Talking PCOS, Fertility and Hormones with Dr. Alex Perry

by Sara Banta | Jun 3, 2019 | Interviews

Dr. Alex Perry is the host of The Natural Fertility and Women’s Health Show, where he discusses natural fertility, pregnancy and women’s health. Dr. Perry is a Chinese medicine doctor, founder and director of The Perry Centre. For more than a decade he has helped women and their partners start and grow their families.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with him on the show to discuss my own experience with fertility and my three very different experiences with each one of my children. I share what I have found to work for my clients who have struggled with fertility and how I’ve helped them find success through achieving hormonal balance. Dr. Alex Perry and I also discuss importance of insulin sensitivity, specific diet and nutrition, and unique supplements such as Monoatomic Iodine and other factors that increase your chances for conception and healthy pregnancies.  

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