dr todd ovokaitys

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Since 2005, Dr. Ovokaitys has been an Associate Professor of Medicine at Louisiana State University. This appointment has been for developing research into metabolic mechanisms for improving the condition of persons with HIV infection. Dr. Ovokaitys is also a high level consultant for anti-aging and regeneration medicine. His realm of expertise includes the best of conventional and complementary, metabolic and nutritional medicine.

Dr. Ovokaitys’s Qi laser technology platform also has the potential to stimulate the cellular regeneration pathways by direct application to the body. The range of modalities also includes the state of the art of stem cell therapies, particularly amplified umbilical cord blood stem cells as well as autologous stem cells derived from the person being treated that are then concentrated and delivered back to the person from whom they were derived. Stem cell and regeneration modalities can be further boosted with sophisticated live cell extracts that support specific tissue systems. Thus for a given person and issue, an individualized program can be tailored that offers the best available modalities and techniques.

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For more information, download the research paper ‘Human Very Small Embryonic Like (hVSEL) Stem Cells: Little Miracles‘.

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