Reliable Cold and Flu Remedies

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We are in it – Cold and Flu Season! So what should you do and what should you take for each type of viral or bacterial infection?

According to Chinese medicine, the initial syndrome of colds and flu can be categorized into two different types of “cold invasion” in the body: “Wind Cold or “Wind Heat.” Most individuals whether in summer or in winter, experience Wind Heat as the type of wind-borne illness that leads to the common cold and flu. An attack by Wind Cold is characterized by chills, sneezing, cough, white or clear phlegm, severe aches and pains, and headache, but no fever or sweating. On the other hand, Wind Heat usually includes symptoms of the flu including fever, sore throat, cough, yellow phlegm, headache, and sweating. Your tongue is usually red and may have a thin white coating and your pulse is often floating and quick.

My Tried and True, Reliable Cold & Flu Remedies

The remedies I recommend are Yin Chao Junior, Cold Away, and Isatis Gold.

More About These Cold & Flu Remedies:

Yin Chao Junior: This formula is a gentle yet effective remedy for colds and flus in children and adults. It is a well-rounded combination with a multi-pronged approach: to clear heat, harmonize digestion, moisten the throat and lungs, invigorate the blood, and tonify the Qi, or your “life force.”

Cold Away: This formula treats cold and flu by addressing fever, sinus and chest congestion, coughing, aversion to wind headache, sore throat, tonsillitis, cold sores, viral tonsillitis, otitis media, measles, and pharyngitis. You should not take this long term for prevention.

Isatis Gold: This formula includes some of the same herbs as Yin Chao Junior in addition to echinacea and goldenseal. Its ingredients fight bacterial and viral infections, inflammation, and fever in addition to soothing the throat and relieving headaches. It is an excellent remedy to have on hand in your medicine cabinet.

How and when to take them:

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