I recently joined Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld, on his show The Naked Eye Podcast. Nathan teaches about the natural alternatives to glasses, contacts, and surgeries and how many common vision problems can be prevented and decreased with simple and natural practices that retrain the eyes and mind to function more optimally.

During the show, we chat about supplementing with Accelerated Silver, the importance of Liquid Biocell collagen for the eyes, and the benefits for eye health from being on a ketogenic diet. We even go into the importance of Acceleradine Iodine for the brain and the Pineal Gland which is also known as the “Third Eye”, and much more! If you have questions about how to improve your own eyesight, this episode is for you.

Sara Banta
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Sara Banta is a Stanford University Graduate with a Degree in Economics and Psychology, and a certified Natural Supplement Expert & Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Sara is the Founder of Accelerated Health Products and host of the health & wellness podcast, Accelerated Health Radio.