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The market is saturated with CBD products. They are offered at the checkout line next to packs of gum and candy. During such a time when anxiety, depression, insomnia and suicide are at an all time high, there is no question that almost everyone is willing to try CBD products.

What Can CBD Oil Help With?

CBD Oil for Sexual Health

Women report that CBD can help with sleep, vaginal pain during sex and low libido. Sex involves physical, mental and emotional reactions that can be affected by CBD. Most antidepressants work by artificially increasing serotonin, which can make one feel less depressed, but also can have a negative impact on libido.   It not only lifts ones spirits, but can actually enhance your sex life. CBD can do the following, which will in turn enhance your sex life:

  • Increase relaxation
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Lower inhibitions
  • Increase hormone production
  • Increase sexual arousal
  • Increase sensitivity in your erogenous zones
  • Enhance creativity

CBD Oil for Sleep

Anxiety, stress, and chronic sleep issues all inhibit GABA, a naturally occurring brain chemical that directs neurons to slow down or stop firing. CBD can help negate that reaction. It also helps induce sleep, relax your muscles, and calm the mind down. It can also help halt the racing thoughts that cause disruption in sleep and panic attacks during the night.

CBD for Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks

CBD can down regulate the parasympathetic nervous system, inducing a state of peace and calm. It works well for social anxiety and everyday stress.

CBD Oil and Gut Health

CBD has been shown to help in managing stomach pain, bloating, nausea, and appetite.

When you are in a stressed state, your sympathetic nervous system is engaged, leading to dilated pupils, the heart pumping harder, rising blood pressure and kicks you into a state of “fight or flight”. Your body isn’t prepared to digest food. Because of the chronic stressed state, there is a decrease in blood flow and oxygen to the stomach, which could lead to cramping, inflammation, or an impaired digestion. The chronic stress results in digestive issues such as bloating, irregular bowel movements, reflux, and rapid weight gain or weight loss.

There are numerous cannabinoid receptors in the digestive system which can help you switch into the parasympathetic mode, which helps you digest food.

CBD Oil for PTSD

Those suffering from trauma have been found to have problems with neurotransmitters signaling of serotonin and glutamate, which also correlate with the fight-or-flight response. Excessive glutamate signaling well induces painful related memories. CBD can help release those painful memories by facilitating memory extinction. It also seems to help switch off those traumatic memories. It does this by affecting Gaba, which signals the body that we are safe and allows us to relax. CBD tells the brain to increase the flow of Gaba which creates the calming effect once that occurs and the racing thoughts subside, they are able to feel more at ease. CBD also has the ability to allow the nervous system to self regulate.

Why CBD can help with stress and Anxiety

Why Is Accelerated CBD Oil The Best Option?

Knowing the benefits of CBD, it is hard to know which supplement to choose as the regulation of the industry is questionable. That is why I was so passionate about creating a formula that you know you can trust.

Accelerated CBD Oil is:

  • Scalar Charged with Bio-Informational Codes
    We have embedded bio-informational codes into the formula to further help with anxiety and to enhance the efficacy of the formula. No other CBD formula does this! This will help Increase Your Frequency® and improve your “drive” in life.
  • 100% certified Organic, Whole Spectrum CBD
    It has a special cannabinoid profile with CBN, CBG and CBC for relaxation and help to promote sleep. And it contains all of the terpenes and other cannabinoids for the entourage effect.
  • Includes CBD Distillate
    CBD Distillate is a very expensive extract of CBD. This is made using a special low heating and cooling extraction process to concentrate the CBD and to clear out unwanted chlorophyll and plant material that interferes with quality and taste. This special process also retains all the terpenes, antioxidants, waxes, vitamins, and other therapeutic compounds. This process actually preserves the quality of the compounds far better than CO2 extraction.

    Other inferior CBD tinctures might look green or have the smell of fresh cut grass. We only use pure organic ingredients. Accelerated CBD tastes clean and pure. Because it is basically tasteless, it can be added to drink or food items.
  • Pure Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil
    We blend our CBD distillate with only Organic MCT oil from 100% pure organic fractionated coconut oil. It only contains C8 and C10 fatty acid chains, which are great for fat burning.

    Most MCT oil on the market is not organically certified, but is actually a blend of coconut oil and palm oil. Palm oil is actually not a good oil to eat, especially if you are doing a keto diet. Palm oil has been implicated in creating health issues in the body including metabolic disease, insulin resistance, heart disease and diabetes through its triggering and production of ceramide fats in the body.

    Make sure any MCT oil or food that you eat is Palm Oil free. Besides the fact they are burning the rainforests to plant Palm oil farms, we use only 100% Pure USDA Certified Fractionated Coconut MCT Oil that also is Kosher certified. It is made from 100% Cold Pressed Organic coconut oil which is verified Non GMO and from Sri Lanka.
  • Outdoor and Sun Grown in the USA
  • Non GMO Sunflower Seed Lecithin.
    We use this as a dispersant in our blending process. First, it provides an even blending of the CBD into the MCT oil which is important to make sure everyone gets the right dosage in the bottle.  Secondly, and more importantly, the lecithin acts as a liposome and allows the Accelerated CBD to be absorbed at a much higher percentage. Remember, it is not the amount of milligrams per dose that is important; it is how much of the CBD that your body can absorb. Throughout the proprietary process, we have created a superior delivery system giving the effects of a much higher mg product. This is how we are able to offer a truly superior product at a much lower price.
  • No Harmful Solvents.
    Our CBD is extracted without any harmful solvents and is tested to be clean of any and all solvents.


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