Why Take Accelerated Cellular Detox Powder?

by Sara Banta | Jun 6, 2017 | Articles, Detox & Cleanse

Just a few weeks ago, Justin Stellman from Extreme Health Radio posted a picture of four different products that he was about to take for a Detox concoction; they were Zeolite, Activated Charcoal, Clay, and Diatomaceous Earth. I quickly responded, saying “Why are you making it so difficult?! You just need the Accelerated Cellular Detox Powder®!” He now has it, and has been using it every day since…

Accelerated Cellular Detox Powder® contains ALL of the ingredients mentioned above, in addition to more cleansing and detoxifying elements that are in a perfect balance to help balance regularity and eliminate bloat. Many other similar products are constipating or not as effective or even non-organic. There isn’t another product on the market that combines all of these ingredients in one formula and purely organic. Accelerated Cellular Detox® Powder is a gentle way to cleanse the body and also keep it cleansed.

The formula includes:

  1. Zeolite: A volcanic mineral that has a hollow cage like structure and a negative charge. Most poisons including heavy metals have a positive charge. So, the zeolite acts like a magnet to pull toxins into it and bind them up for safe removal from the body. Zeolite pulls thousands of different toxins from the body including ammonia.
  2. Human Grade Diatomaceous Earth: Detoxes the body but has a secondary effect of killing parasites and fungus.
  3. Organic Psyllium: Expands and acts like a sponge, cleaning the whole digestive tract and creating regularity.
  4. Organic Triphala: An Ayurvedic herb that balances the digestive system, regulates bowel movements and balances the “doshas”: water, fire and air.
  5. Slippery Elm: Helps create mucilage, making stools softer, in additional to coating ulcers, and bringing down inflammation for people with IBS or colitis.
  6. Activated Charcoal

Why Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal does essentially the same thing in your intestinal tract that a charcoal block does in your water filter. Toxins and chemicals bind to the activated charcoal, and since the charcoal doesn’t get “digested” per se, these toxins are then flushed out. It can attract and trap thousands of times its own weight in gases, toxins, food additives and other chemicals. In fact, activated charcoal is estimated to reduce absorption of poisonous substances by up to 60%. Even more, it can absorb over 3,000 known drug residues.

Activated Charcoal for Poison or Overdose

While common uses of this natural remedy aren’t vast, activated charcoal can be quite effective when it counts. A perfect example of this is its use by hospitals to treat certain types of poisoning and drug overdoses. In fact, research shows that it in some cases, it may work even better than stomach pumping.

Activated Charcoal for Gas and Bloating

Activated charcoal may help reduce gas and bloating when eating gassy foods. A double-blind clinical trial showed that symptoms of bloating and abdominal cramps attributable to gas were significantly reduced in both groups by activated charcoal.

Activated Charcoal for Skin Health

Activated charcoal is in many natural remedy first aid kits in case of bug bites, rashes, and even acne. It is known to help with issues ranging from mosquito bites to bites from snakes and poisonous spiders.

Activated Charcoal for Digestive and Internal Health

Regardless of how clean your diet is, our bodies are exposed to countless toxins from our environment, the food we eat, and the water we drink, which can create an unhealthy stress on our bodies and organs. Removing these toxins can provide many positive side effects from more energy, less joint pain, increased mental functions, a decrease in premature aging and improved digestive functions. Activated charcoal helps absorb and flush out the toxins that are causing damage and extra stress to our organs, allowing our entire body to function better.

Accelerated Cellular Detox Powder works great for ALCOHOL POISONING and HANGOVERS, FOOD POISONING, and RADIATION EXPOSURE… as well as just making you feel good!

Furthermore, it will work in conjunction with any DETOX PROGRAM you do, making it incredibly more effective. Many people notice an improvement in regularity, decrease in bloating, better sleep, and weight loss. It is an integral part in the Accelerated Liver Flush Cleanse that is an easy yet effective way to flush out stones and cleanse the Gallbladder and Liver.

Sara Banta

Sara Banta is a Stanford University Graduate with a Degree in Economics and Psychology, and a certified Natural Supplement Expert & Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Sara is the Founder of Accelerated Health Products and host of the health & wellness podcast, Accelerated Health Radio.

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