Scalar Silver vs Colloidal Silver

by Sara Banta | Oct 15, 2018 | Articles, Colloidal Silver, Natural Remedies, Silver Hydrosol

Why Does Scalar Silver Work Better Than Colloidal Silver?

Most people who use Accelerated Scalar Silver™ just instinctively can tell that it works better than other silvers they’ve tried. But I wanted to go into WHY it works better and more efficiently than its competitors.

Today, when you talk about dietary supplements containing silver, you are talking about “Colloidal Silver”, which is the FDA generic classification for virtually all silver solutions. Colloidal simply means “particles suspended in water”.

Today, there are all kinds of forms of silver solutions that are quite different from each other. Similarly, there are many convincing theories as to whether and why a particular type of silver solution works. Unfortunately, most of these theories seem quite convincing, and yet also seem diametrically opposed to other theories.

Accelerated Scalar Silver™ is Ultrafine Pure Silver Hydrosol

Traditional Colloidal Silver of the past now seems somewhat old school, and it has been replaced with new “hydrosol” technologies that are now marketed without even mentioning the word “colloidal” on their bottle. In fact, the vast majority of all silver solution sold in America is labeled as silver “hydrosol”. The best-selling hydrosols have particle sizes today that make the typical old colloidal silver particles look like boulders. They get away with dosages that have much less total silver content, largely in part because the total surface area of the silver in a small particle solution can greatly exceed the total silver surface area in a large particle solution that contains dozens of times more overall silver. Safer and more effective, for sure.

Our Proprietary Process

Now at Accelerated Health Products, we take this a step further with our Ultra Fine Pure Silver Hydrosol, Accelerated Scalar Silver™.

If you do a little research on the various colloidal silver category theories, you will find that there is great emphasis, and debate, beyond particle size. Particle type, particle charge, particle non-charge, particle encapsulation, particle frequency, particle resonance, particle structure, particle bonding…Don’t worry if it sounds confusing!

What we are able to say, given the FDA legal requirements, is that we have very unique methods, processes and technologies for creating our Ultrafine particles. Particles that we consider very, very effective. So much more effective that we are comfortable with the fact that, when compared to other available silver products, we spend way more time and energy to create Accelerated Scalar Silver™, even though Accelerated Silver™ ends up having much less silver content.

As much as we would like to add more silver to be like everybody else, we cannot do it for a couple of reasons. First, the product dosage is based on the product strength, and if we really have something maximum effective already, then making it stronger would be irresponsible and could create problems for some people. Second, this is a water delivery product. Increasing our silver content or concentration would no longer allow us to keep the properties of our water-based delivery system which delivers the product to the places in the body where it is needed.

It Starts with the Water.

*(Due to FDA Regulations, please consider that some of my remarks that follow are spoken metaphorically, and not reflective of the official position of Accelerated Health Products. And certainly, per regulatory guidelines, unsubstantiated. Also, no claims are made that any of this discussion is applicable to our Accelerated Scalar Silver™ product.)

That being said, everybody uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) water now. Everybody. But Reverse Osmosis water creates Dead water. It’s dead. And it’s been corrupted. Water needs to live, to structure, to hold memory. Reverse Osmosis is just water torture, where the water is literally smashed through impossibly small membrane spaces where it comes out mangled and corrupted. And dead.

But more importantly, ozonation is what brings the RO water back to life, back to zest, back to what you want to drink. Kind of similar to the way that rainwater has to pass through the ultraviolet light of the upper atmosphere, which is one of the ways ozone can be made.

What you really want is distillation. Distillation is a natural way, the safe way, the way that leaves you with the best, purest water that comes out beautifully. Combine that with our introduction of ozonation and special water handling and processing during manufacturing, and we have water unlike anything else on the market.

What Really Matters is How Effective a Product is at Entering the Bloodstream.

Let’s take an example from modern medicine: A dog bites your hand. You tough it out until you realize the infection has gotten worse and gone past your elbow. Bad news for you if all that you have to treat this is with oral antibiotics. Why? Because if you only have oral antibiotics to take, you are facing almost certain death, or at best dismemberment when your arm is amputated. This doesn’t happen of course, because as soon as the emergency room doctor sees you, you will receive intravenous antibiotics directly into your bloodstream. This works, and your arm and life are saved.

Why did the intravenous antibiotics work when the same brand of antibiotics taken by mouth would not work? I call it the Gut Bypass Problem. It seems that the medical profession struggles to get oral antibiotics past the gut and into the bloodstream. That gut that protects us from all that we eat also protects us from many medicines as well.

In my view, dietary supplements suffer from the same Gut Bypass issue. Oral doses of Colloidal Silver products all attempt to bypass the gut on their way to the bloodstream. All of them. And similar to prescription oral antibiotics, it appears that the gut intercepts a large amount before it can be delivered to where it is needed by the bloodstream.

If this is the case, then it could be very misleading to compare silver content among competing for oral silver supplements, because what really matters is how effective the product is in getting past the gut into the bloodstream and then beyond to the source of action. Just because you take an enormous quantity of silver in your mouth does not mean that any meaningful and effective amount gets past the gut and into your bloodstream.

In the case of Accelerated Scalar Silver™, we worry less about our overall silver content, and instead focus on our unique method of delivery which comes from the combination of our components that comprise our Ultrafine Pure Silver Hydrosol.

What Are We Allowed to Say About Accelerated Silver?

We believe that Accelerated Silver is one of the best products on the market. We are not about to jeopardize ourselves or our future by exposing ourselves with unsubstantiated or illegal health claims or marketing. It is illegal to make health claims about Dietary Supplements according to the FDA.
In addition to the prohibition regarding health claims, we are also prohibited from:

  • Suggesting usages that are “off-label” such as applying Silver topically on the skin, using it in a nasal spray, or as ear drops.
  • Showing results of our independent third-party accredited laboratory in-vitro laboratory test results such as bacteriology, microbiology, etc.
  • Showing results from our human case studies.
  • Showing our before and after blood pictures.
  • Providing our testimonials that describe or imply the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.
  • Providing literature or links to materials produced by others which would be considered violations if they were produced or presented directly by us.

You may be wondering why we cannot say or do any of these things, especially because so many other colloidal or hydrosol silver product websites and/or their marketing materials display many or all of these without any apparent concern.
To this situation we can only respond as follows:

  • We have no reason to believe that their presentations, claims and materials are untrue.
  • We are confident that our product is equal to, and probably better than, their product.
  • We are also confident that they clearly violate of FDA, FTC or DSHEA laws or regulations.
  • We hope that their reckless actions do not jeopardize the silver supplements industry.

For a more in-depth transcript of this information, please download: Accelerated Silver Ultrafine Pure Silver Hydrosol [pdf]

Sara Banta

Sara Banta is a Stanford University Graduate with a Degree in Economics and Psychology, and a certified Natural Supplement Expert & Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Sara is the Founder of Accelerated Health Products and host of the health & wellness podcast, Accelerated Health Radio.

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