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by Sara Banta | Jun 29, 2021 | Articles, Supplements

The need for proper hydration, nutritional intake, and minerals is becoming more and more essential as our soils and food sources have become depleted. In fact, animal protein has about half the amount of iron that it did 50 years ago, and broccoli has a third of the calcium that it had 50 years ago. Combine that with the exponential rise in consumption of processed foods, vegetable oils, sugar, and other inflammatory foods that strip the body of nutrients, minerals, and cause malabsorption, most people are severely deficient in minerals.  A lack of minerals can lead to osteoporosis, anemia, high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders, and a weakened immune system.  A healthy immune system, digestive system and lack of chronic disease is not only about what you eat, but it’s also about what you don’t eat.

Mineral salts are essential to our body.  At least 24 of them are involved in enzymatic reactions and at least 64 are essential to read the genetic code.  They help the immune system, muscle function, wound healing, digestion, strengthen bones, blood-sugar metabolism, and regulate heart function.

Where Does Seawater Come into the Equation?

Seawater contains all the minerals needed by the human body; in fact, the proportion of minerals in seawater is very similar to blood plasma. 

Quinton Isotonic Seawater Filtration

When Quinton is properly introduced into the body, it is able to biochemically restore the human biological terrain and impart its “blueprint” within the extracellular matrix.  The results of this is a shift toward homeostasis so significant that even the most serious illnesses were controlled and overcome. 

It produces the optimum internal environment through one basic ingredient, an ingredient that has been proven to be the origin of man’s internal environment, and which was preserved throughout zoological evolution, containing all known naturally occurring elements in the ideal proportions varied only by its tonicity-isotonic or hypertonic.  It is considered to be the ideal nutritional treatment and supplement capable of regenerating a depleted internal environment.

The laboratories that harvest Quinton seawater go through a very specialized filter and sterilization process.  They extract it between 20 and 30 meters deep in the Bay of Biscay because the levels of plankton in the area ensure the maximum absorption capacity of the minerals.  It is the cold microfiltered at .22u because it is the only process that preserves the nutritional properties of the seawater to guarantee consumers’ safety.  Finally, it passes the strictest quality control testing.

How Does Quinton Compare to Other Mineral Supplements?

Nutritional mineral supplementation has gained more and more attention as the supplement market has exploded. Many companies have developed individual or select combinations of a  few minerals and trace elements aimed at correcting or preventing specific perceived deficiencies.  This approach fails to recognize the complex interactions and delicate balance of all the elements in the body.  In fact, taking a select few could easily throw off the balance and equilibrium of the body’s homeostasis.  

Which Quinton Supplement is Right For You?

The Quinton Isotonic

This is known as “The Tonic” and is raw seawater with added Alpine spring water to match the concentration of our bodily fluids.  Its marine plasma is almost identical to human plasma.  Suggested benefits include:

  • Restores health quickly
  • Due to its chloride content, it favors normal digestion by producing hydrochloric acid in the stomach
  • Works fastest to restore homeostasis 
  • The Energetic transference quickly shifts the bio terrain to a balanced state
  • Replenishes the body when you are feeling under the weather
  • Promotes autonomic nervous system balance and a healthy stress response
  • Supports healthy sleep cycles and calms before bed

Directions:  Take 1 to 6 servings a day.  One serving in the morning 30 minutes before meals (on empty stomach). Pour each serving directly in your mouth without dilution and hold it in your mouth for 30-60 seconds for optimal absorption. 

You can add more throughout the day as needed, and always in divided doses by at least 1 hour.  Use before bed if you have trouble falling asleep.

Quinton Hypertonic

This is known as “The Nutrient”, raw unadulterated seawater.  Suggested benefits include:

  • Higher in mineral concentration than human plasma
  • Shares same precise minerals ratios as Isotonic
  • Helps maintain daily health 
  • Replenishes nutrients during vigorous activity and sweating
  • Immediately revitalizes and energizes the cells
  • Replenishes during period of mental, physical or emotional depletion
  • Has 4 times the Magnesium concentration of what is found in the blood 
  • Adds minerals back into purified water 
  • Favors the electrolyte balance and the normal energy metabolism 
  • Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Enhances the normal nervous system and mental functions
  • Helps keep our bones and teeth healthy
  • Helps support the process of cell division

Directions:  1 to 6 servings a day.  It can be taken anytime before, during or after activities of depletion, mentally or physically.  Pour each serving directly in your mouth without dilution and hold it in your mouth for 30-60 seconds for optimal absorption. 

You can add one to reverse osmosis water to remineralize as well.  

Sara Banta

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