Discussing All the Solutions that Work for People with ADHD with Kelly Rompel

by Sara Banta | Jul 19, 2019 | Interviews

I had the pleasure of talking with Kelly Rompel from Rebel Whitecoat Podcast about both of our health histories and how our experiences have brought us to where we are today. 

We were so excited to connect as we are so like-minded and had such a fun and inspiring conversation! We talk about how all of the solutions I have found work for all people-  from kids suffering with ADHD, to older men who want to stay young, to women trying to balance their hormones and be their best selves. We discuss the Gut, and how you don’t have to be “bloated or have stomach issues” to have your Gut be the source of your ailment, whether its skin issues, headaches, hormonal issues, mental disorders, inflammation or any auto-immune disorder.

We discuss the major effects of radiation and EMF’s that are now even affecting those of us who are eating right, exercising and doing everything “right”.   We discuss how to “zero-out” that radiation for good.  We both agree on the mind- body connection and the importance of supplementation, nutrition and detoxification for the brain, for recovering from adrenal burnout, and for anxiety and other mental issues.  Enjoy!

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