. Insulin is triggered when you eat sugar and carbs. So when you eat a diet high in fat, moderate in protein, and keep your carbs under 20 grams a day, focusing only on having green vegetables as your carbohydrates, your insulin stays low and you continue to stay in fat burning mode.

Exogenous Ketones. Ketone supplements can be taken to put your body into ketosis within 30 minutes and turn on fat burning right away. This teaches your body how to burn ketones for fuel and starts to learn how to access its own fat stores. Accelerated Keto® takes it even further with additional fat burning ingredients that also increase cellular energy beyond any other exogenous ketone supplement.

Your appetite is suppressed, cravings for sugar and carbs go away, your mental and physical energy increases, and you feel your best.

2. Cortisol

Cortisol is your stress hormone. It nullifies the six fat-burning hormones in your body. Essentially, you could eat nothing or eat a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet, exercise and do all of the right things, and still gain weight.

Why? Because cortisol turns off all of the fat-burning hormones and actually raises blood sugar and insulin without even eating sugar.

That’s why it is so important to address all of the issues in your life that are stressful.

If you end up gaining weight in the belly, it is a sure sign that you are stressed and the weight gain is due to cortisol.

One thing that can cause high levels of cortisol is too much exercise. Yes, there’s such a thing as too much exercise.

When you deplete your body and push it too hard, it needs to use cortisol to get through the extra exercise. Your body will then start lowering its metabolic rate to compensate for the extra exertion.

Your body is smart—if it thinks it’s not going to have enough fuel for the amount of exertion, it will slow down its burn rate and start using this fat-storing hormone from the adrenals to push through that extra intense exercise.

Think about our ancestors… they would run after an animal, kill it, and go back and relax. They were not running 8 miles a day, let alone running marathons or doing high-intensity training for 2 hours. They were sprinting and resting.

I am the first person to be a proponent of exercise, and I have been guilty of over-exercising in my past. I can tell you I never got any results that were better than what I do now, keeping my workouts to less than one hour, incorporating walking, weight lifting, yoga and really listening to my body if it’s too tired to do anything.

Other factors that cause high levels of cortisol are:

  • mental or physical stress whether it’s work,
  • family life,
  • constantly worrying about things,
  • watching negative TV,
  • blue light from your cell phone,
  • watching TV late at night right before bed,
  • being around negative people,
  • having a traumatic injury,
  • stimulants,
  • and drugs or too much coffee,
  • and eating too much sugar and carbs. 

So how can you combat stress and cortisol?

How Do You Decrease Fat Storing Hormone No.2 Cortisol?

Write down your stressors. I recommend if you find yourself stressed out, write down all of the possible reasons you could be stressed. Identify them and try to work on them one by one.

When you write things down like this, you will feel a bit more in control of what is going on, and able to tackle them and feel more at ease and less stressed.

Get quality sleep. This is imperative. Most people have issues with sleep, and blue light is a big trigger which is coming from your cell phone, TV, and all of the artificial light you are exposed to throughout the day and at night.

This is something I’m guilty of myself! Try to limit this as much as possible. Also try to not eat 2 hours before bedtime, limit your caffeine intake to before 12 p.m. during the day.

Use Silent Night Patches to enhance your sleep without drugs, chemicals or stimulants. You simply wear a patch while you sleep!

Lastly, don’t drink alcohol at night, as it will trigger your liver to wake you up in the middle of the night.

You can try a supplement like Calm Spirit to help calm your mind and anxiety and help you sleep.

Get sun and vitamin D. Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin, but a hormone. It combats depression, stress, and helps improve levels of cortisol and serotonin.

If you are not getting 2 hours of sunlight outside a day, supplement with Vitamin D with K2.

Exercise. Yes, exercise but not too much! Just like I said before, you don’t want to over-exercise, but you need to move every day!

The best type of exercise for stress and cortisol is just walking. Being outside in nature and moving the body in a non-stressful way is nature’s best medicine!

If you feel up to it, I encourage you to try HIIT training twice a week, and yoga is amazing for the mind-body connection. Really checking in with yourself, as to what your energy is and where your stressors are.

Have fun. Laughing, having fun, listening to music—all of these things reduce cortisol! They are good for the body and the soul!

B vitamins. Niacin turns into tryptophan, and all of the vitamin B’s are essential for energy. Without them, your body turns to its reserves and its adrenals and burns out cortisol.

The most natural place to get vitamin B’s is animal protein, so if you are a vegan or vegetarian, you need to supplement with nutritional yeast or a supplement like Ola Loa which covers your amino acids and vitamins. Ola Loa ENERGY is a delicious all-natural effervescent multi-vitamin-mineral-amino powder that provides quick recovery for stress, sports and the rigors of daily life. It is the first multivitamin-mineral-amino acid supplement to combine advanced nutrition research into a convenient “drink your vitamins” delivery system. Ola Loa ENERGY is recommended as a once a day multi-vitamin, great for natural energy production and anti-oxidant protection. Providing hard to get nutrients like TMG, NAC and CoQ10, plus vitamins A through K, 1000 mg of Vitamin C, 90 mineral complexes and 6 amino acids, Ola Loa’s nutrients are pleasing to taste and provide almost instant benefits.

