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by Sara Banta | Feb 13, 2018 | Articles, Gut Health

Gut health is making big headlines these days, with multiple studies conducted at prestigious universities underscoring the fundamental link between gut health and overall health. All these studies share a common premise: To be well, one must have a healthy gut. And if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that the GUT has always been at the forefront of my healing — whether its Acne, Weight Loss, Mood issues, Depression, IBS, Brain Fog — I point to the Gut!

Saying all of that, I have to be honest. I have been following Zach Bush and RESTORE since it first came out. It sounded too good to be true. I listened to him speak over and over again and continued to push it away. Because I was seeing such an improvement in my clients and myself with the Keto, Ketogenic Diet, and my Detox Bundles (which I’m now making available with RESTORE!) I just didn’t think one single supplement could have as many benefits as Dr. Bush was claiming.

And, Zach claims you don’t need probiotics when on RESTORE. What?!? How is that possible?

Well, I bit the bullet.

I agreed to try it for one month to see how I felt. I was only four days in and KNEW it was the missing link to my program. My bloat was gone. I could feel my energy take another step up. I felt my hormones become more in balance. I noticed healthier regularity. I noticed my cells becoming more hydrated (differently than just drinking a ton of water). Things were just “working” the way they were suppose to. What I loved is that every piece of my program has added up to improved health. They are all pieces to the puzzle. And, RESTORE was the missing piece!

Of course I use my kids as guinea pigs as well (they are used to it!). They loved the fact it was liquid and tastes like nothing. When my daughter was complaining about her tummy hurting, I said “Oh, take this!” She happily did as it wasn’t a pill. When she came up to me 20 minutes later and said, “Mom what was that? My stomach feels fine now!” I stopped in my tracks and knew I had found something too good not to share. Additionally, my son was having teenage acne issues. I gave it to him and within one week his acne cleared up! My kids are sold: I don’t even need to remind them to take it daily.

One way Zach describes the way RESTORE works it is by comparing your gut microbiome to your cell phone: cells in the gut are full of amazing technology and ability, but they are useless without wireless service. RESTORE fixes the “wireless service” between your cells.

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Yours in Health,

Sara Banta
Owner/Founder of Accelerated Health Products

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