Detox from 2020 With My New Year’s Reset Detox

by Sara Banta | Jan 12, 2021 | Articles

I think we all would like to forget parts of 2020 and detox from last year. Regardless of who you are, it was a year that we will never forget. Some businesses have boomed, some businesses have failed, some people thrived with their health, and some fell “off the wagon”. Regardless, we can all take a step back and learn from the lessons of 2020. I want to share a new approach with how to detox, reset, and rebuild your health. Instead of just focusing on the physical foundation, I want to focus on physical, mental and spiritual health all in one, and I want to do it in a way that makes it easy and motivational so that you feel like you can actually do it this time!

Is Your Mental Health Affecting Your Physical Health?

Did you know, when your mental health is struggling or your head isn’t in a good space, you could be disrupting your physical health?

Poor mental health can raise blood sugar and insulin levels to the point where you gain weight without eating anything or engaging in a productive exercise regime. Stress increases cortisol and epinephrine in the brain. That can raise blood sugar on its own. Furthermore, that same stress can increase sugar cravings while your willpower is lowered due to the overwhelming stress.

It’s like a vicious cycle that takes you down from your mental body, to your physical body, and finally to your spiritual body. When you are chronically stressed and your cortisol and epinephrine levels are high, your adrenals will become fatigued, your body will become inflamed, pain will start surfacing throughout the body, vision becomes blurred, and the aging mechanisms in the body accelerate.

Lastly, if your mental body is experiencing chronic stress, it will spin your spiritual health downward, as you are incapable of focusing on your higher self and connecting to your true purpose in life.

My Top Ten Tips For Your New Year RESET DETOX

Instead of just giving you a diet plan and an exercise routine to follow in 2021, I wanted to give you a plan that will address your mental, physical and spiritual health all in one.

1. Accelerated Keto®™

This not only kicks you into a state where your body is burning its own fat for fuel, but it starts cleansing the liver and increasing cellular energy. It has additional fat burning ingredients that no other ketone supplement has to enhance your results. You will feel a boost in physical energy, mental energy and your spiritual health will improve as a result. The brain fog lifts as you “Increase Your Frequency,” or what they refer to in chinese medicine as “Qi ” or Life Force. Because you are burning your own fat for fuel, your appetite is suppressed and you are able to engage in Intermittent fasting. During the extended time you aren’t eating, your body reduces inflammation, cleans up the diseased cells, and increases the mitochondria or energy within the healthy cells.

2. X39 Frequency Patches

By wearing these patches during the day, your body activates its own stem cells naturally. As a result, you will reduce pain, improve your  inflammatory response, increase energy, increase your mental clarity, enhance sports performance, recover quicker from exercise, and improve your skin’s appearance. Your body essentially is aging backwards and improving your mental, physical and spiritual well being simultaneously.

3. Genius Insight App

This App on your own smart phone or device will balance any mental, physical or emotional imbalance, in addition to help with detoxification and rebuilding your nutritional profile. As you are able to energetically balance your physical, emotional and mental state, you will enhance your detoxification and rebuild all aspects of your body. You can improve your digestion, alleviate blockages that may be causing weight gain, stress, insomnia and so much more.

4. Silent Nights Patches

Without sleep, your health will deteriorate significantly regardless of diet and exercise. By wearing these patches at night, you are able to improve the quality and length of sleep without causing grogginess the next day. During the improved quality of sleep, your body increases its restorative and detoxification pathways, leading to optimal health and longevity.

5. Accelerated CBD

It can help alleviate anxiety naturally, support an uplifting mood, decrease inflammation, improve hormone production, and supplement your health. With the added SCALAR frequency embedded in Accelerated CBD to further help with calm energy and reducing anxiety, this is the ultimate product to help Increase Your Frequency®.

6. Accelerated Colloidal Silver™

This is the number one way to improve your immune system. As your immune system improves, your mental, physical and spiritual health improve, and your metabolism and energy increase. This Is the only silver supplement that is enhanced with SCALAR frequency to enhance its efficacy against viruses, bacteria and all foreign pathogens.

7. MyVitalC

This not only decreases inflammation, boosts the immune system, and improves sleep, but it doubles your lifespan! It reverses age-related damage to the entire body including nerves and heart health. People report reversal of eye deterioration, gray hair turning back to the original color, regeneration of nerves and cartilage, and many more age reversal signs.

8. Acceleradine®

Iodine deficiency is the top predictor of depression, mental retardation and thyroid issues. When you’re deficient in iodine, you will experience low energy, weight gain, brain fog, depression, lower IQ, and a suppressed immune system. Acceleradine® is the only iodine supplement with 100% absorption (most have only 10-20% absorption) and the ability to fully saturate the cells with iodine, but is also charged with SCALAR frequency to further detox the cells from toxins, heavy metals and radiation. Those toxins can be the cause of weight gain, depression and anxiety. As you clear the toxins out of your Pineal Gland, also known as your “third eye”, brain fog lifts and you experience a higher level of spirituality. Additionally, your metabolism and physical and mental energy will improve.

9. Accelerated Cellular Detox Powder®

This combination of 6 organic ingredients helps soak up the toxins from years of toxicity and from the daily exposure to heavy metals, alcohol, processed foods, and food poisons. Additionally, it is enhanced with SCALAR frequencies to further detox the body from insecticides and heavy metals– unlike any other detox supplement. Furthermore, it helps with bloat and regularity, which is the first step of detoxing the body, as constipation is the cause of over 80 percent of disease. It promotes liver and kidney health as it lessens the burden on them for detoxification.

10. Ola Loa Multivitamin Energy Drink

This is a breakthrough in nutritional support and is the first vitamin drink to provide Advanced Methylation Support™, the key to heart function, circulation, digestion, detoxification, immunity, brain function, and energy regulation. It has 36 nutrients, provides antioxidant and antiviral support, provides electrolytes and osmolytes for better hydration, and can be taken with or without food.

Sara Banta

Sara Banta is a Stanford University Graduate with a Degree in Economics and Psychology, and a certified Natural Supplement Expert & Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Sara is the Founder of Accelerated Health Products and host of the health & wellness podcast, Accelerated Health Radio.

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