Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Can the “Currency of Joy” reduce stress while increasing your ability to make more money?
  • What is Joy Economiscism?
  • How to use Joy to connect with more customers and grow your business
  • How to grow your business without stress
CEO of Communiqué USA, Shani Godwin

Shani Godwin, is CEO of Communiqué USA, Inc., a high growth marketing firm, and she is a highly successful entrepreneur who was able to scale her business to over $1M after she finally let go, let God, and started using the currency of joy to find mental health and wellness and to level up. After enduring extreme physical and emotional fatigue, and even after suffering the loss of her dad and her marriage – she discovered how negative thinking was impacting the outlook and even the operations of her business. After recovering, she was able to find the resiliency to pursue her passions to run a business but from a place of Joy and wellness instead. In fact, her innovative insights on how to make more money while working a little less, and having less stress, has been featured in leading outlets like Forbes, Huffington Post and Essence Magazine.

Sara Banta
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