Digestive Enzymes: Get the Most From What You Eat

by Sara Banta | Jan 14, 2019 | Articles, Gut Health

My digestive issues were the biggest source of pain and discomfort during my health-related “rock bottom”. After having tubes up, down and all around me, I was told I was on the verge of Crohn’s disease and I had IBS. I left thinking, “That is such a cop out” on the doctor’s part. That doesn’t tell me anything. I remember going to restaurants, and as soon as I had my first few bites of food, the cramping and the bloat and the trapped air was so uncomfortable, but I would smile and pretend nothing was wrong.

Back then I was in my 20s and most of my peers could eat pizza and beer and feel great (supposedly). So, if I complained, I definitely felt odd. Nowadays, it seems like having digestive issues is more of the norm than not. This is probably a combination of the food supply getting worse with more processed foods and more foods that are laced with pesticides and toxins, and the fact that we actually lose enzymes to break down food as we age. So, as I age and those around me do too, they are now suffering from what I was suffering from 20 years ago.

The truth is there are different enzymes to break down different foods

The good news is, from the years of suffering and the years of searching and searching for the best enzymes and what differentiates one brand from another, I finally found the ones that do the job best—and I’m sharing them with you today. As a result, you get to benefit from my years of suffering and doing tons of research!

Assist SI

High Potency Formula Assists Digestion in the Small Intestine

Assist SI bolsters your digestion by delivering more digestive enzymes to where you need them most—in your small intestine. This is where tiny finger-like villi reach out and seize nutrients, pulling them into your bloodstream. But if you don’t have enough digestive enzymes to break apart large molecules of food, the villi can’t do their job. And unabsorbed food ferments in the small intestine, creating painful gas and irregular bowel movements.

Assist SI delivers the same digestive enzymes that your pancreas releases into the opening of the small intestine, ensuring your villi have something to grab on to and that you get the nutrition you need.


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Assist Full Spectrum

One of the most complete and powerful digestive enzyme supplements available!

Assist Full Spectrum is a powerful, fast acting, high potency enzyme formula. It is specially formulated to provide the widest range of useful digestive enzymes to help break down food, absorb nutrients and prevent gas and bloating. Some food groups need several types of enzymes to become fully digested and to allow all the nutrients to be available for assimilation. Five different types of Protease are included to assure digestion of proteins over the entire pH range from 2.0 to 11.0, as found in the stomach and small intestine. Other formulas may only include one or two types of Protease.


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Assist Dairy & Protein

Now you can enjoy dairy foods again!

Strong digestive fire is key to optimal wellness. Yet certain proteins are often difficult to digest. Get the most from what you eat. Assist Dairy and Protein maximizes your absorption of the protein you eat, minimizing waste or toxicity. The formula was designed to aid in the digestion of proteins from nuts, seeds, legumes, animal and dairy foods.


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