Colloidal Silver For Cataracts

by Sara Banta | Feb 17, 2020 | Articles, Colloidal Silver, Silver Hydrosol

What is a Cataract?

The symptoms of a cataract is when the lens of your eye becomes cloudy and vision is blurred. A cataract starts off as a cloudy spot on the clear lens of your eye (which is located behind your colored iris), almost as if you smeared oil on it. Some cataracts develop so slowly you aren’t aware of them. If the cataract is near the edge of the lens, it may not interfere with your vision.

What Causes Cataracts and Eye Related Disease?

Cataracts and Macular Degeneration are thought to be age-related diseases. Traditionally, cataracts are thought to be inevitable for the elderly with no solution to reverse the damage. When you look at the cause of cataracts or macular degeneration, it is the same cause that most modern day metabolic diseases stem from.

If you look at the adrenals, the organ responsible for your stress response and release of cortisol, releases too much cortisol, which in turn creates an imbalance of pH, or acidity, in the body when it overacts in response to chronic stress. If you were to check the pH of the urine, it would be overly acidic. You may think the person is too acidic, but in reality, the body is compensating for the acid by pulling calcium from the bones and the blood becomes too alkaline. This is a condition called alkalosis. As a result the extra calcium finds its way to areas in the body and sits on the tissues, creating issues. Some examples of this would be on the joints as arthritis, on the nerves as neuritis, on the heels as heel spurs, on the tendons as tendinitis, on the kidneys as kidney stones, on the arteries as plaque, and on the eyes as cataracts. All of these issues are due to inflammation and oxidative stress.

All of the above issues are mostly due to high stress, inflammation and high insulin resistance. What exacerbates the inflammation and pH imbalance is high blood sugar and insulin. Most modern-day diseases are caused by inflammation and high insulin resistance.

Cataracts and macular degeneration are the expressions of disease through the eye, just as arthritis is the expression of inflammation in the joints. It would make sense that if you correct the inflammation and the insulin resistance, then you will at least slow down the progression of the cataracts and macular degeneration and possibly be able to reverse the damage.

What is the Typical Solution For Cataracts?

The typical solution is stronger and stronger prescription glasses and then surgery. My own father just had cataract surgery and was never told of any alternative to surgery. The doctor never addressed diet, inflammation, or any other health issues that could be connected.

Can Colloidal Silver Help Cataracts?

Colloidal silver is known to help devitalize bacterial, viral and other infections caused by foreign pathogens. It is also known to be anti-inflammatory and increase circulation. It has been reported that using silver eye drops can help eye health.

My Top Tips For Helping Cataracts and Macular Degeneration

Take Carbon ESS60

MyVitalC is Carbon ESS60 (the human grade Carbon 60) which has been proven to be 172 times more powerful than vitamin C, alleviates oxidative stress throughout the body, doubles lifespan, reverses aging, decreases inflammation throughout the body, and actually reverses macular degeneration and helps with cataracts.

One study found daily intake of 180 milligrams of vitamin C from foods (nearly three times the recommended daily amount) reduced the odds of developing cataracts by nearly 50 percent. With macular degeneration, the National Eye Institute researchers found in a 6 year study that at least 25 percent of the people at risk for developing advanced macular degeneration experienced a protective effect from supplements containing antioxidants. Knowing that MyVitalC is much stronger than Vitamin C and replaces other super antioxidants including CoQ10, SOD and Glutathione, it would make sense that it would benefit eye health tremendously.

Take one teaspoon twice a day for a therapeutic dose.

Follow a Ketogenic Diet

The cause of cataracts and macular degeneration is directly connected to high insulin resistance; that is why most diabetics lose their sight. To quickly reverse insulin resistance and diabetes, focus on a low-carb high-fat diet which will reduce inflammation throughout the body, heal Leaky Gut,  and allow the body to repair.

In order to quickly switch into ketosis and curb your cravings for carbs and sugar you can use Accelerated Keto®™ and the complete Keto Detox Bundle.  These six supplements are designed to speed up the healing process, the switch to ketosis, the repairing of Leaky Gut and eliminating all inflammation, including the eye tissue.

Use Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting gives your body a break from digesting food and focuses on healing itself through a process called Autophagy. During autophagy, the body recycles proteins and cleans itself up! It also reduces inflammation throughout the body, stabilizes blood sugar and insulin levels and devitalizes foreign pathogens that are wreaking havoc.

Take Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen

Eye tissue is made up of Hyaluronic Acid and collagen, as are skin and joints. By the age of 50, we lose almost half of our HA and Collagen. Liquid Biocell Collagen is the only liquid antioxidant available containing the internationally patented formula of HA, Collagen, and chondroitin sulfate combined with the highest levels of resveratrol. It is the only clinically proven product that is completely usable by the human body and is made with a rapid absorption process which delivers all of the ingredients for immediate use.

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