Intermittent fasting.  If you have IBS or digestive issues, it inhibits serotonin.  Intermittent fasting will help heal the gut, correct your digestive issues and help improve serotonin production. It will also stabilize your blood sugar and Insulin which will, in turn, help level out your cortisol production. Intermittent fasting could be squeezing your eating window within 2-8 hours.

Exogenous Keto Supplement and the keto diet. When you eat a ketogenic diet and even utilize a keto supplement that puts you into ketosis within 30 minutes, you shut down the insulin production, which increases GABA, to calm your brain down and reduce your stress.

I explain it as feeling like my problems are 20 feet away from me instead of right in front of my face. That overwhelming feeling of stress disappears.

I support the supplement with a low-carb high-protein and fat diet, which feeds my brain those healthy fats that calm my brain down and relax my body. Additionally it heals my gut so my hormones start producing what they need including dopamine, serotonin, and GABA.

As I do this, I am also reducing the insulin which is then reducing cortisol production. If you try to do this without the keto supplement, in the beginning, you actually might feel a little more stressed because you are switching fuel systems from a high carb and sugar diet to a higher fat and protein diet.

Your body has to learn how to burn fat for fuel.

The Keto supplement makes the transition that much easier. If you do it without the supplement, expect to have low energy for 2 weeks.

Heal Leaky Gut. Leaky Gut is the cause of anxiety and low serotonin.  Leaky gut is caused by sugars, carbs, and junk food in addition to the environmental toxins we are exposed to. 

So as you are switching to a ketogenic diet and cutting the sugars and carbs out of your diet, you want to heal the gut with supplements like Ion Gut Health, which goes in and mends the tight junctions in the gut, allowing the gut to then start producing the proper happy hormones like serotonin, GABA, and dopamine.

As your body is doing this, cortisol levels will drop.

3. Estrogen

This makes you gain weight in the hips on women, fat in the belly, and boobs on men—they actually get man boobs.

It is a combination of three estrogens. As we get closer to 50, estrogen drops in women, but you start getting too much of the 16-hydroxy, and not enough of the 2-hydroxy, and the ratio of the different estrogens get out of balance.

In men, their levels of estrogen go up as they get fatter because the estrogen is stored in the fat. 

As you have higher estrogen, it causes your body to store fat—it is a vicious cycle. To add to it, a lifetime of a high sugar and carb diet causes high insulin, and high insulin causes fat storage and increased estrogen.

Outside of sugar, certain foods like soy, GMO’s, commercial dairy, birth control pills, corn, and toxins in the environment are all estrogenic and increase estrogen in the body, and thus increase fat gain.

In women, it causes weight gain in the hips, breast cancer, and other cancers, and in men, it causes man boobs, weight gain all over, prostate cancer, and lower levels of testosterone.

Many environmental toxins are called xenoestrogens and they are what you term as the bad estrogens in the body.

The liver is supposed to cleanse the body of the bad estrogens; however, our environment is so much more toxic than it was for our ancestors, and our kidneys and liver are not meant to work this hard.

Additionally, if you have fatty liver or you are not eating a low-carb diet, your liver will not be disposing of the bad estrogens at all. If you are not getting rid of the bad estrogens, this can set you up for cancer, especially with the number of environmental toxins we are faced with today.

How Do You Reduce the Estrogen in the Body?

Do a Liver Flush.  A proper liver flush can help aid in reversing fatty liver and cirrhosis of the liver which is partially caused by high estrogen, high sugar diet, alcohol, and the toxic estrogens in the environment. 

You can watch my video on the steps to take during my easy Liver Flush. You eat real food, take some pills throughout the day, and after 2 weeks you flush out gallstones and liver stones into the toilet.

It’s amazing! You will notice your energy and metabolism increase, your eyes become brighter, your skin improves, and you just feel better! 

I recommend doing a proper liver flush at least 4 times a year.

Eliminate foods that contain soy, vegetable oils, corn, grain-fed and conventional meats.

Supplement with Iodine. Iodine helps lower bad estrogen. Taking the proper iodine, like Acceleradine®, will lower your risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer and many more up to 50%.

Not only that, but it will help increase your metabolism and improve thyroid Health while detoxifying the body of environmental toxins. Acceleradine® is programmed with healing frequencies to go above and beyond other iodine’s to clear the body of radiation, fluoride, bromide, chlorine.

Sara Banta

Sara Banta is a Stanford University Graduate with a Degree in Economics and Psychology, and a certified Natural Supplement Expert & Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Sara is the Founder of Accelerated Health Products and host of the health & wellness podcast, Accelerated Health Radio.

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