Can Eating Healthy Improve Your Love Life?

by Sara Banta | Feb 8, 2021 | Articles, Nutrition

Take a step back and look through your vanity lens at why you think you want to “look good” and maybe lose those extra pounds? Is it for you, or for attracting someone of the opposite sex, or just enticing your spouse with your improved physique? Well, there is something to that vanity that serves us…

We will discuss this week on Accelerated Health Radio and TV with the notorious Dr. John Gray, author of over 20 books including Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. The truth is that when you eat processed foods, including sugars, canola and other vegetable oils, non-organic vegetables and the like, your hormones become disrupted.  Men have a drop in testosterone, women have an increase in the wrong estrogens, and your performance in the bedroom suffers.  If you listen to Drew Manning on his journey from “Fit to Fat”, he is very open about his sex drive and performance dropping in the bedroom, not to mention his sleep disrupted and his mental and physical energy depleted.

Why Does This Happen?


Stress is something we are constantly trying to balance, combat, alleviate– but it still seems to stick around.  What happens is as a woman becomes stressed, she feels overwhelmed, her cortisol and epinephrine increase, which then increases her testosterone and causes her to become defensive and less attractive to her male partner.  This also lowers her oxytocin, or “LOVE hormone”, which is the hormone that makes her more attracted and attractive to her partner.

On the other hand, when a man is stressed and his cortisol and epinephrine increase, his estrogen increases and testosterone decreases.  On a side note, if a man has an anger outburst or “road rage,” that is a sign he has too much estrogen– not too much testosterone as you would seem to think.  According to Dr. John Gray, a man should never express his feelings when he is angry; this raises his estrogen.  

Men stress over “big” things and women stress over the “small” things.

Confused Gender Roles

A modern-day issue that confuses the line of femininity and masculinity is that men are doing more around the house and women are working more. This isn’t a bad thing, but it does complicate the gender roles and, as a result, makes it more difficult for women to produce her optimal female hormones and men to produce their optimal male hormones.  As a result, men and women have a more difficult time finding the right balance in a relationship.

High Blood Sugar

To make matters worse, if you are on a high carb diet and your blood sugar and insulin levels increase, not only does your body have the propensity to store fat which can lower your self-confidence sexually, but it also can drive the male and female hormones in the wrong direction, leading to low libido.  A high carb diet tends to make women feel unstable and “overwhelmed”; and as their body’s stress hormones turn on, cortisol increases fat storage and leads her to her “male side.”


Another modern-day issue that we are faced with is the xenoestrogens, EMF’s and toxins in the environment that will clog hormonal receptor sites, cause anxiety, infertility, thyroid disease and increased cancer rates on top of skewing hormonal balance within men and women.  Fertility issues and libido issues are on the rise due to heavy metals, radiation and toxins in the environment.

Ways to Improve Your Sex Drive and Performance

1. Eat a Low Carb Diet that fits your DNA

Each individual thrives on a different dietary profile; however, everyone can optimize their health by cutting their sugar, processed carbs, and vegetable oils.  When you focus on a protein and fat based diet, hormones come into balance, inflammation decreases, and energy improves -even in the bedroom. If you dive deeper into what “healthy” foods may not be healthy for you, your energy will improve and your sexual drive will improve even more.

2. Accelerated Keto®™

As it puts your body into ketosis, or fat burning, within 30 minutes, it helps balance female and male hormones, reduces insulin and cortisol, and naturally reduces stress.  As the body balances hormonally, you experience improvement in physical, mental, and sexual energy.  Accelerated Keto®™ has proprietary ingredients to increase fat burning and steady, long lasting energy beyond any other keto supplement.

3. Accelerated CBD

Women report that CBD can help with sleep, vaginal pain during sex, and low libido. Sex involves physical, mental, and emotional reactions that can be improved by CBD. Most antidepressants work by artificially increasing serotonin, which can make one feel less depressed, but also can have a negative impact on libido.  Accelerated CBD not only lifts one’s spirits but can actually enhance your sex life.

4. Accelerated Gold®

Gold is known to help lower anxiety, improve sleep, and alleviate stress; as a result, hormones may return to their optimal state.

5. Acceleradine®

This is the only iodine supplement that not only has 100% absorption (compared to most that have between 10-20%), but it helps detox the cells from heavy metals, radiation, and toxins that disrupt hormonal balance.  Additionally, it improves thyroid and metabolism health and alleviates depression. Both of these factors improve hormonal balance, lead to better romantic relationships, and improve sexual health.

6. NucNoMore®

This is the only supplement that zeros the body out of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation coming from X-rays, smart phones, smart meters, 5G, flying and more. Radiation is doing more harm to our hormonal balance than any other factor in our modern day society.

7. Accelerated Cellular Detox Powder®

This blend of 6 organic ingredients helps soak up toxins from the day and from your lifetime; it helps with bloat, regularity, and intestinal inflammation. It alleviates the burden on the liver and kidneys from doing more filtering than they are meant to do.

8. Mighty Maca

This strengthens sex drive and improves fertility. Also it balances hormones naturally so you can skip struggles like hot flashes and bad moods.

9. Julva

Julva is a gynecologist-formulated, non-prescription, DHEA restorative cream for the cream for the delicate, vital tissue of the vulva. It instantly gives you more sensation in the bedroom.

10. Accelerated Silver®

This boosts your immune system, helps alkalize the body, and as a result, improves energy.  When you are constantly fighting the common cold and flu bugs or candida and parasites, your energy is zapped and your sexual health suffers.

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