Your New Year’s Radiation Detox Plan

by Sara Banta | Jan 15, 2021 | Articles, Detox & Cleanse

This month we’ve been focusing on detoxing from 2020 step by step. If you have missed the first few steps you can learn how to first detox from constipation, which is essential before beginning any deep detox process, as it relieves the body from heavy metals and toxins clogging the colon. This also provides the physical cleanse that will allow a mental and spiritual cleanse to follow. 

Then we moved into how to detox mentally, physically, and spiritually all in one through my top ten tips including supplements, devices, and other cutting-edge modalities.

The next step is to detox from radiation. A modern issue we now need to be concerned about that our ancestors never faced is ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and heavy metals. More than ever, as we are on zoom and our smartphones throughout the day in quarantine, and working from home in front of the computers with less outside exposure, radiation from non-ionizing and ionizing sources are bombarding us from every direction, regardless of the precautions we are taking.

During 2020 when the media coverage was focused on the COVID pandemic, the rollout of the ultra speed 5G wireless network has flown under the radar. As millions are suddenly working remotely, it has been a great opportunity for regulators to move forward with the cellular upgrade.

The term 5G stands for the fifth generation of wireless access. While the 4G network utilize under 6 GHz on the radio frequency spectrum, 5G will occupy from 30 to 300 GHz, which are shorter millimeter wavelengths. The health effects of consistent exposure to pulses of these wavelengths are showing they are dangerous. In much the same way the tobacco industry convinced the public that smoking was not dangerous, so is the telecommunication industry pushing the importance of speed, disregarding safety.

The promise is that speeds will be from 10 to 100 times faster than 4G running primarily on millimeter wave bandwidth. The signals will be weaker since the wavelengths can not penetrate buildings. To combat this, the 5G network will use smaller cell stations that scramble, unscramble and redirect packets of data on a no-interference path back to us. This could mean wireless antennas will be on every utility pole, lamp post, home and business throughout your entire neighborhood. Therefore, in addition to creating dangerous radiation, it will destroy the beauty of our cities and towns.

5G will not replace 4G, but it will accompany 4G for the near future and possibly over the long-term. The harmful risks may increase substantially. Cancer is not the only risk because there is considerable evidence that radiation causes neurological disorders and reproductive harm likely due to the oxidative stress.

One of the main problems with this technology is that it relies mostly on millimeter waves, which is known to penetrate human tissue up to 2 mm, where it’s absorbed by the surface of the cornea and is conducted by sweat glands within the skin. These factors lead to an association with a number of potential health problems. Furthermore, millimeter waves are known to suppress your immune system and increase cellular stress, harmful free radicals, learning deficits and bacterial antibiotic resistance. Moreover, this type of radiation can lead to reproductive harm and neurological disorders, such as anxiety, depression, autism and Alzheimer’s.

So, what can you do?

My Top Ten Tips for Radiation Detox

1. NucNoMore®

The ultimate in radiation EMF protection, NucNoMore® is a Scalar Frequency charged ORMES formula that supports the removal of harmful non-ionizing and ionizing radiation, including EMFs from smart phones, smart meters, and 5G. It only takes 1-2 bottles to completely detox your body from all radiation.

2. Acceleradine®

A 100% bioactive, true ionic iodine, and super-charged with Scalar Frequency, there is no other iodine supplement to help optimally support thyroid function, detox from heavy metals and radiation, Increase Your Frequency®, and help boost your overall health. Furthermore, Acceleradine will block future toxins and radiation from penetrating the cells, will increase metabolism and energy, lift brain fog and depression, and reduce your risk of disease significantly.

3. Accelerated Ancient Salt™

Accelerated Ancient Salt™ is a Scalar technology enhanced mixture of five precious ancient seabed and sea salts from the Andes Mountains, Himalayas and the U.S that is rich in minerals, without excipients, stabilizers, conditioners, chemicals or preservatives. This is the only salt that holds a strong negative charge with Scalar technology used to enhance its frequency and ability to help “pull out” positively charged toxins, parasites and undigested fats. Through the use of basic quantum mechanics combined with high purity of raw materials, a scalar field is developed. This process optimizes Detox and rehydration. On top of all the health benefits, it tastes amazing on your food.

4. Accelerated Colloidal Silver™

This is a powerful combination of Nano and Colloidal Silver that delivers additional potency being charged with Scalar technology to help you Increase Your Frequency® and to powerfully help support, strengthen and boost your immune system. No other silver supplement compares in its efficacy and strength.

5. Accelerated Cellular Detox®

Combining the ultra cleansing properties of Micronized Zeolite, Diatomaceous Earth, Activated Charcoal, Triphala, and Slippery Elm, Accelerated Cellular Detox® is your 100% Certified Organic Daily Detox Powder, embedded with Scalar frequencies to further help you optimally detox and Increase Your Frequency®. Additionally, it helps with regularity, bloat, and all gastrointestinal issues.

6. X39 Phototherapy Patches

The first product ever that is designed with phototherapy believed to activate your body’s own stem cells. Through this mechanism, your body naturally reduces inflammation, resets over 4,000 genes, and in turn protects itself from EMFs. People report better sleep and other anti-aging results.

7. Genius Insight Biofeedback App

This can analyze and negate the Chemical Sensitivities, Electrical Sensitivities, and Food Sensitivities in addition to rebalancing hormones, neurotransmitters, digestion, and emotions. Additionally, it can help identify and rid the body of fungus, candida, viruses, and bacteria. There is no better way to self diagnose and treat your own health issues.

8. AmpCoil

AmpCoil is a modern wellness tool, combining a powerful PEMF delivery system and an app, called “BetterGuide.” BetterGuide utilizes voice analysis biofeedback to determine the customized tones your body is asking for, then plays these frequencies back into the body, emitting them deep into the cells. The result is that human biology quickly begins to return to the balanced and harmonized state that nature intended. With that, it is able to negate the negative frequencies you are exposed to from EMFS, non-ionizing and ionizing radiation. Additionally it is able to reset your hormones, organs, nutritional needs, detox specific organs in your body, and boost brain activity.

9. The Rest Shield

The Rest Shield is an electrically powered Scalar subtle energy device that promotes deep sleep, helps relieve stress and stress-related issues, helps to reduce or eliminate jet lag, relaxes the body and mind, reduces the effects of electromagnetic pollution, helps improve performance during waking hours, and more.

10. The Home Shield

The Home Shield is a battery/solar powered scalar energy generator that is placed outdoors to help reduce the effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution in your house and yard, promote deeper sleep and reduce stress within the home, improve plant growth, reduce the prevalence of pest insects and help protect the health of beneficial insects such as honey bees and pollinators, and more. This device has the power of seven Rest Shield devices contained in one weather- and theft-resistant package that covers a 100-foot radius in all directions.  When placed outdoors within 30 feet or so of bedrooms, the Home Shield helps improve sleep, helps relieve stress and stress-related issues, helps to reduce or eliminate jet lag, helps relax the body and mind, helps reduce the effects of EMF pollution, and due to better rest, helps improve performance during waking hours. It helps you sleep more deeply, or while awake, to be more relaxed without feeling tired or lethargic.

Sara Banta

Sara Banta is a Stanford University Graduate with a Degree in Economics and Psychology, and a certified Natural Supplement Expert & Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Sara is the Founder of Accelerated Health Products and host of the health & wellness podcast, Accelerated Health Radio.

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